March 2007

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Upcoming Blog Posts

It has been a very busy week. It seems like I have way too many ideas popping into my head. So many in fact that I am barely able to focus on one at a time. As Lizzie has suggested, I may have ADD.

So here is my grocery list post of some of the ideas about blog posts and other site updates that are abounding that will hopefully come to fruition this weekend or early next week.

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I have been under the hood messing with the engine…

I had no choice, I had to get my hands onto the engine of the blog. Viewed in Internet Explore(IE), the sidebar of the blog was pushed down to the bottom of the page. As much as I dislike IE, I know that many people still use it for their browsing platform. I too was an avid IE user, but after having IE crash for the umpteenth time, I decided to give Firefox a try, and have been a satisfied Firefox user ever since.Browser Logos
Anyway, I fixed the problem with IE. I went onto the WordPress forum, but was unable to fix the browser problem, then I went onto Lorelle VanFossen’s Blog post The Battle Between Image Width and Column Width. According to Lorelle, when a post has items such as banners or pictures that are too large for the post, IE is unable to handle this situation, and it therefore pushes the sidebar down below the content.

Prior to reading the fore mentioned post, I had been tooling around in the template files for the past week or so, with no success. However, after reading Lorelle’s post, and then going onto the blog in IE, I noticed that after clicking on an idividual post, the sidebar was visible. After a bit of pondering, I decided to open up each post until the sidebar would not open. This strategy worked wonderfully. The defective post was Mybloglog Favorites of the Week from Feb. 18th. I had been messing around with an affiliate program at the time, and I had placed a banner add on the bottom of the post which was too wide for the post. I actually only had the adds on the site for about a week, when I decided I did not like them,and had removed all of the adds, but this one must have escaped my detection.

Well anyways, it was a good experience. I certainly would not have gotten into the template files and explored their capabilities if I had not been trying to fix something. After all “if it isn’t broken, don’t mess with it” is a motto that I live by.

Now fortunately or unfortunately, I am thinking about redesigning the blog. Getting into the template files as well as utilizing the Mosilla Validator are partially to blame for this aspiration. A major influence was the post by Alister Cameron,New design, new network, new title, new underwear!, were he talks about some updates he has made with his site including the new design. It is a nice looking site, but redesigning might be a bit out of my grasp at the moment, but I am sure I will continue to tinker, and will eventually get around to either adapting another template such as the one used by Alister or as suggested by Lorelle, make one from scratch.

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Link Building with Niche Directories

Before reading this, it is suggested that the previous articles on Link Building be read.

I hope that I have not given the impression that the process of building one way links to a site is done simply by using directories. Directories, however, are a very important tool that can be used to build one way links. I have never used a directory and expected massive amounts of traffic to be directed to my site. It would be nice, but the probability is against it.

The first three posts in the series dealt mainly with using General directories such as to build one way relevant links to your site. The next topic in this series, progresses toward the area of Niche Directories, which offer a way to build links to your site that have an even higher relevance.
Corn Stove Niche Showroom
What are Niche Directories?

Niche directories like general directories, are broken down into categories, however, unlike general directories, the categories all pertain to a certain niche market, such as real estate. What is your niche? More than likely, if you have any competition in your niche, there will be niche directories for your site to submit your site. Sadly, many of these tend to be reciprocal linking directories, which really don’t help us with building one way links.

Three-Way Linking Anyone?

However, do try three way linking with these reciprocal sites, that is see if they will give you a link if you give them a link to another site that you may have access to such as a directory or a blog with a similar topic. Some sites will allow three way linking some won’t…it does not hurt to ask. (Please drop me a comment and let me know if you like or dislike three way linking)

What sort of Niche has Potential for a Good Niche Directory?

Niche Markets that have a good amount of focused traffic have the ability to be good Niche Directories. I don’t believe there is a niche out there that a directory does not or can not be made. For example, a site I work with sells corn stoves( a stove that burns shelled dry corn for home heating purposes). Talk about a niche market, and there is a Corn Stove Niche Directory, for this market.

One of the most interesting niche directories I have come across, that Lizzie Bean introduced me to, is an Industrial Niche directory. The interesting thing about this directory is that all of the sub-categories have their own unique url, and not a sub domain page.

My point of using these two niche directory examples is that any niche can be a good niche market for a directory. If there is interest, then a niche directory should be able to exist for that market.

What makes a Good Niche Directory?

A good niche directory I feel should have many of the same characteristics as a good general directory to include:

I can go on and list many more things that make up good directories, but it would probably be better if you want to find some that I give you a list. If you see one that you think belongs here drop me a comment and I will stop by and evaluate it. I may also break the list down in the future into sub-categories of different niche directory markets.

My Short Niche Directory list.

This will be another post, as I there are so many out there, but for two great resources on these visit directorycritic’s list of and

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Several Mybloglog Favorites

I have not had much time of late to surf the blogs of Mybloglog, but I have had some invites and messages from a few interesting sites. Here are two of which peeked my interest.

Mybloglog Avatar for Steli A really groovy site The SuperCool School will be a Web2.0 Education site that has a super cool educational Dream to “give the Power of Education to the People” Want to learn about programing take a class. Have an area of expertise, why not teach a class. As a former educator, I joined and will be very interested and eager to be part of this educational community.
Mybloglog Avatar for Mother Mybloglog member “Mother” had visited my site and as I often do, I wanted to see what Mother’s site was about. Loved reading her Chitlin’s and Chopsticks blog, but was really interested in the other site she has on her Mybloglog profile Color-Ons for Kids, which is the blog for, an organization that sells a product that allows kids to make tshirst with crayon colors pictures. Groups such as schools or churchs that want to do a fundraiser can use these for fund raiser all while letting kids create something that they will get to wear. I know my daughter would love to make one of these. If your looking for a potential fund raiser for children, check it out.

If you know of an interesting blog that I should check out please let me know by leaving a comment either here or on Mybloglog page.

Also if you would like to receive emails of future post, please sign up below. Using Feedburner to subscribe and more importantly unsubscribe to a site is very easy.

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Website Reviews and Announcements Header Image

I recently came across a PR6 blog while surfing that does nothing but Website Reviews and Announcements . Anyone can create an account and post a review about a site. The only limitations other than creating an account is that whole link posts are not permitted. What a cool idea for a blog, cool in that it is relatively easy to maintain, and it certainly makes the task of creating content easy. Sure it may not be the representation of an individual, but as an idea I really like it. May have to consider doing the same with a couple of my sites. Read the site review for Pixelheadonline that I made a while ago, and if you have a site to review, sign up and add a review.

Written by Pixelhead on March 16th, 2007 with comments disabled.
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Making Money with Agloco (Update)

Agloco, an online money making program, that allows ordinary people to make money by surfing the net, is about to go live. My first post on Agloco, was made around the end of January. The program is free to join, and will require surfers to download a piece of software to participate. Sign up is free and easy.

The one hundred day member report is below.
It is now 100 days since AGLOCO went public with its pre-launch plan to become the Internet’s first Economic Network.

Here is a quick progress report to Members:
Continued growth of the AGLOCO network – February was a record month of new Members joining (and last week was a record week) Several enhancements to the AGLOCO website including a Member blog page Very active company blog site for up to date Member communication Viewbar software team (now seven engineers in Shanghai) is making steady progress. – Release of the software will be announced with both an email as well as a notice on the AGLOCO website.

We would like to thank the Members who have already recruited new Members to AGLOCO. We have over 50,000 successful recruiters. If you wish to join this group in building your community, but don’t know where to start, try visiting the AGLOCO referral Center at .

If you would like to join the program, please feel free to use my Agloco affilate ID…Thanks

UPDATE:Agloco is a member of the Deadpool, so all links have been unlinked.Â

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