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Vacationing with Twitter in OBX

Lizzie and I are vacationing in the Outer Banks, NC for the week to get our batteries recharged after a bit of drama. Since it OBX Beach Trailis the down season, Lizzie found a great deal. We started out with an ocean side house with pool and hot tub, but due to a scheduling error on the part of the Sun Realty agent, we were upgraded to another house.

Our current rental has 6 bedrooms, 5 full baths, a pool, a hot tub, shuffle board, game room with air hockey, pool, and fooseball and a golf cart all for 650 for the week. Peak season the place goes for 3500.00. Quiet a deal indeed.

I made a video of the place, and will see about uploading it tomorrow if time permits.

On the way down I was twittering the whole trip, and was amazed to see that all my text messages actually were on my account. Twitter LogoI just started using twitter, and am still a bit of a novice. I am not really sure about the implications for social networking, but I can see its potential. For instance, one of my contacts, You_Decide, made a comment about a blog post, and then I checked it out. I imagine I was not the only one of his contacts that chose to check out the post on the Most Hated Business Phrases. “Thinking outside the box” might be one of the ones that I hate.

Twittering, is that a word?

Twitter is a relatively new Social networking site that enables you to stay connected with your contact while answering the question “What am I doing?” Updates can occur on the site, via IM(Not with my favorite Yahoo), and text messaging via your phone. Sign up for an account, and start meeting people from all over the world. Tell people all about the random events that make up your day much like I did today while driving to OBX.
The platform is a bit new, I have had a few problems using it. A few times it has been down, and my updates did not go through. At other times, the site has been unreachable. Still at other times, a funky little cat shows up to say there has been an error.

Check it out and add me to your contacts. I am EmperorAnton on Twitter.

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Moguling with

While surfing one day I ended up on Justin.Tv. Justin. tv is a site were, this young lad, JMogulingustin has video cams on 24-7 chronicling his life via Justin tv. I then ended up finding out about Moguling with from some ads at the bottom of his webpage. After filling out a form on Dotventures site to get more info about moguling, I got a call from Nancy Guzman.

Nancy told me all about the programs that are available through them. I did do a little research online and came across Investing in Domains- One Noobs Experience (part 2), were one of the commentors to the post says that they had been contacted as I have been and bought the $99 silver package, as I have also done. The Domain specialist that she was working with apparently then tried to get her to buy a 5,000 domain.

I am certainly not going to be buying any domains. I am under the impression that I will be getting a free domain with the package as well as no fees for hosting, registration of the domain etc. It also gives me access to their proprietary software.

A domain specialist should be contacting me with in the next 24 to 48 hours, and I will then be writing a post about that as well.

Info that I received from Nancy.

Nancy’s spiel involved convincing me that blogs are the hot new way to develop a domain, which after being developed would be sold for a hefty income. Her figure was that on the average it is a 250% return on investment. Nice figure. So all I need to do is get a domain, that preferably refers to a passion of mine, in order to make the writing of the blog that much easier. The domain selection will be done with the aide of the domain specialist that I will be assigned. I suspect that this will be nothing more than the sales pitch to buy one of their choicest domain names. Nancy gave me the names of two domain specialists(Mark Marion or Robert Earl) that she was going try to get me assigned.

Other info:

Important websites she wanted me to look at: – customer customer
- their site. At present it does not show up first when was Googled. Lizzie says not to worry, because it is always the company website that gets optimized last. She says I should see how the client sites rank. did show up when I Googled it, but did not show up for “download online music blog”. the technology site that they partner with in marketing of the domain names. – Moguling site for the and
I was also sent an email last night and there is a video that I am too watch, I am assuming before I talk with my assigned Domain Specialist.

Anyway, I am looking forward to learning more about moguling, and will write further posts about my moguling adventures.

Read the next post in this series,the Moguling Update post.

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Flickr Online Picture Hosting

So you have a blog and you want to add pictures, what do you do? Depending upon your platform and if your site is hosted on its own server, you may or may not be able to upload pictures directly to your blog. Many blogging platforms require that the pictures you want to use, be hosted somewhere online.

Emperor Anton's photos More of Emperor Anton’s photos

Sure you could host them yourself on a nice little gallery somewhere, or you could do like I and many other bloggers do and use a Web2.0 photo hosting site like Flickr. Flickr is a great site for hosting and sharing of pictures that has lots of cool features such as tagging, commenting, and the ability to organize your photos into sets and collections for paid accounts.

One feature that I just started using, that I think is really cool is the ability to put notes into pictures. Click on the picture Emperor at CD's Placeof me at CD’s Place and hover the cursor over the pic to see the notes that I have placed. Friends can also add notes to your pics which can be a positive or a negative if you are sentimental about your photos.

Another feature of Flickr that I recently started looking at is the ability to view pictures by camera that the pictures were taken. Since I am in the market for a new camera, this is one of the the places that I am visiting to get ideas about what camera I will be upgrading to. At present I am using what I don’t like about my current camera to guide my consumer research.

I hate that my Kodak EasyShare C643 seems to take forever to take a picture, and frequently misses those once in a lifetime shots due to its slowness, or I manage to take the picture but it is out of focus, blurry or the lighting bites.

Want to use My Pics?

If you would like to use any of my pics on your site, you will need to create a flickr account, which is free to do. Then select the pic, and grab the url. Please make sure you link the pic back to its flickr location or give me credit for the pic in your post. Anything less would be an act of digital Piracy as told by Tamara.

If you would like me to add you as a Flickr contact, please add me, Emperor Anton as a contact. While your at it, check out my Flickr contacts and add them as well if you are so inclined.

Oh, if the url offends, I apologize, it was an early SEO experiment in conjunction with one of my first blogs, which has since been renamed to Site For Sale, but will be renamed Live,Love,and Laugh blog after either the sale of or the domain for My Rectal Thermometer Blog expires in June. If anyone would like to make and offer, leave a comment.

Written by Pixelhead on May 22nd, 2007 with comments disabled.
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Love Being Tagged for Love Meme

I have been tagged twice for the 1millionlovemessages “3 Things You Love” Meme because I have been a little slow to post. Too many memes to write. Lizzie says “thats what you get for being a slacker”.LOL

Lizzie, who tagged me for the second time, was tagged over at by Laketrees, who was tagged by Mauro of OnemillionLoveMessages, the originator of the Meme, who by the way also tagged me. Visit the previous link to find out about the rules for the Meme if you would like to be tagged.

10 questions about Love.

Lizzie and the Emperor1- 3 Things You Love in your soon to be wife.

2- 3 Things You Love in a Friend

3- 3 Things You Love in a Book

4- 3 Things You Love in a Movie

5- 3 Things You Love in a Blog

6- 3 Things You Love to Talk AboutGram as a Young Lady

7- 3 Things You Love to do in Vacations

8- 3 Things You Love to Eat

9- 3 Things You Love to Happen in Your Life

10- 3 Things You Love in 1 Million Love Messages

Now I get to tag some other bloggers.

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Flash-chip laptops will bring big improvements

Guest Blogger

A new generation of quieter and faster laptops is in the pipeline. The hot, heavy hard drive we all know is being replaced with cool, lightweight flash chips. Flash chips will usher in a new wave of laptops that in addition to being light and fast, won’t need charging so often and won’t heat up the tops of your thighs.

The new technology is not quite ready for the mass market, but it won’t be long. Flash chips, which use solid-state technology, are already used in digital cameras, mobile phones and iPods. Their price is falling by a half each year and industry experts expect around a fifth of all new laptops to be running on flash drives within the next three years. A 32GB flash-drive laptop is already on the market from Fujitsu, but you’ll have to pay an extra thousand dollars for it. It is rumored that Apple and Sony will be next to launch such machines.

Once flash drive laptops become widely available, a wave of change will sweep through he industry. It will boost flash memory chip makers like Hynix Semiconductor, Samsung Electronics and Toshiba. Such firms will make money before other players join in and prices drop futher. The problem with hard disks is they consume a lot of power. So conventional laptops need frequent charging through the day. Flash drives are half the weight of hard disks. With no moving parts, they are more sturdy and they can process data faster. The lack of a motor or spinning disk means they consume less than half the power and generate less heat.

Apple may win the commercial race. It is already using flash memory in its iPods, which transformed how people hear music worldwide. The company is believed to be introducing a flash-based notebook the size of a paper-back book towards the end of 2007. We could also start seeing laptops with special drives for both an old-fashioned hard disk and a new flash one. But if money is not a problem, you can get a very special flash-drive laptop right now. For one million dollars, a number of luxury gift companies are offering diamond-encrusted laptops with a 128GB flash-drive installed.

About the Author is a good place to go for laptops and peripherals. The best thing for people to do is to talk to them, let them know what your needs are (both current and future) and they will come up with the best laptop for you. They also supply software and blank DVDs there for your backup.

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What to do With Your Laptop When You’re Taking a Flight

Guest Blogger

Here are some tips to help you keep your laptop safe and make sure you have a trouble-free time while at airports and taking flights. Mostly it’s about being alert and ‘streetwise’ and keeping your eyes open.

(1) Stay under the radar
Keep a low profile at the airport and on the plane. Thieves are looking for a ‘mark’ so make sure it’s not you. Be aware that if a fellow passenger asks you about your laptop, with probing questions about its newness, price and capabilities, they may be assessing it to see if its worth stealing. In such circumstances it’s best to politely say you’re tired from working and wearily put your laptop away, saying it’s an old model, slow and inefficient.

(2) Watch your laptop like a hawk
Keep it with you at all times and don’t take your eyes off it and your hand luggage for a second. Thieves are assessing people and what they have with them. If you give the impression that you’re not really ‘with it’ then pretty soom your laptop will no longer be ‘with you’. This still applies even if your things are being looked at by security or customs – a classic area for thieves.

(3) Paperwork is important
Make sure you have the receipts and the right customs paperwork for your laptop when taking your return flight. And have them accessible so you can show them to customs quickly without rummaging through mountains of paperwork at the bottom of your briefcase. This way you can prove that you bought your laptop into the country with you and didn’t buy it there. If customs suspect that you purchased your laptop on this trip, you’ll be asked to pay taxes and duty.

(4) Be prepared to turn it on
You may be asked to turn your laptop on, so it is sensible to have it charged up and on standby. Containers that are made to look like laptops are often used to smuggle items or to hide terrorist equipment. So its common practice for security to ask people to turn on their machine. Also customs may want to see if it’s brand new. If so, it may be subject to taxes and import duty.

(5) Have your laptop with you all the time
Do not pack it with your other luggage, which usually gets rough treatment from baggage handlers. Bring it on the plane with you as hand luggage, and keep it with you. Aviod using the overhead compartment, where other passengers could steal it or accidentally dislodge it when pulling their coat out, making it drop on the floor.

(6) Conveyor belt scams
Here’s a scam to watch out for. Two thieves slip in front of you as people are drifting towards the security conveyor belt. You’ve put your laptop on the belt and off it goes. The first thief goes through but the second one makes problems for the security staff and creates a dramatic scene. Everyone is distracted except the first thief who takes the opportunity for a quick getaway with your laptop.

(7) X-Rays won’t hurt your Laptop
Rest assured that X-Ray scanners are fine and will not harm your laptop or your information stored on it. The security people need to be able to see inside as there’s space for smugging items inside your machine, however slim and light it may seem to you.

(8) Metal detectors could damage my Laptop
Yes they could. Metal detectors can hurt your laptop so it’s best to respectfully ask security people to do a ‘hand check’ instead, where they ask you to turn it in to show its real. After all, there’s already metal inside a normal laptop so a metal detector won’t tell them anything.

(9) Lock your laptop case
Open cases are easy to get into, especially for a team of two criminals. One distracts you while the other either puts something into your case like drugs. Or takes something out like your laptop and anything else that’s accessible like your money or mobile phone. All in a few seconds and they’re gone before you notice anything. If you have become a ‘carrier’ for them they will pull a similar stunt to steal the whole case from you once the flight has landed and you’ve cleared customs.

About The Author is a good place to go for laptops and peripherals. The best thing for people to do is to talk to them, let them know what your needs are (both current and future) and they will come up with the best laptop for you. They also supply software and blank DVDs there for your backup.

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