October 2006

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Dog Tags from Pettags.com

Looney Tunes pet tag collectionDog Tags are essential for mans best friends in many communities, I know Milton, my dog is required to get an annual dog tag. Tags from Pettags.com can be as simple or stylish as you would like. Pettags also has pet collars for both dogs and cats. The collars for cats are break away saftety models that come off if the cat gets his collar hooked in outdoor obstacles such as tree branches. In addition to pet tags, collars and leashes, pet tags also has a line of pet carriers to include designer models.

If your best friend needs a dog tag to be legal, vist Pettags.com and be sure of making a quality purchase that will be practical and fashionable at the same time. Every pet tag from Pettags.com has a special code that makes it part of the Lost Pet Recovery system that is endorsed by the American Canine Association, which makes Pettags a name that you can trust for all of your pet tag needs.American Canine Association

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MGM Grand Tower

We made it home in one piece, although my bag did get misplaced, but has since been found. I just got a call from Southwest airlines and they have located my bag, and will make arrangements for it to be delivered. Apparently, a dad was in a hurry last night at 1pm and grabbed the wrong bag. Lizzie thought that is what happened. I was just worried my favorite pants and shaver would be lost.

Inspite of being down graded from the West Wing to the MGM Grand Tower due to prejudicial treatment of nonsmokers at the MGM Grand, we would still recommend the MGM Grand while staying in Las Vegas. We discovered there was a difference in the prices, and brought it to the attention of the front desk. They were not willing to credit our account the difference, but they did give us a $75 comp at the hotel restaurants. We are still a little disgruntled, because we really were looking forward to staying in the West Wing, but the complimentary restaurant cuisine was a nice comprimise. We also found the MGM Casino to be very pleasant while throwing our money away in their slots. We did that in other casinos to include the Sarhara, New York New York, Alladin, Paris, and the Monte Carlo. The MGM casino however, is quite large, with quite a large selection of games to play to include both table games and machines. Lizzie loved the slot machines that allowed her to gamble for a car. I was partial to the Black Jack machines. I also played several tables, but my luck was not with me this time. I guess that is why they call it gambling.

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Prejudicial Treatment of Nonsmokers at the MGM Grand

Inspite of being downgraded to a nonsmoking room in the MGM Grand Tower from the MGM West Wing because there were no nonsmoking rooms available in the West Wing (Funny, I thought the reason people made reservations was so they could get the accomodations they want) we still smelled like smoke from being in the smokey casino. If we had smoked, it seems we would have had preferential treatment to include not only the room we had reserved and paid for, but also would have had to wait in restaurant lines far less. Numerous times, we were playing a slot machine and a smoker would sit down next to us and blow their fumes in our direction, so we would then move to another machine. But to MGM’s credit, we did notice some non-smoking tables, and according to About.com, they also have non-smoking slots sections. Lizzie actually lost 7 dollars at a non-smoking roulette table.

Why does it seem prejudicial of MGM?

Okay here is why it bothers me so much. We made reservations on line. We do not get the room we want, we get one that is cheaper. Apparently the rate we got online was far less than the rate of even their least expensive room. Not our problem. What is our problem is that we paid for one thing and got another. The casino was unwilling to make up the difference in price. We pay the same, but get a less expensive room…just does not seem right. We did enquire about the price difference at the front desk. The attendant was unable to credit our account the difference, but he did give us a comp of $75 towards dining at the hotel restuarants and bars that included Pearl, Nobhill, Diego, Shibuya, Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill(we ate there for our final lunch), Craftsteak, Seablue, Fiamma, The Grand Wok, Studio Cafe(ate two awesome meals here to include a scrumptious pecan roll), and The Grand Buffet.

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Three Dollar Black Jack

Three Dollar Black Jack

The first time in Vegas, we stayed at the Sahara. The Sahara is one of the oldest Casino-Hotels on the strip. The rooms are a bit older compared to the other Hotels such as the MGM or the Monte Carlo. But two things that I love about the Sahara are the machines that actually pay out in coins and the three dollar Black Jack tables. The first time we gambled there I made out pretty good. This past time though, I was able to break even.  I had wanted to make it back for some more gaming, but was unable to make the trip on the tram. The Sahara is the last stop on the tram. Another cool thing about the Sahara is The Drive, which is a new race car park where you can drive two cars around the two Sahara’s race tracks that take up 11 acres. For ten dollars you can drive two cars. Cars are either sports cars like Corvettes or BMW’s or the off road type such as Hummers and Jeeps.  Perhaps on our next trip.

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PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) Blog

PCOS Support Blog is a new resource from Insulite Labs for those afflicted with PCOS. A realatively new blog that has a really nice simple look. The blog is intended to be a resource for patients to share their stories and another means for Insulite Labs to get information about PCOS and insulin resistance out to the public. Current posts include:

How does a low-carb diet help to reverse PCOS?

Can birth control pills affect PCOS?

The PCOS Support Blog is sure to be a valuable tool to those seeking information and for those seeking to share information about PCOS in general or personal PCOS stories.

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Las Vegas update

We made it to Vegas with very little trouble. Lizzie was a little disappointed with the room we were assigned. When she made the reservations, she requested a room in the West Wing with a deluxe pillow top King, two rooms, and two large TV’s. Because there were not any non-smoking rooms available in the West Wing, we were reassigned. The new room has a king size bed, a large bathroom, and only one TV. Oh and we also have to pay 11.95 per day for Internet access.
MGM Grand

We did do some slots last night, and this morning, but no tables. We will hopefully be getting some black jack in today. We might also be getting some poker in tonight. Going to see the Blue Man Group has also been mentioned.

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