September 2006

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As Seen On TV Logo

You just got to love an As Seen On TV site such as which has so many products that have been advertised on tv I can’t believe it. As I browse the online catalog, many of the products are products which hopefully I am familiar with due to their already successful television advertising campaigns. I think the idea of a seen on tv website is great, because many times I watch an infomercial late at night, and at this time I am very unwilling to buy anything. However, frequently, after I have had some time to process what I have seen, I will think to myself, “Huh, that does sound like a good product, why didn’t I get it?” And being what I would like to think of as being a normal person, I might later on go online and try and find said product. Seenontvexpress is just such a site that will allow me to find and purchase these great products in a secure and convenient manner.

As an example, my son and I were watching TV one night(his show) and the infomercial for Esteban’s Master Class Guitar came on. My son loved the commercial, and wanted me to get it for him. However, I sure as heck was not going to buy it for him on a whim, especially since Christmas is around the corner. So I did a little research and discovered it actually a pretty good package deal that you get when purchased from the TV infomercial. I went on to Seenontvexpresse’s Esteban’s Master Class Guitar page, and found a great package deal that includes not only the all wood steel string acoustic/electric cutaway guitar with an onboard equalizer, but it also includes instructional DVDs 1-5, 1 set of 6 strings, 1 set of 2 picks, black nylon guitar strap, case strap, polishing cloth with esteban logo, allen key and bonus chord chart poster. All that and it also has a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase for defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. My son is going to be very surprised on Christmas morning when he sees the guitar under the tree.

So if like me you have seen some great products advertised on TV, but did not get and wish you had, check out and see if you can find that great product.

The directory listing for can be seen at along with many other fine shopping related sites.

Written by adonkus on September 29th, 2006

Written by Pixelhead on September 29th, 2006 with 3 comments.
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Rubber Mulch

Tire Landfill

I was at the PA Sustainablility Festival in Kempton, PA last weekend working with the Corn Stove site, who had a booth that was situated next to a site,, which has many recycled products. The first thing that I noticed about Closetheloops booth was the huge display image of the above picture of a tire dump. It boggles the mind to think about it, but all those tires do have to go some where. What would happen if they all caught on fire?
I remember a tire fire not too long ago that closed I95. One tire when it catches fire will burn for a really long time. That fire was amazing becaise it was so hot that the guard rail melted, and chunks of concrete broke away due to the 1200 degrees of heat which caused the closing of that section of I95 for several months.Recycling tires into other things such as playground mulch or tire swings sounds like a great practice. Closetheloop has a catalog of products to choose from, and
I recommend visiting the site not only for the environmental reasons, but also due to the fact that it has many cool products to help beautify your home.

The directory link to Closetheloop is located at , along with listings for many other wonderful sites.

Written by adonkus on September 28th, 2006

Written by Pixelhead on September 28th, 2006 with 8 comments.
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PixelHead Project Network

Just the other day started a new blog to go with this one that is located at The new blog has been added to technorati and several posts in other blogs have been made to it. In this blog the name Pixelhead Project Network (PPN) was introduced or rather it is just another development in the pixelhead idea that was originally discussed in Network of Sites: Body Billboards Business Plan which is one of my Blogger blogs.

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Directory Promotion with and others

We have been promoting the directory in the forums, which has really brought a lot of traffic and a bunch of really good linking partners. One of which is the webmaster for Link Stumbler, which is a nice looking general directory. Not only did we purchase a banner add with yours truly on it, but we also have a link in his autoresponder email, so that when he gets submissions to his site, we get a link in his acceptance email. Quite a bargain. Other methods of promoting the site include:

This is a short list, and I am sure there are others I am forgetting, and there are sure to be more in the future that will arise.

Written by Pixelhead on September 28th, 2006 with comments disabled.
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Directory Progress

The links keep coming in at such a rate that I now understand why it takes so long to get into some directories. It would be all to easy to just accpet them all, but then we would have a bunch of unchecked sites, and crap would find its way into the directory. Just tonight I had to decline some sites that all looked the same except for the url’s. tsk tsk. Spammers are relentless. So for the past week or so the links have been coming in at a pace of about 50 links a day. Well that is good. We are also setting up a special with the featured links. The price on the featured links for the first ten will include a directory review. After that, paid directory reviews will be $10. I would prefer to do mostly reviews of sites that I like instead of paid sites, but doing only sites that I like, isn’t going to pay the bills. Did not have any premiums submissions today, but several sites that stick out in my memory while I was looking through the directory, which is a quality general web directory. I really like the look of this directory. It does not have the same feel as other directories. It also has some other things going for it, like it also has an area for articles. I also see that it has an affiliate program. I will have to sign up.

The next site that I noticed is, which currently is the only site in one of my favorite categores -”birding” …a past-time. Any way I was on the site and I saw a really sweet pair of Bushnell binoculars like the pair I had stolen. Hmmm, what a nice pair of binoculars they were. You have to love the feel of a tool that you can tell by handling it that it is well made. Just like driving a fine automobile.

Well, anyway, those are the sites that I liked for today. Tomorrow is another day, and I am sure will have tons of submissions for me check out.

Written by Pixelhead on September 26th, 2006 with comments disabled.
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Pixelhead Updates

Well added the logo to the blog, and was going to make it fit better, but decided to leave it the way it is. Kind of like the way it almost fits. We are also advertising on a few other directories.In addition to the directory mentioned in the post
Directory Promotion with and others. We have also place a banner on, which is a real estate niche directory.

The level of submissions have been steadily increasing, so we will soon have to adjust our submission methods, or put a hold on the free ones until we get caught up.

Written by adonkus on September 22nd, 2006

After redoing the blog on a subdomain due to technical problems, we need to put the logo back on the Blog.

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