May 2008

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Save Some Trees for the Squirrels

After yesterdays World Ocean Day post, I was back on the blog and found this great Treeless Squirrel video post.

Treeless Squirrel says, “Plant trees, please.”


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The mission of is to reduce the amount of paper that is wasted on junk mail, thereby saving trees. When you sign up for their services, a third of the 41 dollars goes to charities that you select. Several of the charities, actually will plant a tree for you if they are selected to receive the donation.

Why not sign up for their services?

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Make June 8th "World Ocean Day"

I was just doing a little environmental blogging for the upcoming June Environmental News post and I came across this blog article about World Ocean Day, which is trying to become established as being on June 8th. Check out the Celebrate World Ocean Day on June 8th! post, and sign the petition to HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR OUR OCEAN PLANET!

Oh, by the way, is a great site that can help you to stop all that pesky junk mail you get with your snail mail, which is both annoying and bad for the environment.

Will you celebrate World Ocean Day?

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Top Commentators Mid May 2008

Its been a while since I posted anything. I had actually meant to get this post out a little sooner, but I got distracted with life…got to hate when life gets in the way. Sorry.

For some odd reason, which I am not exactly sure, there are only 7 on the list where there should be 10. I must have edited the list around the 15th, but failed to add three more. The other three must have been commentators that don’t have blogs.

Top Commentators

Hopefully other posts will be forthcoming on a more timely manner.

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Environmental News for May 2008

I just got a Greenpeace newsletter that told me about a whaling scandal that could prove to be good news for the campaign to stop whaling. According to the Greenpeace article Stolen whale meat scandal rocks Japan, whale meat was being hidden in crew quarters and shipped back home as “cardboard” or “Salted Food Stuffs”, and then sold on the black market. Check out the Greenpeace articles for details and to add your letter to the Japanese Government. 

A cool idea.  eBooks – Another Way to go Green!  I never thought of ebooks as being a green product, but if you read an ebook instead of a real book, it does reduce paper usage.

Did you help Stumbleupon to plant some trees? 

As part of the Stumbleupon program I made the post Hey George, Stumble and Plant a Tree about it and I also joined Friends of The Forest which is one of the program partners.


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Comments for Everyone, Links for Blogs!

I have been getting a ton of comments of late, and have a Commenting policy of only giving links to sites that have blogs. If the comment is really good, and the site does not have a blog, occasionally, I have been known to remove the link and place it at then end of the comment. If you don’t have a link to your comment signature, when I visit your site, and I will, in order to get a link from Pixelheadonline, you need to have a blog associated with your site, and linked to from the front page. So I generally look for the word “blog” or “weblog” on the front page.

Using blogs for SEO purposes is something that I am not entirely against, but I don’t want to encourage sites without blogs to come and add a little sentence and expect to receive a link to their site with a keyword rich link. If a site owner that does not have a blog, is visiting this blog or another blog, then she or he probably understands the importance of link building, but does not understand what a blog can do for their site. I believe that every site out there should have a blog.

Do you Have a Blog?


Written by Pixelhead on May 13th, 2008 with 33 comments.
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April 2008 Top Commentators

It was a really slow month on Pixelheadonline. Due to family obligations I had very few posts for which others to comment upon. Hopefully next month will prove to be more productive.

Top Commentators

The other 7 top commentators


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