December 2007

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Happy New Year!

Just a quick post prior to the New Year festivities. I actually will be at home with my kids and wife, so no major festivities other than a couple of movies, and perhaps some snacks around midnight.

It has been well over a week since I last posted here or anywhere, as the holidays did seem to keep me quite busy. With visiting relatives and my sons Youth ice hockey tournament in Hershey, I have been all too busy.

I also picked up another SEO client, so the new client and end of month SEO reports have kept me very busy. But I have started some new post, but I am not yet ready to publish.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year…talk with you soon.


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My Favorite Landscape Pic

One of the Flickr groups that I belong to, Landscape and Seascape (Com. 2, Invite 1), is having a Favorite Landscape 7449 Reflecting on a River-ScapePicture contest and this Pic entitled “7449 Reflecting On a River-Scape” would be my current favorite. With the bright colors it just seems like such a festive picture.
Stop by the group to see some really beautiful landscape pictures. Got a picture to add, join the group, comment on two and invite one picture to the group.

7449 Reflecting on a River-Scape,
originally uploaded by tengtan.
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Environmental Post for December 2007

Here is the December Environment post which has some articles and more that I have noted in the course of my surfing in the past month.Lake Pontchartrain Sunset, which is part of the Sidebar Network that was discussed in the last post Twitter Update: Have You Overheard?, is a site that allows you to keep track of your gasoline consumption. Sign up and add all of your vehicles and after you fill up, text Milemarker your odometer readings, gallons bought, and more. Could be useful as a way of tracking your mileage for a business as well.

I think if you keep track of your gasoline consumption, it might enable you to actually reduce the amount of gas you use, which means you contribute less carbon to the environment.

Harvesting the Power of the Ocean

A wave power article about Finavera Renewables who are developing a wave park off of the coast of California.

Finerva manufactures the AquaBuoy(picture at left) which is a device that generates electricity by using a piston type

generator. Check out the Aqua Buoy video.


I found the Mother Jones article The last empire which attempts to answer the question “Will Earth survive China’s economic development? I had to stop reading the story several times because it was almost as depressing as the Plastic Ocean article, but a great informative read nevertheless.

Natural Photography

What better way to appreciate nature than to photograph it. Here are a couple of Photography sites that I recommend you check out for their breathtaking photos.

Got any environmental news or posts to share?

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Twitter Update: Have You Overheard?

Joel Comm just sent out an email inviting me to add him on Twitter . Joel’s post got me thinking about Twitter, and the developments that Twitter has undergone this year.

EmperorAnton's Twitter Page

Looking at my Emperor Anton Twitter page, I notice it is a PR5. I am not sure how much if any “Google juice” it has, since tweets are only run 20 deep. So a link on there can only remain there as long as it is within the last twenty tweets. It may count for a little bit of Google juice, but probably not since any links in the tweet have a “no follow” tag. But I have seen tweets show up in the SERPS, so if you put a link to a desired site in a tweet and it shows up in the SERP’s, it could possibly result in a bit of traffic. Screenshot

Twitter Update: Have You Overheard? posts tweets on their site that are prefaced with “Overheard” or “OH”. Also, to be posted on the site tweets must be marked as “unprotected” or visible to the public.

After you post an OH tweet it will show up on Overheard within 15 to 20 minutes, unless you add them as a friend, then it should appear within 2 minutes.

Follow Overheard

Thanks Overheard

So your tweets can be published on yet another site. I know lots of people post their tweets on their Facebook page, blog, Myspace, and Mybloglog to name a few. And now you can add Overheard to the mix.

Brilliant Marketing

Overheard is part of the Sidebar Network, which is a network of sites being developed by the web design company, Sidebar Creative. From what I can tell the Sidebar Network consists of:

It’s a web site… it won’t destroy your computer. We’ll take your data and store it, but if we lose it, we’re sorry. We’ll probably sell aggregate data (but not your name or email address) to advertisers. We reserve the right to charge for this at some point. These terms might change in the future, but if they do, we’ll let you know. Cool?

This reminds me so much of all the Facebook apps that companies are developing in hopes of getting other Facebook user to use and become loyal customers. Give away something free and get some advertising in exchange.

If I were using Myspace, I would give Kudos to SidebarCreative for developing the Overheard site and further developing the Twitter advertising model, which even Joel Comm is starting to use.

What do you think about Twitter and Overheard?

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WOW- SMR Blog For Sale is for sale . Wow, that is truly a great site for many reasons. The selling of it does make sense. Jon being as talented as he is, has many projects to keep him busy, and he just does not have the time to devote to SWR.

Jon, who I have learned a lot from, is a great individual that has the ability to create interest with his writing. SWR has some pretty impressive stats, and I am sure he will get a nice amount for it.

One commentator on the post suggested that Jon make SWR a multi author blog. I think he ought to do a joint venture with some other bloggers and use it as a mufti- author blog. Perhaps he could sell limited partnerships to the blog were individuals could buy limited shares, be able to share in the revenue.

At any rate, I am sure Jon will continue blogging on his personal blog as well as, his newest multi-author blog.

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Top Commentators – Mid December 2007

Here is the list of Top Commentators for Mid December. Nearly 40 percent of the top commentators were sites that did not have a blog, or did not have a blog that I could find when I checked out their site. I don’t normally give links in the comments box to sites without blogs. If any of those commentators who do not have urls associated with their name wish to attach a site with a blog or a forum, please let me know.

Magic Dude
Scott Demaret
Todd Morris
Vincent Lecluse
The Mommy Blogger

Thanks for commenting on the few posts that I have had up this month. Sorry for not giving much food for thought, I’ll have to do better.

The top three if you wish for me to do a review of a post of yours or someone else, please let me know. I believe I am still behind on Novembers top commentators‘ review posts as well. Steven Snell’s request being the top in cue.( I am working on it Steven)

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and hope all your holiday activities are not keeping you too busy.

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