February 2008

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Logo Contest

I am considering doing a Logo Contest on Pixelheadonline, but I want to know if there is an interest from the readers in such a contest. I am in the brain storming stages at the current moment, so any feedback would be appreciated.

What I have thus far.

Well thats it so far. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I would also like to submit the first entry for a friend of mine, Roman, who is a Polish designer. Roman made the Logo for Earth-in-Hand Landscape seen below.
Earthinhand logo


How should I run the Logo Contest? Do you want to sponsor it? Do you Have an entry?

Written by Pixelhead on February 29th, 2008 with 27 comments.
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Does the Mybloglog Update remind you of Facebook?

I was just on Mybloglog, and the page layout has changed. According to the Mybloglog Blog, they revamped the page to make room for the Whats New With You? section. Pixelhead Mybloglog Screenshot

This change reminds me of Facebook were all your peeps friends can see what you have been up to. From what I can tell you can set the What’s New With You? section so that it shows either your updates to include blog (more…)

Written by Pixelhead on February 29th, 2008 with 10 comments.
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Are American Idol Contestants Getting Better?

To start, let me say I am not an American Idol fan, because I have watched less than a half dozen entire shows. The extent my knowledge of the current American Idol season, comes from the morning news on the Philly Fox channel.

My mother in law, who does not watch American Idol either, made a statement that inspired this post. She said, from just seeing small little clips that we see on the news, it seems that the contestants are getting much better.

Our opinions of the show are that at the beginning of first few seasons, the show had some really awful contestants, but now in its 7th season we believe, the contestants seem a whole lot better. I think if you put the current contestants up against the first seasons contestants, the new ones would blow the old ones away.

Why are the American Idol Contestants getting better?


Written by Pixelhead on February 28th, 2008 with 26 comments.
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Hublove Contest at Hubpages.com

As you can see in the side bar, Hubpages is having a contest with a prize worth over $5000 thanks to Mashable who is the major sponsor of the contest.

HubPages Badge

The winner of the contest, who happens to be the Hubber with the most points, will get a bunch of stuff that totals more than $5000.


Written by Pixelhead on February 24th, 2008 with 17 comments.
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Eye-Fi Media Card Review

I just watched this Eye-Fi Media card review video of the new eye-fi media card. It looks pretty cool. Take a look and see what you think. I still have not updated so I can’t post videos, so (more…)

Written by Pixelhead on February 20th, 2008 with 8 comments.
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Top Commentators for Mid February 2008

Top Three Commentators


Written by Pixelhead on February 19th, 2008 with 12 comments.
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