June 2007

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Back from Puerto Rico

Well Lizzie and I are back from our Puerto Rico Honeymoon, and getting back to work, which includes a bit of blogging. I did Old San Juannot do a review post last week, but let me do a little one today, to say thanks to a few friends.

I will be writing a few blog post here about Puerto Rico, concerning Internet marketing in Puerto Rico, a diamond in the rough, that according to an article I read in San Juan Star LogoThe San Juan Star, only about 30% of the population of Puerto Rico has Internet access, which is comparable to a few third world countries, and not any where near that of countries with similar economies. 30% is extremely low, and indicates that there is a lot of room for growth in the Internet provider industry and other Internet related industries in Puerto Rico. I for one would love to do some business in Puerto Rico, so that I would have a reason to go there again.
This is where I will stop for now. My next post will be about Puerto Rico’s status in relation to the United States.

Written by Pixelhead on June 26th, 2007 with 2 comments.
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Honeymoon Post from Puerto Rico

Still on our honeymoon in Puerto Rico with lots of activities planned to include a spa visit today, moonlight Kayak tour Gran Melia Beachtonight. I just posted some pics to Flickr so be sure to check out my Gran Melia Picture set, which includes pictures of our resort, but also Old San Juan pictures as well. Gran Melia is a truly 5 star resort that has a tremendous amount of beauty that surely can not be captured with my Kodak…but I am trying. I will be posting more about our honeymoon, but now, I must go to the pool…I have a Bali Bed waiting.Bali Bed

Written by Pixelhead on June 22nd, 2007 with 13 comments.
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Quick Resources Post

Maki over at DoshDosh.com has a great post on Increasing your Feed Readership. Great post as always.

Frank has a post about a cool Twitter application My Life Stream, which creates an ongoing blog post of your tweets.

Jonathan has a groovy post, “Where Can I Find You?” about Social Networking sites, which I will be blogging about later in a more extensive post.

Got to go get married now.

Written by Pixelhead on June 16th, 2007 with 2 comments.
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PixelHead Weekly Review Links

LinksDavid over at Pureblogging.com has a really sweet idea. He does a weekly blog post entitled Weekend Links, were he gives 2 links to his top commentators. The first is the link that commentors leave in the signature box when they comment, and the other is to a post that Darren thinks is that blogs best post for the week. Darren also usually does some other thing like Digging each story or stumbling. This week he gave each a stumble.
I have been a top commenter for a number of weeks, which is an easy task because Darren and his guest authors write some really great interactive posts. If you have not been over to PureBlogging.com, I would suggest you do so and sign up for his feed while you are at it so you can be updated regularly.

PixelHeadonline Commentor Links for the week.

  1. For this week my favorite post on Pureblogging would have been the post about Choosing a Topic for Your Blog.
  2. Jonathan from SmarthWealthRich.com had a great post about Conversational Blogging that had some great conversations going on.
  3. MoneyNing, a personal finance blog, has a cool post about planning a wedding on a boat.
  4. Cade over at WritetoRight had a promising post entitled Always Growing.
  5. Matthew over at SearchMarketingllc.com has a new project in the works and will be available in beta soon at Moguling.com.
  6. Jason over at Blisslogs.com has a helpful post on avoiding duplicate content and suggests using a wordpress pluging to help avoid it.
  7. Steve the WordPressGuy did not have any new post, but has some good info about wordpress on his non wordpress associated blog.

Well that is it for this week. I know it is a bad thing, but next week I will not be doing much posting, since I will be Honeymooning in Puerto Rico, but I will be doing one of these posts the following week. I am not up to Darren’s quality though, since Darren also gave each a stumble. I will work on that for next time.;-)

Written by Pixelhead on June 15th, 2007 with 6 comments.
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Domaining Resources

After writing the Moguling Update post, I was going back to the previous post Moguling with DotVentures and checked out the link to ThoughtfulConsiderations.com and noticed he has a Domainer Resources page with lots of links to sites that he uses while moguling or domaining as he calls it. Could be some very useful resources for anyone who might want to give this a try for developing another stream of income.  He also has numerous posts about domaining that maybe useful if you would like to attempt to develop some Internet real estate to flip.

Written by Pixelhead on June 14th, 2007 with 2 comments.
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Moguling Update

Please see my first Moguling with Dotventures post for more info.

I came across Frank Gilroy’s Site Flipping post, which served as a reminder about a packet of papers I received at least a week ago from Dotventures and SearchMarketing LLC that require me to sign a “Legal Disclaimer” and a “Purchase and Limited Service Agreement”. I guess once I return these two items, my active services concerning learning to Flip Internet Real Estate or Moguling will begin.

Along with the two forms, I also received the company’s 2007 Prospectus which seems to be nothing more than a bit of advertising to persuade me to buy more Dotventures/SearchMarketing LLC services.

Diy-businessloans.com Certificate

Several days ago, we received a certificate in the mail that states that we are owners of the domain name www.diy-businessloans.com. This was quite surprising, because this name never came up when I talked with my Domain Specialist Robert Earl. At the conclusion of my phone call with Robert, I was under the impression that our domain name that we would receive was going to be Freedomainname-180.com. However, Lizzie had some reservations about this, because she thinks those free domain name sites are skeeve(googled the word Skeeve – Check out Skeeve.com…lol), so I called Robert back, and left a message to see if we could change it. I never received a call back, but apparently the domain did get changed. Lizzie says she is much happier with Diy-Businessloans.com than the freedomainename-180.com, but a phone call would have been the professional thing to do.
So today, I will be signing or having Lizzie sign the Dotventures/SearchMarketing LLC documents and will be placing them in the mail.

Written by Pixelhead on June 13th, 2007 with 8 comments.
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