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SpeedyLinks and Blogging Events

Just a quick post, as life is all to cluttered, and I really need to be productive today.

The last commentator Mathew Browne of MB Web Designs has a groovy new blog up. Like the Link Love Plugin he is using.

Sarah of has another helpful Favicon Tips post. I know who I am going to talk to when the issue of Favicons comes up.

After being encouraged by Paula and I, Lizzie opened up a Cafe Press Fat Lady Art Shop.

PixelHeadonline will be participating in several blogging events. The first is the Stop the Abuse event held by Blogcatalog.Stop the Abuse Badge
This is a pretty cool and flexible blogging event being held on September 27th, 2007. Choose a cause and blog about it. Visit the Stop the Abuse link above for more information.

The second event is Blog Action Day, which I mentioned in the Untitled Commentators Post. On October 15th, bloggers from Blog Action Day Badgeall over the world will publish posts that pertain to the environment and donate blogging earnings for the day to listed environmental orgainzations of the bloggers choice.

I Have an issue in mind and will be writing the post ahead of time. Got an environmental issue that is a passion? Got a blog? Check out the Blog Action Day website for more information.

Well thats it for this Speedylinks post. Got to do some work to pay the bills.

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7P’s Meme Post

This is the next post on my todo list, so here is my post in response to Sarah of post on the 7p’s Meme for bloggers that was originated by The WVB. This will be my last Meme for the month of August.

What do you do for this Meme?

The Meme gives you 7 P words and you then have to give a short definition about how they relate to you. Then you are to tag 5 other bloggers.

Here are my 7 P’s and my definitions.

Passion – Attempting to find this year.
Purpose -provides the reason I do what I do.
Pursuit –The actual act of Seeking what ever I desire.
Position -Having the ability in life to Pursue my passion once found.
Pummeling – As the song says” you got to fight for the right to party”…you must also fight to pursue your passion.
Progress – Moving towards my goals.
Personality -Serious, disorganized, altruistic.

Here are my five tags.

Roberta,Lizzie,John of ThingsThatareFun,PhillyWineLady,and EastCoastLife.

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Increasing Forum Posts Like

Just got an email from my bro who is into scuba diving., a scuba site that he frequents, has started a scuba forum and they are paying participants to post. But they don’t pay in cash, they pay in store credit. What a great ScubaToys  Logo Pictureidea to increase your forum participation. Seems like a win win situation. ScubaToys gets increased traffic and develops a loyal user base, and the scuba visitors get to increase and share their knowledge of scuba diving while getting money to buy scuba gear.

In addition to the posting incentive, ScubaToys is also having a scuba gear photo contest where the winner can win a digital camera. Just come up with a photo “showing off a ScubaToys logo product”. Got to love contests that give away cameras. The picture to the left is an example of what not to do for the contest.
One other thing that ScubaToys did that I think is essential, they sent out an email to their mailing list to let them know about these offers

I had John from ThingsThatAreFun in mind when I wrote this, because well, Scuba diving is something that is fun. I also thought I would share this bit of info with you the readers…who knows some of you may decide to take up scuba diving. It may also give you some ideas to market your site.
Got a blog or forum. Why not try incentive’s to encourage your visitors or patrons to participate in the conversation. Sure we don’t all have the option to give store credit, but what can you give away? Advertising, a blog review, directory links etc.
What else do you do to increase the chatter?

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Untitled Commentators Post

A bit late, but better late than never for a mid August commentators post.

Emperor Having Coffee

Since I was on vacation last week, not much in the way of conversation has been happening.

Paula The Queen of the Surf Pirates and Sammy the Surf Dog are selling Some Sammy Stuff, so check em out and help Sammy to Raise some money to help his momma.

Steven over at Vandelay Website Design has a top ten list of SEO Plugins that can really stream line your SEO. I added this to my previous SEO Post as a related resource.
Cathy over at Web Affiliate Creators has a how to create a Robot.txt file.

My bud Jon over at is looking at different ways to sell text links, and is considering selling them on Ebay.

A groovy site that reviews Pay Per Impression affiliate programs, has a bunch of SEO articles.

Sarah over at did a review post about the Blog Action Day which is October 15th. Bloggers across the blogosphere will be writing a post about environmental issues. I look forward to participating in Blog Action Day.

George over at BloggersLounge is giving away some free icons in response to his previous post about giving away free stuff to attract visitors. Sounds like a good idea.

John over at ThingsThatAreFun has a great post about things to do on a road trip, which is one of Lizzie’s favorite things to do. Check it out and see if you can add to his list.

Love the title Raising children for fun and profit! from Michael over at RantBits. Michael has quite the dry sense of humor, something we both have in common so I am told.

Saman over at Samanthon has a post about a huge video wall he made as part of his day job. I so want one for my living room. Well maybe a little overkill.

Well that is about it for this top commentators post. Check them out they are some really great sites. I will also be stumbling each of the posts. The next top commentators post will be some time at the beginning of September.

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SEO Tips for Paula Queen of the Surf Pirates

A while back I was asked by Paula of Queen of the Surf Pirates for some tips on SEO for her site, which she is planning on moving over to its own domain name.
OBX Beach So here are some general SEO tips for Paula.

First, I am partial to the WordPress platform. WordPress does a lot of the SEO stuff automatically, such as writing meta info, title tags and such, so your on page optimization is pretty much a question of using the target keywords in the text and titles.
Choosing a good template is a very important part of this since there are so many out there. Think about how you want your blog to appear and what you want to do with it. Do you want a wide blog or a narrow one? Do you want one side bar or two? Do you want to use Google adsense? Take your time with this, because after tweaking the blog to look the way you want, you don’t want to have to change to another.

Look at your audience and what they want to read. What are they searching for? If they are looking for info on nightlife in OBX for example, you would want to make sure that any posts on OBX Nightlife included those important keywords “OBX Nightlife” in the title, in alt and title tags of pictures(use both, but make sure both are exactly the same), and also use the keywords in the content. If possible, use the keywords at the beginning of the post, in the middle, and at the end. Also highlight the keyword at least once like I did above. Also be sure to use all the words of the phrase independently as well. I would also use other variations to include writing out the words Outer Banks.

Off Page SEO

Next after optimizing the pages, I would get some links pointing to your site with the desired Keywords. This is the most time consuming of SEO, but it can be done. Directory submissions, forum participation, blogging are all good ways to get links to your site for your desired key words. Check out my Link Building posts for details.
When optimizing, it is easy to show up for words that are not competitive, such as niche keywords like “OBX surfing mom”. Showing up for other more competitive words will enable new readers to find your site via the search engines. So when doing your SEO, don’t think about the words you are showing up for currently, think about the words that you are not showing up in the SERPs(Search Engine Results Page), and optimize for those. But please be careful not to loose your current readers while writing for the search engines.
So that is my basic SEO post for you and Paula. Got any other SEO questions I might be able to help you with? Let me know, I’ll see what I can come up with for you.
Some other issues that Paula has involve issues surrounding her niche audience. A couple of good posts that relate to the subject of niche audiences done by Dawud Miracle are:

Oh No, My Blog Audience Isn’t My Target Market

Are You Having A Conversation With Your Niche Audience?

Hope this post helps you Paula, if you need more help, please let me know.

If any other readers are planning on vacationing in the Outer Banks, stop by Paula’s site for the latest info about the Outer banks to include surf reports from her dog Sammy.


Check out Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress

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Back from Maine Vacation

Got back from our Maine vacation last night after a week long vacation. What was intended to be a working vacation, ended up being more of a time off vacation. I do find myself a little behind with blogging, but I did manage to get a little Maine Lobster and Clamscomputer time in while visiting relatives in Lisbon, Maine. I got a few posts done on the travel blog, and was able to respond to some comments, but writing of posts on Pixelheadonline was not in the cards.

Mid week Lizzie and I took a trip to Bar Harbor, and sadly did not have Internet access. The LedgeLawn Inn, is a huge old mansion that reminds me of The Shining. It is a great place to visit if you want to get away, but Internet seems to b a luxury that needs to be upgraded too. As we were driving up the coast, we did see other places that had WiFi, but ours did not. Well it did give us plenty of time for checking out the town and Arcadia National Park. I did take lots of pics, and took some notes in an actual tablet, which will eventually make it into several posts on the Lizzie’s Travel Blog, so if you get a chance and want to get some info on Bar Harbor, check out the travel blog.

Our Maine Vacation Links:1. Maine Vacation pics on Flickr.

2. Maine Vacation posts on The Travels of Lizzie Bean.

Upcoming posts here and elsewhere will include:

Mid-month Top commentators post.

An SEO suggestion post for Paula, Queen of the Surf Pirates.

Entry to the 7Ps of Meme which I was tagged for by Sarah over at

Two Guest blogging posts, one for and one for

I am sure there are a few others that I am forgetting, to mention, but they will occur. But now, I need to do some client work, because I need to pay the bills. ttyl.

A question for other bloggers:

Oh I would like to add a little question to this Maine Vacation post, and ask my fellow bloggers about protocol when going on vacation. Do you write a post before vacation or do like me and write it after the fact?

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