October 2007

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Blogging Tutorial Group Writing Project

The blog TheWritersManifesto is or rather was holding a Group writing contest, and all of the entries to the Tutorial Group writing project are below followed by my top three pics in reverse order.How To Write Pic
Megan Bayliss has a great post How to Respond To Disclosures of Sexual Child Abuse. A very serious topic as compared to all the others, but one that any parent/grandparent or childcare worker should read.
Rishi gives some Tips to Get Best Out of Product Related Ad Networks.
Karthik writes about Upgrading Your Theme to WordPress 2.3 to be able to use tags for posts. Karthik also does a brief sell for using tags. The main benefit being the increase in the number of pages for your site.
Aseem Kishore has a really use post that teaches How to Find Good Ideas and Content for Your Blog.
Kyle Eslick shows How to Ad Edit Buttons to Your WordPress Theme.
Adam(moi) shows how to Add a Blog to Flickr.
Sumesh gets a little technical and shows How to Add Plugin Function Calls Without Breaking Your Theme.
Simonne shows How to Get Your Favorite Stumble Upon Pages in Your Feed Reader, cool tip for creating a feed for any Stumbleupon user including your own.
Shivaranjan tells us How to Move Self Hosted WordPress Blogs Across Webhosts.
Jacob Share has the Obnoxious Guide to Environmentally Safe Job Hunting.
Terry Didcott tells How to Install A Self Hosted WordPress Blog.
Doug Woodall shows us How to Thwart the Barbarian Spyware.
Joanie Raisovich gives some Tips for Getting Through Nano,National Novel writing month.
Kryistina has an Environmental Tutorial that was written for Blog Action Day, that gives advice about moving your house in an environmental manner.
David Rogers has a great post How to Solve A Problem.
CSS shows Simple Photo Editing Using GIMP, which is a good post about using Gimp, a free online program, to edit photos. I will have to give it a try and compare to Photoshop.
Dee gives some good advice about Making Friends with A Neighbor or Co-Worker, which can be used in our real lives.
Em Dy tells how to Plan Your Vacation Online
Sarah, the Gnomeynewt tells How to Attract Comments on Your Blog.
Gal teaches The Best Excerises You Might Not Be Doing (Series).
Jen Lawton shows us How to Set Up An Online Fundraiser.
Fred gives some good advice about How to Set Up the WordPress Pinging Service.

With a bit of waffling, my top three pics in reverse order are:

3. The personal development post that teaches How to Solve A Problem.

2. Simonne’s post showing how to add Stumble Upon Pages to Your Feed Reader.

1. Megan’s Child Abuse post. Update: Megan’s site is no longer up and running so it was unlinked.

Written by Pixelhead on October 30th, 2007 with 12 comments.
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Freakin Spam

I have been getting crap load of spam comments within the past several days and it is to just several posts that the spam has been coming to.  I turned off comments  to those posts, and then the  spam comments started coming to several others.

Spam pic

The spam comments look just like the pic above. I am wondering if the I need to upgrade my wordpress to get these spam comments to stop.  Anyone have any advice? I do have askiment installed and it had been working, but suddenly I am flodded with this crap.

Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

Written by Pixelhead on October 28th, 2007 with 10 comments.
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Review Of October 2006 Posts

Here is a little review post of posts for the month of October 2006. I think it’s a good thing to do these types of posts for several reasons.

  1. The first post I did last year in October was a review of Dog Tags from Pettags.com. The thing I like about this post is the picture of my kids dog. Such a nice mutt, which is a sheep dog Schnauzer mix. His sister is much more of Sheep dog.
  2. I then retold the story of our Las Vegas trip were we staid at the MGM Grand…a nice trip all in all.
  3. The next post was a little MGM Grand Tower rant I had about the MGM Grand which downgraded our reservation but failed to comp us until we complained.
  4. The next post is about the 3 dollar black jack tables at Sahara. I love black jack, but I really don’t want to spend a fortune to play. If you get to Vegas for the upcoming Blogging convention, stop off at Sahara.
  5. A post about a PCOS Blog for Insulite Labs which is a site that specializes in PCOS treatment.
  6. Our first post from Las Vegas. I guess Vegas was a big part of October in 2006.
  7. OUr Pre-Vegas Post…we could hardly wait. Man I wish I was going next month.
  8. A Blog Promotion post where I thought about translating Pixelhead into 9 other languages to add content. hmm wonder why I never did that.
  9. A site review for a premium submission to the directory for Kitty’s Bayou.
  10. A little post about improving Search Engine Rankings.
  11. One of the last reviews of gambling sites I did for an Online Casino.
  12. A post about our trip to Canada during Canadian Thanksgiving. Funny we ended up going their again a week and year latter.
  13. Another PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) post which went into a bit more detail about PCOS a syndrome that affects millions of women.
  14. The first post in October last year was Halloween Masks and Costumes, a post for a former client.

Well that was it for this Friday review post. Check them out, and let me know what you think. If your going to Vegas for the convention, stop by and read my posts for a bit of Vegas info.

Written by Pixelhead on October 26th, 2007 with comments disabled.
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Flickr Speedlinks post

Just a quick post, as I am swamped with work.

Early Morning Swim

As was noted yesterday, I discovered the Stumble thru button, and love being able to Stumble thru Flickr.

I just got done adding pictures to Flickr from my Thousand Islands trip, but have yet to write a post on Lizzie’s travel blog for it.

Pictures were added to the following Flickr sets:

Check out some of the pics, and let me know if you have a favorite. If you have a Flickr account, leave me a message and I will check out your pics. If you don’t have an account, start one, its free to start.

StumbleUpon Network Campaign

Increasing my knowledge about Stumbleupon and increasing my Stumbleupon network is my goal for the week. The last several weeks, I have been working on increasing my network on Digg, and now I am over 100 friends in my network. The one major problem with this is that I now am flooded with a barrage of email shouts from friends wanting me to check out a site and digg it for them. Some people just abuse the Digg Shout feature way too much.

StumbleUpon My StumbleUpon Page

So after reading the article Top bloggers reveal how to build traffic off-blog without spending a dime,one of the bloggers interviewed was Liz Strauss, who said she would “hang on StumbleUpon” as one of the methods for promoting her site with out spending a dime. So armed with the knowledge that Liz Stumbles and recommend it, I set about learning how to make the most of Stumbleupon. I am a bit slow, because you would figure that since I received huge amounts of traffic from Stumbleupon on more than one occasion, I would have mastered it long ago. Yesterday I had about 5 friends in my Stumbleupon network. 195 to go, since Stumbleupon only allows you to have 200 friends in your network.

I was reading on a blog(sorry I would give a link to the blog, but I have lost the link) and in summary, it said you need to get your 200 friends on Stumbleupon by adding 200 friends to your profile, but then you need to monitor the list of 200 friends by removing those who do not add you as a mutual friend, and then fill in those spots that you remove with others that will hopefully become mutual friends. The author(when I come across it again I will update this post) then suggested that you need to keep doing this process of adding and removing in order to come up with an active list of Stumblers that will actually be actively Stumbling.

So here are my Stumbleupon activities for this Stumbleupon network campaign and some Stumbleupon News.

Checking out the Stumbleupon Toolbar, lots of cool stuff here to play with. Do You have the Stumbleupon toolbar installed? I know that you can get it for both IE(sadly) and Firefox. Get either toolbars from the Stumbleupon homepage.

Stumble Through A SiteAnyway, while checking out the toolbar, I noticed the two intertwined arrows, and when the cursor is hovered over this the alt tag says “Stumble Thru a website”. The pic at the left shows all the site that this works with. So what does this do? This allows me to click the Stumble button and stumble pages for that given site. I clicked on the Flickr Icon, and proceeded to Stumble through some awesome Flickr pics, most of which I would not have found on my own.

StumbleUpons SearchReviews
One last bit of Stumbleupon News before wrapping up this Stumbleupon Network Campaign post. I received info about the Stumbleupon’s SearchReviews program this morning via the SearchViews newsletter post StumbleUpon Introduces SearchReviews.(a search newsletter I highly recommend) SearchReviews enables you to see a Stumbleupon icon next to search results that your friends have stumbled. For information about enabling this feature see the Stumbleupon SearchReviews Blog article.

I have enabled this feature, but because I only have 20 friend, I may not see these for a while. I also am not sure if it just allows you to see sites that your friends have stumbled or sites that Stumbleupon users in general have stumbled. At any rate the service can be used on the major search engines to include but not limited to Google, Yahoo, MSN and ASK.

Stumbleupon Questions?

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Mid October Top Commentators Post

How quickly time flies. Halloween will be here before you know it, and it the Jack-O-lanterns will be glowing on front Thousand Islands Ontario - Red Horse Lake porches. The leaves of the trees here in PA will soon be turning. Sorry for those of you in warmer climates who will miss the spectacular colors of autumn.

I actually should be seeing some tremendous colors this weekend, as we are vacationing at Red Horse Lake in the Thousand Island region of Ontario. I will be taking my camera, so be sure to check my Flickr page for some spectacular fall photos.

So before October ends, here is my mid October Top Commentators Post.

Being I am on vacation in Canada, I am going to publish this post now since my Internet connection has a lot to be desired. I will be finishing this post when I get home, by reviewing posts of the commentators below. Have a great weekend.

Up early on Saturday, the Internet Wifi seems to be working better. So let me continue checking out these links.

That is the last of the Top Commentators links for this post, which was started in Pennsylvania, but finished in Ontario three days later. These posts are intended to be quick posts, but I usually end up visiting the site of the commentator and finding a good post to link to, and in so doing I am bound to follow the link trail to a bunch of other groovy sites. Until the beginning of November when I do the next top Commentators post, keep those comments coming.

Written by Pixelhead on October 20th, 2007 with 7 comments.
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