November 2007

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Photoshop Tip: Cropping with Guidelines.

Here is a basic easy tip for cropping with Photoshop. Many times in the past all I would do to crop out a piece of a picture would be to click on the crop tool, click on the picture and drag the cursor so that the crop box would include everything or nearly everything I wanted cropped. Often times though this is not very accurate.

Cropped Red Chairs

An Easy Cropping Solution.

Lizzie showed me how to use the guidelines sometime ago, and since I discovered them, I have used them almost every time I want to crop.

In order to use guidelines you need to have the rulers on. Go to the view tab and click “Rulers” or just use the shortcut “CTR R” which will enable the rulers.

Grab The Guidelines

Next put your cursor in the ruler at the top or side, click and drag the ruler over to the edge of part of the picture you Couch with Guidlineswant to crop. Do it again to create the other side of the crop box. Then grab the opposite ruler and do the other two sides. Now that you have the area defined, click either the rectangular marquee or the elliptical marquee tool. Click at the top of your area marked off by the guidelines and drag down until the entire area for the rectangular marquee is selected or until the elliptical crop selection fills the box. The crop tool will use the guidelines, so your cropping selection will be much more accurate.

Release the cursor then CTRL X or CTRL C > CTRL N >CTRL V. Then go to the Layer tab at the top of the screen, select “flatten image”. Then you can save the cropped pic as a new pic and you are ready to use your cropped picture.

What Tips Do You Have?

I hope this little tip is something you can use. If you have some other Photoshop tips for me, please leave a comment as I am eager to learn new Photoshop tips. This can include links to Photoshop tutorials you may have done.

Written by Pixelhead on November 30th, 2007 with 19 comments.
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Make Money with Viddler

Have you heard about Viddler? Viddler is an online video social media site Viddler Logomuch like Youtube, but different. A major difference is that Viddler allows commenting with text and video as well as tagging with in the video timeline.

I first started using Viddler after I saw a demonstration at BlogPhiladelphia. Here is a list of my videos I have up thus far.

Viddler now allows you to make money on your Viddler videos.
The first step is to sign up for an account. The next step is to enable the option to earn advertising Revenue on your videos by going into the “Revenue” tab at the top of your your Viddler home page.

When signing up for the 50/50 Revenue sharing, you will need two things:

  1. Paypal account
  2. Amazon affiliate id

Ads are not entirely Amazon adds, so if you are worried you’ll need to sign up for an an Amazon Affiliate Id, you don’t. But if you do, it just offers you more advertising options for which to get paid.

Written by Pixelhead on November 30th, 2007 with 5 comments.
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Social Media SEO for Hire

Yesterday, I received news that my last day working for the local search marketing company I had been working for was Emperor having Coffeeyesterday. Benefits(health insurance) would end at the end of the month which happens to be Friday. This does not come as a shock, since Lizzie and I both had worked for the same company for several years, and downsizing has been occurring over the past year.

So if you need any SEO/Social media work to include consulting, link building, or general site evaluations, please keep me in mind.
My Plan of Action

  1. Get the word out to various contacts which could offer assistance.
  2. Update resume and post on various sites.
  3. Visit various job sites to include,, and an SEO job community.
  4. Visit various job boards such as the Problogger job board.
  5. Keep working on existing freelance clients.
  6. Contact previous clients.
  7. Back-sell other services to current clients.
  8. Keep on networking.
  9. Cut back extraneous expenses.
  10. Prioritize my efforts.

What would you do in my situation? How would you generate leads? Any advice would be appreciated.

Update: A project that was in the pipeline came through today. We are actually ahead of the game.

Factoring  in lost income, tax advantages of paying our own health insurance, income from the new contract, expenses of the new contract, increase availability of time due to having less clients; we are way ahead of where we were yesterday.

Written by Pixelhead on November 28th, 2007 with 17 comments.
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Social Media Article

Another top commentator, Steven Snell of Vandelay Website Design, in the post Building Consistent Traffic With Social Media, gives some good advice about building consistent traffic using a variety of social media sites.

Steven has shown that he is a master of using the Social media to build traffic with many of his posts becoming very popular on sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, and

A couple of key tips that I would like to highlight from the post include:

Whether you are a seasoned social media user or new to using social media sites, I suggest checking out the articles in the Social Media category on his site, where you can find such articles as the one listed above and others such as 233 Social Networking Sites for Marketing Your Blog.

Written by Pixelhead on November 24th, 2007 with 15 comments.
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Photography of Forrest Croce

The top commentator for mid November was the Photographer Forrest Croce. For some really awesome Photography tips and lessons, you should check out Forrest’s Fine Art Photography site.

Driftwood in Big Basin - Forrest Croce

Forrest also has a blog were he offers up some Photography tips. In his post, Vivid Color in Photoshop, Forrest relates some of the methods he uses to create vivid life like colors using both common sense and Photoshop.

Two of the common sense methods or maybe not so common sense methods for outdoor photography he suggests are:

  1. Shoot outdoor photos in the hour before the sun is going down or in the “Golden Hour”.
  2. Shoot just after it has rained.

Photoshop tips

Several Photoshop tools that he suggest using in the post are;

  1. Using the Channel Mixer to fine tune the color saturation.
  2. Using the Color Balance tool to create more natural colorization options.

In addition to telling how he adjusts photos manually, Forrest also offers some down loadable tools to automate the procedures that he discusses.

Below are before and after pictures of a Lake Pontchartrain Sunset I took on our New Orleans trip that I edited with Photoshop using Forrest’s techniques.

Before Editing After Editing

Be sure to check out Forrest’s site for some tremendous photography resources as well as his photo galleries.

Written by Pixelhead on November 23rd, 2007 with 8 comments.
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Thanksgiving Day

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.A. and I am very thankful.
Thankful that I have my health.

Thankful that I have children that continue to flourish and contribute to the lives of those around them.

I am thankful that I am able to write and express my thoughts in an open forum such as this blog.

I am thankful that I am able to take pictures.

I am thankful that I am able to appreciate the pictures that others take.
If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today, or even if you are not celebrating, what are you Thankful for today?

Written by Pixelhead on November 22nd, 2007 with 4 comments.
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