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A Work In Progress.

This post is a work in progress, and is my post for Instigator Blogs Productivity Writing Project.
Since it does seem like such an important project, I believe I will make more than one draft, but keep each draft as a separate post.

Writing Project Logo

The first blog that was involved with the project that I encountered was Alister Cameron’s awesome post but then I came upon a similar post on, which is a very positive blog with a lot of potential that said that if I was reading this post, consider myself to be tagged. The same goes for you.

I was then reading a post on TheAdamsBox about Adam’s Dream, which is to own a de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver, and was reminded of the advice of my old Quixtar(formerly Amway) mentor.

I may be a little off on the exact wording here, but he can always correct me if he would like. Anyway, John, my mentor,(Vandor Enterprises) and pretty much the whole WWDB(World Wide Dream Builders) organization, which is one of the larger Quixtar organizations, has the philosophy that if you have or develop big dreams, you will then need to develop a way to make sure those dreams come to fruition(great word). In essence the dream
creates motivation or passion which hopefully makes you more productive.

First Draft Begins
I am the anti-thesis of both Passion and Productivity.

Let me start with Productivity, less important of the two.

I must have ADHD, because I get distracted by every little thing. I start the morning with 1 browser window, and the next thing I have a good dozen opened with a number of projects that I am working on. I try and make a list of tasks to work on, but it is a very limited technique. However, just making out the list for me is a good thing, because while going through the mechanics of making out the list, I am prioritizing the tasks. So even if I don’t look at the list ever again, it does help me to prioritize the tasks for the day.

Having a schedule is the next thing that helps me to stay productive. Having a certain time to do each task gives me a time to do all the tasks that I do repeatedly throughout the month,week,day or hour. I have used a weekly monthly schedule very affectively. This guarantees that I dedicate a certain number of hours to certain projects. With my monthly schedule, which is actually a weekly schedule repeated four times, so all I have to do is plan out a weekly schedule for the month.

These two things are the top two things that I use to help me stay productive. However, they are only good if I use them. Frequently, due to life, I am so disorganized because my work space does not allow me to be organized. The files are instead piles, and the pad of paper that I use to write my daily list, is no where to be found.

So maybe what I am really lacking is a work space that is clearly defined. I don’t know, perhaps these are just excuses for my lack of productivity.

Perhaps the real reason for my lack of productivity, is not the disorganization that is my life, but the lack of passion as suggested by Allister Cameron. When it comes down to it, passion for what I am doing is the determining factor. Passion will drive me.

Currently it seems like the driving force, passion is missing or is it purpose.

What drives you?

Oh, here is my tip for productivity.Just do it. Don’t worry if it bites, at least you did something. Put the pen to paper and write. Open up a Word Doc and write. Just write something.


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Written by Pixelhead on May 8th, 2007 with comments disabled.
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Get your own gravatar by visiting Jonathan-C. Phillips
#1. May 9th, 2007, at 5:18 AM.

Thanx for joining in the group writing project! :) And thanx a lot for the linkage! really appreciated!

“I start the morning with 1 browser window, and the next thing I have a good dozen opened with a number of projects that I am working on.”

God i know what you mean, same here! 12 windows in Safari, 12 windows in Firefox, and sometimes i open Opera, just in case! Writing a weekly schedule/tasks helps me a lot too!

Get your own gravatar by visiting 1millionlovemessages
#2. May 10th, 2007, at 11:35 AM.

Hi Adam,

You were tagged by me to participate in a meme called “In The Spotlight”.
See it in my blog!

I will wait for your participation :)

Best Regards from Portugal

Get your own gravatar by visiting Charity
#3. May 11th, 2007, at 8:56 PM.

I can totally relate to having too many windows open. At least you start with one. :) I find myself starting the day with 5-7 tabs open from the night before, and ending the day with 10-12 – yikes! No wonder my computer gets so bogged down. lol