June 2008

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Flickr 365 Days

A little over a week ago, I started participating in the 365 Days Flickr group, which is a group where you take a picture of yourself everyday for a year, and post it to the group. The picture has to be one that you take yourself, and it must contain at least some part of your body. One lady who made a comment on my very first pic, who is also in the group, also started doing head shots of herself, and is keeping those in a separate set of pics. You can only submit one pic per day, so make sure it is a good one. Oh, and porn is not acceptable.

Me with Pond WaterA Headshot 6/21/2008Jumping Into PoolChecking out the ClematisCoffee and Bible

JowlingDressed for WorkOperation TimothyPutting up a Ceiling FanEating Gnocchi


I think the idea of taking pictures of yourself over a year, is a pretty cool idea. It will allow you to take pictures of yourself, and after a year, you can look back and see how you have changed over the year. It will also be a good record of some of the things that you have done over that year.

I think it would be a great idea if some of the people that visit this blog, would do this as well. But hey, not everybody minds having their picture taken and posted online.

Well how about this, if you don’t want to take part in the 365 days group, how about posting a single picture of yourself here, as I think it would be pretty cool to place a face with the comments. If this is something you are not opposed to, please use img tags and post a pic in a comment below. <img src=”url”> is the code to use if you are willing to post.

If you join the Flickr group, let me know as well.

So what about you, do you mind having your picture taken and posted on-line?

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The Story of Stuff

Paul from Newhomessection.com just sent me a link to The Story of Stuff. If you go to the site, you can see a 20 minute video about the life cycle of stuff. The video below is just 1 little video that is several minutes long. I would suggest going to the site to view it in its entirety.

Be sure to stop in and read the Story Of Stuff Blog as well.

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Mid June Top Commentators

Top Three Commentators



The rest of our top ten commentators.


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Plurk Update

Here is my week one Plurk update, which includes stuff I have learned since using Plurk for about a week now. Read Lifecasting On Plurk, my first Plurk post.

Search for Plurk and Twitter Users with Google

Here is a little Google Search Engine that I customized to search both Twitter and Plurk users. I wanted to be able to find users that were near me, so I decided to try this out. Check it out and let me know what you think. Too bad I couldn’t hook up my Google Adsense code to this.

Checking Plurk Updates


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Firefox Download Day

Firefox is trying to break the world record for the most software downloaded in a 24 hr period.

Download Day

So if you are like me and you are using an older version of Firefox, tomorrow, June 17th, help Firefox to set a new world record and download the latest FREE version of Firefox.

What features does the new Firefox have?

What, you are still using Internet Explorer?

Alright all you Firefox users, stop your laughing, that’s not polite. For all you still using IE, I implore you to make the switch, not to help me out in any way, but to help yourself. I like you, was once an IE browser user, but after having IE block the Google tool bar a few years ago, I made the switch for professional reasons.  This, I will have you know was my second time attempting to use the Firefox. What can I say, old habits die hard, but as they say, if you do something for something like twenty days it becomes a habit. So my suggestion to you, give Firefox a try for a month, and you too will become a fan of this browser, which can be customized to your needs. Click either image to be able to download Firefox 3.

Firefox 3


According to TechCrunch, the Firefox 3 Hype Worked, because 8.3 million downloads were recorded in the first 24hrs, beating their goal by 5 million.  Congratulations go out to the Firefox marketing team.

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Environment Links and News for June 2008

Stumbled upon Freegan.info. These guys seem very hardcore. Our current and future environmental crisis will with out a doubt take some hardcore efforts on all of our parts.

Bizarre but True Facts about the Earth from Boomj.com.

Nicole has a post that offers Tips to Save Gas.

Below is a Cool time lapse video that shows how a Wind Turbine is Constructed.



I came across a Washington post article that gives some resources for stopping junk mail from showing up in your snail mail. One of the resources from the article was 41pounds.org, which is an organization that will stop your junk mail for 5 years for a one time fee of $41. A third of the fee is given back to charitable organizations that can be picked out when making the donation.  41pounds also has a blog, from where I learned about the effort to make June 8 World Ocean Day. Sounds like a great idea to me.

From there, I went and signed the petition Help Make a Difference Ocean Planet. I also made a post about the World Ocean Day event as June 8th will have passed when this post is published.


SEQL.org post 100 Ways to Save the Environment.

Here is an interesting article. Want to Help the Environment? Eat Insects. This could very well be the wave of the future, even if we don’t eat insects as our main course, we could still synthesize a lot of stuff from them such as protein. Hmm I wonder what a “Spicy Mexican Grasshopper” tastes like?

Dumblittleman has 10 Super Creative Uses for Everyday Things That You Already Have. Instead of buying new things, using what you have is a good way to be environmentally conscious.

Via a Digg shout,  I learned about GE’s press realease about Co2 being a POSSIBLE Factor for climate Change. Check out the site Coal-is-Dirty.com to learn all about the environmental impact of the coal industry.

Via Spostareduro’s Plurk timeline( she invited and I joined Plurk and plurked her comment as well- will be examining Plurk a bit latter) about a petition to support the Climate Security Act.

From TreeHugger.com, Turbo Prop Airplanes are making a comeback, since they use only 65% of the fuel of traditional aircraft.

LifeHackery gives us  12 tips for reusing wooden pallets.

From Stumbleupon- DWP drops 400,000 balls onto Ivanhoe Reservoir to protect the reservoir from sunlight. The total number of the black plastic balls is to reach 3 million. So what is to happen to the plastic balls when the plastic begins to degrade?

From my blog comments, I found out about Mileagemaker.com which is a site that sells hydrogen generators for your cars or trucks which can help to increase your gas mileage. Sounds like a product that is very timely. Check out the Hydrogen Fuel Cell video, which describes the technology.

A Co-Op America email alert notified me  to sign a petition to which encourages our representatives to  Support the Coal Plant Moratorium, which is a bill that slows down the building of Coal power plants.

Via Digg, I came across a video link that encourages people to sign another petition which again seeks to increase the speed of Electric Vehicles from 25mph to 45 mph. I think I signed this petition last month. hmm. But at any rate, this time I came across one of the sites that is sponsoring the petition, Environmentalmotors.com, which is a nice looking site, but really needs some SEO work. I guess they have not heard of title tags…hmm…might have to give them some free SEO advice. If you didn’t sign the petition last month, stop in and sign it this month. Thanks.


If you have any environmentally related links to share for next months environment review post, please leave a comment, or send me a message via one of the Social Networks.

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