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LinkPost | Linkworth.com Pay Per Post Service

Lizzie signed us up for another paid review program similar to the ReviewMe.com paid post program, but this one is in conjuction with Linkworth.com. We have used both Linkworth.com and Text-link-ads.com and a few others for their text link advertising brokering services as many other SEO firms do as well.LinkWorth.com Banner

So here is my sponsored review of LinkWorth’s pay per post service. Much like ReviewMe.com, LinkWorth also suggests that publishers(that would be the blogger) indicate that the post is a paid advertisement, which can be done by mentioning in the post as I already have done, or by using Linkworths “Sponsored Linkpost” image. Either is fine, but only recommended. LinkWorth also says that the post must remain active for at least three months, but they would prefer it to be active for the life of the blog.

Advertisers may request a positive review of their site and they may also request certain keywords to be linked to their site. Blog owners may also choose to decline any offers that they do not wish to do. For instance, Lizzy who did a Linkworth LinkPost Review on Fatladysingz.com, had had a request to do a review of a weightloss product. She did a little research and thought the product was questionable, so she declined the offer. The advertiser, in this case being Linkworth, requested that 1-3 keywords be used in the review. The first of the three was used above, and the other two, which are Make money online and Search Engine Marketing. I chose not to link to these other two because I prefer to only link to a site once per post, because I feel it appears to be less spammy, and the one link will have greater value.

Unlike ReviewMe.com, Linkworth did not do a contest to get the blogesphere involved. But what they did do, is give me the blogger double the amount for my review post. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have the cash, then play the lottery.

So if you have a blog, especially one that is in a good niche, sign up at Linkworth for their advertising programs. Please feel free to use my Linkworth Affiliate Link to sign up for both their Text link advertising and LinkPost programs.

Written by Pixelhead on April 27th, 2007 with 5 comments.
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Donald Trump at The Learning Annex Real Estate and Wealth Expo

We had a very informative weekend in Philadelphia while attending the Learning Annex’s Real Estate and Wealth Expo. We had originally decided to go to the Expo because we had seen David Bach on PBS. However, due to a family emergency, we were unable to stay for David who was appearing at about 430pm on Sunday. We did however get to hear the Donald Trump Bannerentertaining Donald Trump in addition to taking several educational seminars on investing.

Donald started out his “Success speech” by ripping in to Rosie. He had to correct a journalist that said he called her a “fat pig”. According to the Donald, he only called her a “pig”, but he asked the reporter if he would have been wrong to have called her a “fat pig”?

I guess I have not been watching much TV lately, because I had been unaware that there is a feud of sorts going on between Rosie and Donald. If you are unaware of the feud, check out a video of Donald Trump talking about Rosie. Click on the Youtube video link after watching it to view some other Trump video clips. My favorite was the one on Jimmie Kimmel.

Mr. Trumps speech was very entertaining to say the least, and Rosie was not the only person in his speech to get picked on. Mr. Trump was very humble. At the end of his speech he answered a bunch of questions from the audience with grace and style.

“When you Shake someone’s Hand, Go with It” was a quote that I took down from the Donald. He said that when he makes and agreement, he sticks with it. This was used in reference to his agreeing to do The Apprentice, which was not originally Ok’d by Trump’s manager, who he later fired, when he told Donald he that he should get several million for his cut from The Apprentice.

Written by Pixelhead on April 24th, 2007 with 9 comments.
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Contest:View From My Window

FuelMyblog.com Contest PictureThe view from my window after the Noreaster blew by at the beginning of the week. The patio swing had been set out prematurely when Spring was gracing us with warmer weather back in March.

This picture is being used as an entry into the Fuelmyblog contest which is sponsored by SportLingo.

Written by Pixelhead on April 20th, 2007 with comments disabled.
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VaTech Incident

Wow, we could hardly believe our ears as we heard the news that came blaring out of the radio of our van. We had actually Blue Ridge Parkway VAbeen driving all day and listening to a combination of CD’s and DVd’s while driving from Tennessee. About the time of the shootings at VaTech, we might have been in VA on I81 headed North. By the time we heard about the incident, it was 9pm and we were in the outskirts of Boyertown, PA. It is remarkable that we did not hear about the incident while stopping numerous times for gas or food in VA. Perhaps everyone we had encountered were numb with disbelief.
One Day Blog SilenceOne Day Blog Silence
In remembrance of those that have died in this event and others, we will be observing the day of blog silence on April 30th. For more information on the event visit the site OneDayBlogSilence.com. Thanks to Steli for passing on the info.

Written by Pixelhead on April 18th, 2007 with comments disabled.
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Goals for Quarter 2 and Beyond

This is my third goal post this year. The first goal post was about some real estate goals, and the second was my general The Long Road to Goalsgoals for the year. Since it is now officially the second quarter of the year, I should revisit my goals.

I Have Been Tagged
Steli from SuperCoolSchool tagged me(thanks by the way) and so it seems I must do more than subconsciously revisit my goals. The originating post for this meme was Alex Shalman’s Gotta Get Goals meme. So be sure to visit Alex’s blog for the complete list of rules.

My Gotta Get Goals:



My Goal Plan

I will again revisit these goals next quarter and make another post to document the status and revise and needed. That should be sometime around July 10th. I will put a reminder on my Yahoo calendar to remind me.


Happy Blogging:-)

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Written by Pixelhead on April 9th, 2007 with 2 comments.
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WebQuest Contest

Due to inspiration from The Adam’s Box blog’s last contest, I have decided to try running a contest. The contest may become a monthly contest depending upon the results and time involved.

Webquest Contest
While going for my Masters in Instructional Technology, in one of my classes I learned how to make interactive scavenger hunts where students would be given a list of questions and would then have to go to designated sites and find information. These scavenger hunts, or Webquests could be made by both teachers or students. I usually would make them up as a word doc and then allowed students to do them once a week. Students were also able to make them up as projects for various units.

The contest that will run on the Pixelheadonline blog, will be nothing more than a WebQuest. Questions will require participants to go to either older posts on this blog or other websites.

All winners will receive a link (blogs only) in the winning notification post in this blog and a listing (blog or non-blog, but not adult) in the directory as well.

Grand prize:
25% of the monthly (April 2007) earnings from PixelHeadonline.com, which shall be at least $20, but not to exceed $1000.

Contest ends May 6th, 2007.

What will contestants be required to do?

Make a post that answers the questions and links back to this post.
Participants may add prizes to contest if they so desire.

Webquest Questions

1.) Visit My Love’s site and critique one or all of her pics in her Art Gallery…please be kind but honest.

2.) How did Lizzie and I meet? Hint:Visit One Million Love Messages.

3.) Where are the authors of the site being reviewed in Military Chaplains Documentary post visiting.

4.) What keyword phrase does John Chow currently want to rank?

5.) In your opinion, why is or is not Theadam’sbox.com newest site, Blogbait.com, a great idea?

The above are the five questions that should be answered in your post using a trackback url to this post. I would like this to be the first of many contests. Thanks.

Written by Pixelhead on April 6th, 2007 with 3 comments.
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