April 2008

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Upcoming Blog Posts and Stuff

April has been a pretty emotional month with the passing of Pop and the purchase of our new house. I actually have a few things I have been mulling over concerning Pixelheadonline , and will hopefully be addressing them in May which include:

Upcoming posts include but are not limited to:

Well that is just a few of the upcoming posts that should be heading your way. If you have any suggestions for upcoming posts, or would like to guest post, please let me know.

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Think Globally

This was originally posted on Not For Slaves in the post Why Professionals Need to Compete Globally. The slideshow offers up some statistics that really make you think.

Be sure to visit the original post on NotForslaves because the rest of the post is equally thought provoking.

What do you think?


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ZigiMe – New Comer to Social Networking Arena.

Hybrid Nova Inc, announces that its flagship networking site, Zigime.com, has completed it’s beta phase and is now live. Zigime.com is the hot new division of Hybrid Nova that is the ultimate place for social networking. Zigime.com is the premier destination on the internet for the business community. The site offers a unique combination of business networking and social networking through a variety of platforms such as industry communications, business branding, employment opportunities, social events, business advertising/service bartering, and even the capability to manage small to medium size businesses from the site.

Zigime.com has already had success in its first few weeks. Our investors are pleased with the site and over-all functionality. Users are discovering that the possibilities are endless for increasing business and visibility for all who visit and use the site to its full potential. From a business standpoint, communication and collaboration are maximized to a level not possible in the past, and from a social standpoint, users are able to be informed about key events/functions taking place within their community or business segment.

The portfolio of products Zigime.com has to offer is the best business and social combination on the market. CEO Arnie Foxx stated: “We are picking up where MySpace.com and a few other Social Networking companies have left off.” Through the site’s proprietary software, Zigime.com provides a secure environment for social and business networking offering password-protected areas of the site while still having full functionally of all sections. Zigime.com is the ultimate place for business and social networking with real results.

About Hybrid Nova:
Hybrid Nova is a company that specializes in providing social networking, business networking, entertainment, and services in a concerted effort to capitalize on the huge growth this industry has, and continues to experience. We provide many excellent affordable and free services that are presented in an exciting environment for young professionals of all ages. On the forefront, it is Hybrid Nova’s dedication to the rapidly growing industry of online business networking that will propel us into a premier position as an industry leader. Whether it’s branding your business, seeking a new job or new employer, bartering services goods, organizing your office with the latest technology available, r simply making new friends and business contacts on the international level, Hybrid Nova has all the tools and user friendly functionally necessary for the needs of almost any business or individual.

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Hey George, Stumble and Plant a Tree

Do you use Stumbleupon? I am sure GW, who doesn’t believe in global warming, doesn’t. If you believe in Global warming and want to plant a tree, visit Stumbleupon’s Thumbs Up For Trees page and give it a thumbs up. For each thumbs up the page receives a tree will be planted by Stumbleupon and its sponsors, Friends of The Forest, and The National Forest Foundation which has a not for profit eBay store.

Be sure to visit the page and give it a thumbs up prior to May 2nd. If you don’t have a Stumbleupon account it is free and easy to join. In addition to helping to plant some trees, you will be able to become part of the best Social Network on the web.

What is Stumbleupon?

Stumbleupon is a site that web surfers submit sites to that they find interesting. Find a site, review it, and others will do the same. Go to the Thumbs Up For Trees page to find out more about Stumbleupon and the Thumbs Up For Trees Program.

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Mid April Top Commentators Post

  • Top Three Commentators



    The rest of our splendid commentators.

  • (more…)

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    April 2008 Environmental Links

    From Digg:

    From Hugg:

    From MindBodygreen.com:

    Thats it for this months environmental links. If you find a story or resource that should be included in next month’s or future months posts, please let me know.

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    Written by Pixelhead on April 15th, 2008 with 14 comments.
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