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BlogCatalog Vs BlogRush | Apples Vs Oranges

This is a post in response to comments made on the post Building Blog Traffic with Blogcatalog.


From my experience with Blogrush, it seems that Blogrush does not have a real community behind it. It is described as a Syndication network, but to tell the truth, I am not quite certain how much if any traffic the Blogrush syndication network has sent here. Looking at my stats, the highest referring, site other than Stumbleupon continues to be CourtneyTuttle.com(Thanks Court)…Blogrush has never shown up in the stats.(not that I check my stats all the time)

Two things that the two sites have in common are that they both have a widget, and they both have names that begin with “blog”…that’s it. There is no comparison between Blogrush and Blogcatalog.
Blogcatalog is a social site, Blogrush isn’t.
Blogcatalog is a blog directory…Blogrush isn’t.

Blogrush attempts to send you users by getting you to tweak your headlines so that any readers who happen to see your headline when it appears in the widget on another blog, are encouraged to click your enticing link. The widget must be placed where the blog readers can see it. Blogrush would probably like it above the fold….hmm maybe I should place it right where my feed is.

BlogCatalog, as was mentioned by one of their staff in the previous Blogcatalog post comments, does not require a permanent link back unlike Blogrush. Once you are verified to be the owner of the blog by Blogcatalog, you can take the Blogcatalog link off. I just happen to like the widget that shows the recent visitors avatars.

I hope this post clears up the difference between the two sites. Then again I maybe way off the mark here, so please let me know if you disagree.

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Written by Pixelhead on January 31st, 2008 with 9 comments.
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Top 5 Pixelheadonline Blog Posts for 2007

What exactly is a top post? You could say it is the post with the most comments, the most traffic, or even the one that I as the author liked the best. Hopefully, it is all three.

Top Commented posts of 2007

  1. Do You Use Stumbleupon? with 29 comments
  2. Webkinz and Club Penguin post with 23 comments
  3. Traffic, Who Needs More Traffic 24 comments
  4. Flickr and Photoshop Tips post with 20 comments
  5. Search Engine Traffic For Blogs 20 comments

Interestingly, as I was compiling this list, I noticed that three of 2008′s posts would have been on the list as well due to the number of comments. If that is any indication of the progress that the blog is making, I believe I am going to be very busy with Pixelheadonline in 2008.

Honorable Mention

The post about the Scuba Toys Forum was close to being on this list. There were other posts with more comments, but  after publishing this post, our Google adsense went through the roof. This post actually caused me to think about Digital Diving Camerastarting a Scuba blog for the adsense returns alone. That may still come to fruition in the future, as my bro, who told me about Scubatoys.com is an avid scuba diver and is on me to take it up so I can join him on some of his scuba diving trips. It also sounds like an excuse to get a new diving camera like the one in the amazon affiliate linked pic…hmmm…anyone want to buy me one?
What were your best posts for 2007?

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Written by Pixelhead on January 30th, 2008 with 11 comments.
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1 Million Love Messages 4 Sale

Thanks to Problogger’s latest Twitter posts for getting me onto Twitter this morning, I noticed within my Tweet stream a recent tweet from a friend of mine, Mauro Correia of 1MillionLoveMessages.com, which is a blog that I have supported for ages. If you are not familiar with his blog, Mauro has a goal to post, as the title suggests, 1 Million Love Messages. Visitors to the blog, can send him their Love Message and Mauro will then post it on his blog. He also does some other things to include tweeting a Love quote every day.

Well this morning as I said, I noticed his tweet below:

1MillionLoveMessages 4 Sale

This as it turns out is a bit of brilliant marketing that Mauro is doing. The site is listed on a Sitepoint auction starting at 1 Million Dollars.

Do you Have an Extra Million?

Just in time for Valentines Day, why don’t you buy your sweety a site to show her how much you love her. That would be a grand gesture that she would surely love.

If you can not afford to buy the site, stop by and write a little message to the love of your life…its free, but oh so sweet.

Stop by and check out the post anouncing the auction of 1 Million Love Messages, and let Mauro know Pixelhead sent you.

Oh, and thanks Mauro for being the subject of my 500th Tweet.

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Written by Pixelhead on January 25th, 2008 with 20 comments.
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Problogger on Twitter

Problogger.com Darren Rowse’s latest Twitter posts I received in my email this morning 35 Twitter Tips from 35 Twitter Users, 9 Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers, and How to Use Twitter – Tips for Bloggers(yesterday). Well seeing all these great Twitter posts from Darren, made me realize, I had yet to add him to my Twitter. So I clicked on Darrens link, logged on and added him.

ProBlogger Darren Rowse

Skimming through all three of Darren’s posts, I realize there are a ton of mistakes that I have made while using Twitter. Probably my biggest mistake is not doing it enough. I had been on a regular daily Twitter schedule, but within the last several months, I have found myself tweeting less and less. Darren suggests scheduling several minutes in the morning and at night to tweet.

A few Problogger Suggestions:

Well any way, if you are looking for information about using Twitter to Network, be sure to check out all three of the Problogger posts mentioned above which are sure to be great Twitter resources for both new and experienced Twitter users.

Here are other Twitter Posts on Pixelheadonline and my Twitter profile if you’d care to add me is EmperorAnton.
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Written by Pixelhead on January 25th, 2008 with 8 comments.
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Building Blog Traffic with Blogcatalog

This is the second in a series of Building Traffic with Social Media blog posts. The first post focused on Using Mybloglog to build traffic, and ths one will focus on Blogcatalog , which is another great site for using to promote your blog and for developing networks of blogging friends.

Blogcatalog Screenshot

What is Blogcatalog?

Blogcatalog is essentially a blog directory, however, it is without a doubt, one of the largest and best blog directories that is being actively developed.

What features does Blogcatalog Have?

How do You Join Blogcatalog?

Blogcatalog, is free to join, after which you may add your blogs provided they have a minimum number of posts and I believe must also be at least 6 months old. I might be wrong on this, but I have had at least one blog not accepted, but then when I resubmitted it several months later, the blog was then accepted.

After joining and before having your blog accepted you will need to place some sort of Blogcatalog Badge or widget on your blog. The widgets are very similar to the Mybloglog widget, so you may opt for just putting on a Blogcatalog Badge on your site.

Blog Catalog Premium services

BlogCatalog has some premium services available which include a nice little logo next to your profile saying you are a Blogcatalog supporter. There is also a premium listing method for the Blogcatalog directory, which will enable your blog to be listed ahead of other blogs in a particular category. There are a limited number of premium listings per category, so you may have to purchase a premium listing in an alternate category. The premium listings are also on a month to month basis, however the prices are pretty inexpensive, and many of the categories in addition to being cached in Google, also have some pretty good page rank.

How do I build traffic?

  1. Blogcatalog has a lot of communities available which can allow bloggers to network with similar types of blogs. After logging on, do a group search using your particular keywords. For instance, for my pet blog, I did a search for pets, dogs, and cats; and then I joined several pet related groups.
  2. Don’t see a group to your liking, Start your own, and then go invite others to join it.
  3. Visit other bloggers profiles that you might be able to network with and invite them to join your group.
  4. Leave blog review comments on the blog pages. This will involve actually going to other blogs and checking them out. You may also want to leave a comment on their blog. (Please don’t leave a “nice blog, check mine out comment)
  5. Another way you can get traffic is by participating in the discussions in the particular groups in a meaningful manner. This could be asking relevant comments, or even asking advice of other bloggers. Bloggers love to be asked for advice.
  6. Start new meaningful threads on groups. Don’t be afraid to start some controversial threads either. But please be nice.

How Else Can You Build Traffic With Blogcatalog?

I am not an authority on Blogcatalog, but this post covers the basics on using it for networking. If any other readers have any other methods for networking with Blogcatalog that I have not covered, please feel free to either leave a comment with your advice or leave a url to any Blogcatalog resource posts that may be helpful.

I am EmperorAnton on Blogcatalog if you’s like to add me.

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Written by Pixelhead on January 23rd, 2008 with 29 comments.
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The Library of Congress and Flickr

The Library of Congress is doing a pilot program with Flickr, which is called The Commons, and involves having Flickr users go through Photo from LOCover 3000 photos from the Library of and tag and make comments. The photos have a unique copyright called “no known copyright restrictions.”

Got some time? Go check out the Library photos, and add some tags,notes, and comments.

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Written by Pixelhead on January 22nd, 2008 with 11 comments.
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