March 2008

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Logo Contest Winner

First, thanks to the Three Logo Contest Entries that entered the Logo contest, and thanks to everyone who voted.

The point tally as I counted reads 20pts for the Baldydog Logo by The Work at Home community Blog, 10pts for Thegrubhound Logo from Megan of BizDevMarketing, and 9pts for the DebBixler Logo from DebBixler herself.

Some people only voted for the best Logo, in which case I only gave one point for such votes.

I wish I had three Ipods to give away, because all three of the entries were so great.

Also thanks to the sponsors:

  1. Kim over at Learning SEO Basics who contributed a 1 month Banner add.
  2. Joe from who contributed 2hrs of tech support.
  3. And AlexShalman whom I won the Ipod Shuffle.

I will be emailing all three of the contestants today. If any of you see this before I you see the email, please leave a comment with your contact info.

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Will You Put Your Lights Out?

Here is another little environmental post for March08 that just can’t wait. I was sent a message via Stumbleupon this morning, which directed me to 2 Days to Lights Out America/Earth Hour…March 29th and I learned about Earth Hour, an event which was started by World Wildlife Fund.

EarthHour Banner


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The Age Of Conversation Bum Rush (For A Very Good Cause)

John from Freelance Folder sent a shout on Digg my way and then I added FreshPeel on Twitter this morning, who then asked me to pass the info on about the book sale to as many people as I could. So I not only Dugg, Stumbled,Tweeted, and commented, but I am also posting a little post about the sale of the “The Age Of Conversation Bum Rush”. According to John’s Digg submission,

We are launching The Age of Conversation up the Amazon charts. The book “brings together over 100 of the world’s leading marketers, writers, thinkers and creative innovators in a ground-breaking and unusual publication.” All of the proceeds generated from book sales and referrals will be donated to Variety, The Children’s Charity.

Initially, I had heard about the book when Valeria Maltoni the Conversation Agent was talking about it with Joe our Tech Support from at the BlogPhiladelphia Unconference.  It sounds like a really great book that I will have to get ASAP.

read more | digg story

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Logo Contest Voting

Today is the last day to vote on the three Logos for the Logo Contest, so make sure you visit this Logo Contest Post to comment your vote.

It’s looking like the BaldyDog Logo is going to be the favorite.

Please also be sure to visit the sponsors of the Logo Contest:

  1. Get your SEO Basics from Kim(aka spostareduro)
  2. Get 2 hours of Tech Support from Joe at
  3. And indirectly, my friend Alex Shalman, whom I won the Ipod Shuffle from has some great Personal Development tips every week.


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Why Do I Blog

Yesterday I came across Darren’s Group Video Project- ‘Why I Blog’. I have participated in group writing projects before, but never a group Video project.

What Do You Have to Do?

Make a video about Why you blog, and put a link to the video in the comments of Darren’s post. He will then make a post that combines all the videos into one. Deadline is April 1st(no its not a joke)

Why do I blog?

I started blogging quite a while ago(must be well over 3 years now) with a blog about creating an Internet Portal. I may have had a blog on another platform before that, but at any rate I have lost track of it so the Network of Sites will remain my oldest blog.

So it would seem I started blogging as a business venture, the portal site was going to document the development of the portal. Posting on the Network of sites blog has been sporadic over its lifetime, even at the very beginning.

I soon switched to WordPress, where I started and experimental blog, My Rectal Thermometer Blog. I know strange name. I think the basis for this was the joke about the guy who has the job as quality control at Johnson and Johnson’s rectal thermometer department…yup. that would make your job look great…lol

What Reasons do I have for Blogging?

Well this is a short post, hopefully the video will cover a bit more.

This is the third video that was recorded for this post. The first had no sound because I was a duffous and forgot to change the sound to my video cams microphone…duh. The second was way too monotone. Hopefully this one will do.

How about you? Why do you blog?

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Logo Design Contest

The deadline for submitting a logo to enter into the Logo Contest has passed. I had thought about extending the deadline due to the limited number of entries(3) . I had said I wanted a minimum number of entries in the initial Logo Contest post, but I did not state that I needed a minimum in the actual Logo Contest post. So Three entries, 1/10th of my goal is what we got. Oh well. Three is better than none.

Deb Bixler, who created the awesome DebBixler Logo is also the first person to cast her vote. Logo

Megan of BizDevMarketing created TheGrubhound Logo.

TheGrubhound Logo

The WorkatHomeCommunity Blog made a Logo for Logo

So these are the entries, unless someone comments to let me know that I have missed an entry.

What is your vote?

The final decision will be made on Friday, so make your votes here. I’ll give 3pts for your 1, 2pts for 2nd, and 1pt for third.

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