December 2006

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Free Directory

PegasusDirectory Logo

A free directory of great quality,, that I first found via the Directory Critic where Pegasusdirectory has a rating that I truly envy, but is very deserving. Pegasus Directory not only has many quality sites in its very broad category base, but it also has many additional features that make it a directory owner’s directory of choice. Today I just noticed their new pixel page that has an unbelievably low cost for a pixel page. I signed up Pixelhead for a nice one up on the top left corner. The pixel page also has a Pixel list page with it that lists all the sites that are buying links, with a link to the site, the number of pixels, and the number of hits to each page.

The site also has some other features to include a pixel page blog, a new forum which I just joined, not that my comments are very insightful, especially at 11pm at night when I should be sleeping in my nice toasty warm bed watch Law and Order, but I digress. I also noticed the Myspace tweaks page, and briefly browsed through, and will have to hit it up to tweak my lame Myspace page out just a little bit. Maybe then I will get more than 5

Anyway, is a really cool site with lots of features that you should definitely take the time to visit. I added them to my page, and suggest anyone who reads this does as well.

Written by Pixelhead on December 14th, 2006 with 10 comments.
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Smoothie Recipes from

Smoothie Recipes from are weight loss shakes that can be used to both maintain weight and to lose weight. The smoothie shakes come in a powder form that needs to be mixed in a blender and is available in four flavors of Lean Cocoa Bean, SkinniVanilli, Leano Cappuccino, and Slend-A-Berry. The shakes according to the site and its customers are great tasting, and very healthy with more things you want and less things you don’t want. The smoothies also have one thing that their main competitor does not and that is Appemine® which is an ingredient that has the effect of reducing hunger. By consuming the shakes a persons gets nutrition that is needed but does not get the calories or the hunger associated with not getting the accustomed amount of Logo is a well designed site that is very easy to navigate. In addition to the smoothie recipe page, the site also includes weight loss and nutrition information, a 40 week diary of a product user, diet calculators, a Rightsize® users forum, and information for those who would like to become a distributor of the Rightsize® product line.

With the Holidays coming upon us the tendency to over eat is very easy to do. If you have a family gathering to attend, the weight loss shakes from would be great to have for the meals prior to and following the family gathering. Sandwich those large meals in between two shakes that won’t leave you wanting for more. Visit the Rightsizeonline website for more information about their weight loss products so you can make an informed decision about your health.

Written by Pixelhead on December 12th, 2006 with 20 comments.
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Things I Love and Hate About SEO

Things that I really don’t like about working in the SEO Field. Hate is such a strong word, but it looks better in the title than “Things I really don’t Like about SEO”. Also added in the Love part to make it a little positive. I am also burying this post in my archives, so as not to make those troublesome clients any more troublesome. Originally it was written on 2/09/2007, but changed the time stamp.

Things I Hate About SEO

  1. uncertainty exists. Here today, gone tomorrow, and back again the next day.
  2. Attempts to manipulate Search Engines
  3. SEO clients expect miracles.
  4. SEO is responsible in part for crappy sites getting high ranking in Google, Yahoo, and MSN, while sites with great info are nowhere to be found.
  5. Clients that have been around for years and have sites that have been optimized by other SEO companies erroneously, but manage to blame me for their sites poor rankings. It couldn’t be all that duplicate content you have? Do ya think?
  6. Clients that know it all, but refuse to carry out your SEO plan. Those that do, reap the benefits.
  7. Clients that confuse a site that sells with a site that ranks well in the SERP’s. Both can happen, but it takes effort. You should know your products and prospective buyers better than I. I can sell, but it’s gonna cost you.
  8. The Lowest paying client that ends up requiring the most work. Don’t expect me to work excessive hours for you when you are a PITA. I love working for those that appreciate me.
  9. Spending endless hours looking for IBL(inbound links) for clients that have a bad attitude.
  10. Being accused of lying about Ranking Reports. Must remember to take screen shots for certain customers.

    Things I Love about doing SEO

    1. The first time a site appears in Google for a competitive phrase.
    2. The first time a site gets on page 1 for a keyword phrase.
    3. Having clients sing your praise to your boss or better yet other potential customers.
    4. Having clients sing your praise to other website owners who want you to do their SEO.
    5. Applying your knowledge for the greater good.
    6. Helping a friend get some business by getting his site to rank well.
    7. Picking a phrase to get your blog or site to rank for and doing it.
    8. Seeing your or a clients sites show PR for the first time.
    9. Knowing that a client is making dinero hand over fist due in part to your efforts.
    10. Discovering a site or niche market and having the knowledge to get traffic for a site.
    11. I have more time for my kids.
    12. I get to work next to Lizzie Bean.

Written by Pixelhead on December 9th, 2006 with comments disabled.
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Helping Soldiers

I was attempting to give blood at a mobile blood mobile, but had been turned down due to being exposed to Mad Cow disease while in the Army in the 80′s. The woman who did my assessment, Simone Freeman is the founder of the organization According to Mrs. Freeman and the site, “The group assembles and mails packages to our (Berks County, PA) soldiers serving overseas. Packages may contain personal care items, food, snacks, reading material, audio, video tapes, discs and unused cards so that the service personnel can keep in touch with their families and friends.
Visitors to the site can view a list of items our soldiers need. Apparently they not only get packages to soldiers, but also have general shipments 3 times a year. Made of a few people the group has a very important mission, and one that the soldiers with out a doubt will appreciate greatly. As a former soldier, I know I appreciated all packages from home. These packages were a sign of hope and often times served to elavate our spirits tremendously.

If you are from the Reading area and would like to donate some items, there are plenty of locations listed on the above page. Donations in the form of money and time are also accepted and needed.

Written by Pixelhead on December 8th, 2006 with comments disabled.
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Online Marketing Mistakes

Just got done reading an article by Internet marketing guru Joel Comm on his blog post Big Mistakes,which is about the mistakes an online marketer should not make when starting out their online marketing career. or even for marketers who have been online for years. Looking over his list I realize I have made my fair share of mistakes as well, many the same ones that Joel has made so it would seem.

Probably the biggest mistake I have made is number 5. Trying to do too much is what a lot of people do. I am always doing things that could be better left to someone else, and in so doing, would have saved both time and money. I really believe that setting goals and revisiting those goals is a great way to stay focused. Focus is the key.

Great advice Joel, Thanks.

Written by Pixelhead on December 8th, 2006 with 1 comment.
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Pink Diamonds

Pink Diamonds are one of the most highly sought after types of colored diamonds. is a site that primarily sells lab grown colored diamonds, with pink diamonds being their specialty. The diamonds available through this site are real diamonds that are grown in the lab instead of mined from the Earth. All diamonds that are issued through the company are certified by the US branch of the European Gemological Laboratory.

Takaradiamonds inventory consists of not only pink diamonds, but also blue, yellow, and white cultured diamonds. Visitors to the site can not only get information about diamonds to include cultured and mined, but they can also shop by product categories of rings, earrings, and pendants. Sign up for the company newsletter and get notified of special promotions to include seasonal specials.

Written by Pixelhead on December 7th, 2006 with comments disabled.
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