December 2008

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Goals for 2009

Last year, our 2008 Goals were pretty relaxed. Mind you we still progressed on our long term goals, which were written down the previous year.

What are my Goals for 2009?

What are my Goals for 2009?

I believe they were something like buy a second house, and pay down our debt, and work towards buying a beach house. We did make progress towards buying that beach house by working on the other two…but we still are quite a few years away from that goal.
However this year, I am going to make a promise to come up with some goals, and to revisit them at least four times throughout the year.
I am not going to write the complete goals here, but they will be something like this:

  1. Attend church regularly and read the Bible on a daily basis.
  2. Pray daily.
  3. Increase our tithing to well over 15%.
  4. Double our business income.
  5. Develop and implement our SEO training program with new Baldydog staff.
  6. Rebuild using WordPress as the CMS.
  7. Write at least 1 blog per week here on Pixelheadonline.
  8. Physical exercise 3-4 times per week.
  9. 1 outing per month with my kids individually.
  10. Take at least quarterly vacations with my wife.

These are some short term and long term goals mixed together.  Lizzie and I will be finalizing our goals, both business and personal, on our upcoming ski trip to Park City Utah.

Well this will be my last blog post for 2008, I hope everyone has a safe and groovy New Years.

Do you have goals for 2009?

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Need a Job? Start a blog!

Liz Strauss post A 5-Step Plan for Work in a Time of No Jobs and 25 Services that Could Be Sold Separately inspired me to create this post. The video is a bit long winded, so I’ll try and summarize the points I was trying to make. Oh, I came to Liz’s post via Joe’s post This Weeks Helpful Reads… Week 139.

Summary Notes

In this economy, jobs are really hard to come by. Even the low paying jobs like dish washers are competitive. I am suggesting that that anyone who is in the job market, should start a blog to help get a job.  Posts on your blog could include:


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WordPress Update and Merry Christmas

Last week I updated WordPress. In so doing the settings were changed and the link structure setting was changed to custom, where previously it was set to the date-name structure, so anytime a visitor or myself tried to visit a post, the result was a page not found.  After being frustrated by the host support, I decided to do a little tooling around this morning in the updated WP back office, and I realized the link structure setting was different. One click and voila it was fixed.

I also noticed prior to this incident that when I tried to get to the blog, occasionally I would be redirected to the home page…I believe Paul of Newhomesection sent me an email telling me had similar results. And thanks to the  Marbella Spain Real Estate site blogger who notified me as well. My webhost said that there was a redirect in the HT access file. Got to hate when that happens.

Hmm..still seems to be redirecting to the homepage..I deactivated the “comment relish” pluggin which is a pluggin that sends a thankyou email to first time commentors…that may have done the trick.

Well at any rate, I had a little vacation from the blog and am now back in full swing. Until my current host has the one click update to WordPress 2.7, I should be groovy.

Since the holidays are fast approaching, this will also serve to be my Merry Christmas

Ice on our trees out front..nice post. I have been posting pictures for the 2008 Christmas Season on Flickr, if you wish to check out my pics, just click on the ice picture to the right. Until my next next post, I wish everyone a blessed holiday if you are celebrating it. Be safe, ttyl.

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Delicious for Link Building?

The last post in this series on Social Bookmarks was Social Bookmarking with Delicious, where in I introduced the series and highlighted the post with a video about Delicious, which you should watch if you have not done so. This long over due  social bookmarking video goes over my opinion about Delicious and suggests a few other social bookmarking sites that would be better used for the general purpose of link building.

Is Delicious Good for Link Building?

My advice, don’t use Delicious as a means of getting direct one way links since all Delicious links are currently no-follow. However, if you concentrate on creating a site that is truly helpful or entertaining, then visitors will gladly bookmark your website in Delicious as well as any of the other bookmarking sites that your visitors use.  If you get a ton of Delicious bookmarks within a short period, your page will go to the home page, which will result in more people visiting your site. The thing that is important about Delicious, is that it is a bookmarking site, which means if they do bookmark you, they are doing so because they intend on revisiting.

Link Building with Social Bookmarking

Using Social bookmarking sites for link building is and can be done very easily. There are services such as those offered by WLmarketing that will create profiles on numerous social bookmarking sites. There are also services, such as Social Submitter, that allow you to easily post a link to many bookmarking sites at once. I myself have only tried one of the mass submission services one time, and did receive questionable results. Many of the links that are built with these tools have little if any link juice. When submitted like this, unless you take the time to develop your profile on each of these sites, the traffic return will be minimal if any.

A Few Other Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarks are just another source of potential links. As Wayne said in his post about Social Submitter,  use common sense when using social bookmarks. When link building in general, remember to use variety, so over doing it with the bookmarks could potentially hurt you.

Your Bookmarks

What bookmarks do you use?

Digg! Stumble it!

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Neil Young’s Electric Car and Other Electric Vehicles

Electric Car News

Have you heard about Neil Young’s Electric Car? I just read the blog post on The Huffington Post blog about the making of Neil’s electric car.  How cool would that have been to here Neil creating some new songs or playing something from his Harvest album while you were working on his car. Neil also has some advice about saving the the automobile industry. Check out these posts as well as any of  Neil’s other Huffington Post articles.

While we are on the subject of the auto industry bailout, check out the post Auto Bailout-Green Economy Opportunity.

How about this video about a skateboard car…coolness…hydrogen cell no gas needed.

More Science Videos at


A $19,000 electric car similar to the smart car is to be released in the US in 2009. This electric car is only to be a low speed vehicle(LSV) so nothing for those of you with a lead foot. Links in this article then lead me to several other electric car articles:


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November 2008 Top Commentators

For the top three commentators, I gave a few extra bonuses. I not only Stumbled and Dugg your highlighted posts, but I bookmarked them on Solinkable, Mixx and delicious as well.

And the rest of our top commentators:


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