October 2008

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Random Thoughts

This is a post of random thoughts, inspired by Wayne’s 11 Random Thoughts post. Some of these were questions that we had while watching tv or just driving down the road.

Jowling Face

  1. What play was Lincoln watching when he was shot? Answer: Our American Cousin
  2. Where do deer sleep? In beds of vegetation, they will lay even when being approached by a predator, and will only bolt at the very last moment.
  3. John Malkovich(Lizzie’s favorite actor) married to the same person since 1989 and has two kids. Was married once before for six years. Matriculated in Illinois. First film was in Robert Altman’s A Wedding in 1978 as an extra.
  4. What would have happened when the prodigal son came back and and asked his pop for more stuff, and had not learned his lesson?
  5. The top two Halloween costumes this year so far are Iron Man and fire man.
  6. Hindsight is always better than foresight…got to back up that computer before its too late.

Here are some random thoughts from a Plurk thread.

  1. Dir why do a few users seem to always have the problems?
  2. Glyphrunner Why is most of our lives based on “square” items?
  3. Glyphrunner Much of humanity is based on linear construction, rather than smooth/gentle arcs. (thinking)
  4. classicalgeek says how long is it going to take me to learn enough php to fix my website template?

Got any random thoughts?

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SEO Tip Video #8 – Optimizing Your Pictures

As promised in the last SEO Tip Video, here is the SEO Tip for optimizing your pics. If you are just into hosting your pics and don’t care about traffic, then this does not pertain to you. I have actually gotten a lot of traffic due to certain photos, so tweaking your pics could generate some decent traffic.

SEO Tip Video Summary


Using Flickr

I was just reading a post by Wayne, Using HTML to define an image, which kind of parallels this post. If you have no idea what an alt tag or title tag is or what the code looks like for them, check out Wayne’s post.

Alt Tags and Title Tags

The primary purpose for Alt tags is that when a visitor drags their cursor over the photo, the text that you put into the alt tag will appear in a little box while the visitors cursor hovers over the photo. It also allows those who are visually impaired to know that their is a photo of some widget or another on the page..that’s why you want your alt tags to be accurate.

Title tags give a title to the picture that is only important to the search engines. Do your visitors really care what title a picture has? No not at all.

Me with Pond WaterTo see the title and alt tag of the picture to the left hover over it with your mouse first to see the alt tag, right click on the picture, and scroll down to properties to see all the information for the photo that I have given including both alt tag and title tag as well as a bit of other info. And no, I didn’t optimize this photo with good keywords, just me with a glass of pond water.


Adding photos that use these tags, will give your pages a bit more information for the search engines, and adding pictures in general will help to liven up your pages.


Do you use these types of tags for your photos for SEO purposes?


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A Quick Way to Build Backlinks and Get Higher Search Engine Rankings

Have you been trying to increase traffic to your site? Maybe you have considered hiring a SEO specialist to help you out. I’m going to save you a lot of money and effort by telling you about Blog Carnivals. Blog Carnivals are the experts best kept secret. Not many people use it and It’s not surprising that their web sites get lots of traffic and customers. At the end of this post you will also find a special gift to all readers of this blog that will help you build backlinks and increase traffic to your websites.

Blog Carnivals are free for anyone to use. Just visit blog carnival’s website and you can start using them right now. They help you build backlinks to your online business from other similar web sites. Not only will you get a lot of additional traffic, you will also get a lot of targeted traffic. Best of all it’s free.

To take advantage of blog carnivals there is only one condition. You need to have free posts on your site. Informative articles or how to posts work. If you have a blog on your site with posts that also works. If you don’t, then you might want to consider writing free articles. Search engines love fee articles and they will send you a lot of free traffic. You can link to your products or other parts of your website from the bottom of those articles or posts.


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Ways to Get Your Website Indexed Fast – FREE Links with Possible High PR!

Websites with high page rank get spidered extremely often. If you can manage to get a link on one of these sites the probability of a search engine spider following it and indexing your site grows exponentially. There are some tips and white hat tricks to getting links from these sites very easily and below are listed 20 ideas that any webmaster can do. The list is compliments of Deindexed, a very new blog about seo and web design. I will be adding many tips and sharing all that I can type on the new site, as well as a forums to the site as soon as Madonna packs her things and leaves my house, she is way too rowdy. Guy Ritchie can keep her.

20 ways to leave a link to your site on high page ranked sites. Its my own experience that your site will be found faster through your links on these high page ranked sites naturally. Since the homepage of these sites carry such high PR rank you also may have some PR leak thru to your own site gaining some ranking points for your new or old site. Tip: when signing up try and use an anchor text keyword for your username.

Current Page Rank 8 Sites:

1. Anyone can create a profile on espn.go.com/ and post a link to your website on your “comment wall”. Page Rank 8 on homepage.

2. Comment on any relevant stories and confirm your email address at http://22.tmz.com. Page Rank 8 site.

3. Participate in the forums at the USAToday.com site. You can post links to your website as long as they are somewhat relevant to the discussion. USAToday.com offers blogs. Create a blog on their site and always include a hyperlink to your websites in your blog posts. Page Rank 8.

4. Join the Message Board Discussions at abcnews.go.com. Their site offers a WYSIWYG editor for posts. In the posts you can hyperlink your username to your website. Page Rank 8.

5. Go and join Google Earth’s community, the forums, and place your link in your signature. Page Rank 8.

Current Page Rank 7 Sites:

6. Leave comments on the blogs at http://www.dooce.com/ and hyperlink your name to your website. Page rank 7

7. Add comments on the blogs at time-blog.com and include a link to your web-site. Page Rank 7

8. Create a profile on http://blogs.msdn.com and set-up your signature so it links back to your own site. Page Rank 7

9. Set up an account at Airamerica.com, yes it still exists, and post comments on the blogs. After you sign the
comment, hyperlink your website to your name. Page Rank 7

10. Post comments on the articles at www.tvsquad.com, you can include a link to your website in your actual comment. requires registration. Page Rank 7

11. Place comments on the articles on http://www.thatsfit.com/ and include a link back to your website in the comment. Register first. Page Rank 7

12. Create a user profile at http://www.newsvine.com and include links to your website. Use good anchor text. Page Rank 7

13. Create a profile on http://www.ojr.org and include a link to your website. You can also comment on the news stories. When your comment is posted, your name will be hyperlinked back to your website. Page Rank 7

14. Create a new blog at http://www.fannation.com/ and include links to your websites. Page Rank 7

15. Create a new profile at www.poynter.org – post a link to your website. Page Rank 7

16. Create a profile at iVillage.com, post something on the message boards. Sign your posts with your name and hyperlink your website to your name. Page Rank 7

Current Page Rank 6 Sites:

17. Register on http://www.absolutepunk.net/ and after you create a profile include a link to your websites in the profile. Page Rank 6

18. Post comments after the news stories published on http://www.longwarjournal.org/ Page Rank 6

19. Users can become guest journalists. Submit stories to HappyNews.com Page Rank 6 they have a tip jar you can set up, very good exposure for your writing.

20. Set up a profile on http://community.active.com and include a backlink to your web sites homepage. Page Rank 6

I also offer free links at one of my directories, Free Links at Search Delivery, current page rank 2 on the home page.

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Poverty Bites

Poverty is something which I really don’t know a thing about. I have the priviledge of living in a country that has one of the highest standards of living of any country. At periods in my life, I had very little money, but I still had the resources of those around me which enabled me to maintain a somewhat comfortable lifestyle.

In spite of living in one of the richest nations on Earth, as the post “Mommy are we Poverty?” illustrates, poverty still exists here in the USA.

Below is a little video I made for the Blog Action Day post.

How can you help fight poverty?

Well these are just a few suggestions for fighting poverty. As many other people believe, I also believe that poverty is something that we can prevent. With all the knowledge and wealth in this world, people do not need to die of hunger. Everyone deserves to live in a clean, safe environment that allows them to flourish.

So what about you, what do you do to fight poverty?



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SEO Tip: Video Optimization

I recorded the Video Optimization video last Friday before I headed out for a weekend of festivities with my bro, cousin, and son. I was planning on putting this SEO tip video up on Friday, but technical difficulties prevented me from getting it up.  I got most of this tip from Li of Searchmarketinggurus.com at podcampphilly.

Video Review Points:


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