September 2007

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Late Abuse Post

This is my late Blogging against abuse post which was a blogging event that was held by Yesterday 1000+ bloggers from around the globe were blogging about various facets of abuse. As Jon from SWR said in his post Blogging Against Abuseyesterday, that is why it was such a great event because it was able to be tailored to each blog so that the blog was able to stay on topic.

One of my Blogging against abuse posts was about Animal/pet abuse. Check the first link on this post or click on the image to the left to see a lot of great abuse posts from participating blogs.
Abuse topics included but were not limited to Child abuse, domestic abuse, pet/animal abuse, and political abuse.
This blog, still does not have a well specified topic. Although I do tend to have more posts about marketing to be specific SEO, than other topics. I guess that could be considered a cornerstone post.

What I really want to blog about is the abuse of time. I and lots of other people seem to abuse the time we have on this Earth. It is only so long, because as we all know, we are not eternal. Hopefully my words will be around forever, but I am doubtful if I will write anything so profound that it will be around for the ages. So in order to stop wasting or abusing time, I am going to put this blog on to a blogging schedule. I will have a specified type of post to do on each day of the week. Sundays no posting will be done unless I decide to do one for fun.

Pixelheadonline Blogging Schedule

This is what I have so far. Got any idea or suggestions?

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2 Twitter Apps

The first app, really is just a third party site, but it is kind of cool if it were to work as envisioned.
Twittergram updates your Twitter profile when you post new pics to your Flickr account. It has an option that allows you to upload specific pictures that you tag. When signing up, you can put in certain tags to include, or you can leave the field black to include all of your pics. So in the tag field, I put in “twitter”, and then when I upload pics, any pics that I want to post a tweet to my Twitter profile, I need to tag with “twitter”.

Well I signed up for the program, but have not had much success with it. I figured I must have put in the wrong names or something, since I uploaded a pic and tagged it “twitter”, but I failed to get a tweet. I then posted a comment on the sites blog, which was posted, but was not responded to. So I am thinking the site may not be operational any longer. If I find info otherwise, or if a you know different, please let me know, and I will update this post.

2nd Twitter App – TwitterBlocks

TwitterBlocksI then clicked on the explore Twitter button, and checked out the Twitter blocks. That is a pretty cool looking app that uses flash to show you a 3d replica of all the people that are in your network. You are able to click on the profiles that are in your network, and see who they are tweeting.
My profile is pretty small compared to a lot of people. I must admit, I have been slacking a bit lately with Twitter, and may only get on 2-3 times a week, and might send a tweet from my cell one or two times a week. I will have to make a goal to add more people to myTwitter network.

Got any other cool Twitter sites, let me know.

Here are two other Twitter Posts:

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Blogging Against Abuse

Just a quick note to remind you or let you know if you had not read the previous Blogging events post, that the BlogCatalog blogging event, Blogging Against Abuse is just around Blogging Against Abusethe corner. Check the previous link for information about the event, which is sure to have a huge impact. Choose a cause and blog about it on September 27th.

I have my cause, and I am sure you have some cause that you are passionate about, so get involved in the event. Stop by the Blogcatalog site and leave a comment to show your support.

If you have a technorati profile, please stop buy and vote for the Blogging event post on the WTF.

I also gave it a stumble as well.

Written by Pixelhead on September 23rd, 2007 with 3 comments.
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$4000 dollar Contest and Ipod Contest

Since posting about the Contest, I have become aware of several other contests. Two great contests that offer a lot more than some sweet prizes.

Could you use Any of the 4000 dollars worth of Prizes?

The first, contest I found when I was on and Jon was telling us about this Huge blogging contest being run on, celebrating David’s graphic design blog’s first amazing Anniversary.

I was checking out David’s site, and I have to say I was very impressed with his work. I seriously hope I win the Logo design prize that is up as one the prizes, because David is a really talented graphic designer. If you need any kind of marketing materials for your business designed, stop by David’s site and check out his design portfolio.

But not only is David giving away a custom designed Logo, but he has gotten a ton of other prizes donated by some other amazing bloggers to help David celebrate his anniversary. Some of the tremendous prizes include but are not limited to:

To see the entire list of prizes, and to get the details about how to enter the contest, check out The Graphic Designer Prize Giveaway.

The Second Contest I became aware of when Alex of dropped me a comment on the previous PDP contest post. Alex’s Personal Development Contest, which is ending on Sunday, is giving away an Ipod Shuffle. It is a really easy contest to enter, so check out Alex’s post and to enter. The great thing about Alex’s contest besides the Ipod, is that he has a tremendous list of other Personal Development sites, which is the main reason he is having the contest to show support for all the other Personal Development sites out there. Check it out the huge list and enter the contest, but hurry it ends Sunday.

UPDATE: Alex’s contest is ending on September 27th and not the 23rd. So there is a little more time to enter.

Written by Pixelhead on September 21st, 2007 with 7 comments.
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Ipod Contest to Promote

I was on and found Aaron’s contest he is running to help promote a new project, (PDP),which was just launched the other day. Check out Aaron’s post about the contest, to find out what you can do to help make a success and potentially win an ipod or some other cool stuff.PDP Screenshot

What can You do on PDP?

  1. After creating a free account, you can take part in the discussion or ask questions about Personal Development issues.
  2. Introduce yourself and your blog.
  3. Find some really great resources. In one of the forum threads I found a the great site, where I read about the principle of manifesting.

The site being brand spanking new, will be adding lots of new features. Currently, it has four membership categories:Free, premium, Junior Thought Leader, and Senior Thought Leader. Currently, they are haveing a special membership discount where the Premium membership is currently being offered at a 50% discount for the membership drive that is being undergone during the first month.

So check out PDP,sign up for a free account today, and be part of what is sure to be a tremendously positive social networking community.

Written by Pixelhead on September 19th, 2007 with 11 comments.
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Traffic, Who Needs More Traffic?

Wow, I just read Steven of’s post How to Set Up a Domino Effect of Traffic were Stephen shares his method of generating a huge amount of traffic using a combination of Social Media sites.

In short, after Steven writes a post that is written for his Web Design niche, he then submits the post to several web design niche social media sites, which he calls second tier social media sites. He then receives a couple hundred visitors from the second tier sites. The visitors from the second tier sites then submit the post to the big three Digg, Stumbleupon, and

Of course there is quite a bit more to it than what I have written here, and Steven goes into pretty good detail about this method which he has used on three separate occasions. The most being 34,000 visitors to his post 77 Resources to Simplify Your Life as a Web Designer. 34,000 visitors…wow.

Three key ideas I got from his post:

  1. Write a sweet piece of Linkbait for your niche.
  2. Submit the linkbait post to some social sites in your niche.
  3. Optimize your posts for the three large Social networks, by making it easy for your visitors to submit to them.

Stop by and read Steven’s post, and let me know what you think. Hmm, I think I need to come up with some some SEO link bait to submit to Sphinn.

Written by Pixelhead on September 19th, 2007 with 25 comments.
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