January 2009

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SEO Training Update

I am on vacation in Park City Utah this week, but will be posting again next week. The below video was created the Friday before I left, but did not get uploaded until the other day due to technical difficulties and a poor Internet connection.

For now, if you are following the SEO Training series, I would suggest creating a Google analytics account, and installing the tracking code on all pages of your site, or at least your home page and any landing pages you wish to track.

Good luck and check out the previous post in this SEO Training series.

Written by Pixelhead on January 29th, 2009 with 16 comments.
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SEO Training – SEO Site Assessment

The first thing we do prior to starting an SEO campaign is take a look at the site to be optimized and evaluate a few things. Below is the basic SEO site assessment that I did for Mybarebags.com. I encourage you to do a report like this for the site that you would like to optimize prior to beginning your optimization campaign.

Mybarebags Logo

SEO Site Assessment

Site: mybarebags.com

Industry: environmental/reusable cloth bags

Site Age: 6 mos


Written by Pixelhead on January 20th, 2009 with 41 comments.
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Introducing the SEO Training Series Video

This video introduces a series of posts that will be part of our SEO Training program. If you would like to be part of the series, please sign up to receive updates by either RSS or email.

Pixelheadonline Feed

After signing up for the feed, please send me a message via our contact form indicating that you want to be put on the SEO Training Mailing List.

For this series, I am going to use the site which was featured in the Canvas Shopping Bags post, MyBareBags.com, as the site that I will be doing a 1 month SEO campaign. This will include at least a  month of SEO services, free to Mybarebags.com, as I will be posting all the steps involved here.

SEO post featuring Mybarebags.com will include but are not limited too:

When you sign up to be on the SEO Training mailing list, you will receive not only updates, but you will get materials that I am not publishing here. You will also be able to ask me SEO questions via email during the period of time I am running this SEO Training special.

Need SEO Intern?

Some time ago I had put out a request for interns, and I had numerous people who were interested, but only one was seriously intent upon being involved with the internship. Dunstan Barrett, who is the webmaster over at Free Ipods Ect, will be participating in the program, by doing the SEO steps on one of his sites. Dunstan is an 18 year old entrepreneur  from South East England. Thanks Dunstan, I look forward to working with on this project.

Need SEO Training?

What about you, do you need some SEO Training?  If you have a site you want to have optimized, why not participate in the program. Are you interested in getting into the SEO business, or in getting an SEO position as a company that has an online presence that is lacking? Sign up.

If you are the former, that is someone who wants to be employed as an SEO or wants to make a living as a Freelance SEO, I suggest that you do as I did with Mybarebags.com, and find a local business or non-profit organization and ask them if they would mind being your SEO case study.

How about you? Do you need any SEO Training?

Written by Pixelhead on January 15th, 2009 with 45 comments.
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Win a Membership to OnlineProfits.com

I was just over at Pearl’s site reading the post Online Profits Course is half-off just this week.

To be honest, this is the first time I had heard of the Online Profits Program, but from Pearl’s post, it seems like a great program that has some really big names in the marketing realm behind the program. Names such as Michael Gray,  Neil Patel,  Yaro Starak,  Hamlet Batista,  Tamar Weinberg, Daniel Scocco,  Zac Johnson,  Courtney Tuttle,  Nathan Rice and Skellie Wag.

OnlineProfits Logo

What Can You Learn from the Online Profits Program?

The program appears to be set up into 21 modules, which will include but are not limited to Intro and Basic Business Principles,selecting domain names,setting up your website, working with WordPress, web design,linkbaiting, SEO basics, traffic generation,  email marketing and lots more.

What Else Can You Get?

Join Now and Save

Currently they are running a special where you can join for $48 per month for 6 months. They also are only accepting so many participants, and the membership will be closed after January 16th. However, in 6 months, they will be again taking membership, but at the full price of $98.

Why Join?

Membership sites are great because you get to be part of a group which has a sole purpose. In this case the purpose is to teach you to make money online. The instructors all have a variety of degrees of success in different areas of marketing. All of which they will be sharing with the members of the group.

To learn more about the discounts and to find out about winning a free membership check out Online Profits Contest: Win a Free Membership.

I hope you win Pearl!

Written by Pixelhead on January 14th, 2009 with 12 comments.
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Canvas Shopping Bags for December’s Environment

This months featured site is a local company I discovered one day while out doing errands. Mybarebags.com is a site that sells reusable canvas shopping bags. reusable shopping bagThe issue of plastic shopping bags has been covered in previous posts. Plastic bags are something that I believe we need to learn to live without, and adopting a mentality of reusing instead of a disposable mentality is a really good step in the direction of drastically reducing plastic bag use.

I have actually bought and started using the reusable bags that you see at the grocery store. However, according to the owner of Mybarebags.com, Joyce Weand, these bags are made out of “non-woven polypropylene which is an oil-based product (more oil dependency…)” and the bags are only good for so many uses, and will not biodegrade in our lifetime.

Canvas shopping  bags like the ones sold by Mybarebags.com are made out of cotton and are 100% biodegradable.

Other Canvas Shopping Bag Stuff


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Jowling Video – Creating a Jowling Fatlady

Since I got Lizzie a easel for Christmas, she has no excuse but to paint. She was working on a painting that she has been working on for a few months, when she decided she was going to paint over it and start it over again. I remember one painting she actually painted over four times before she settled on a finished product.

Since she was going to paint over it, I asked her if I could work on it. She said sure. So I did a little outlining in black, then made a black and white of my jowling picture, cropped and cut it out and pasted the picture onto the fat lady. After seeing the additions I made to her painting, Lizzie decided she would keep the picture(for now).

To create a Jowling picture of your own, see the original Jowling post on Digital Point Photography.

Written by Pixelhead on January 9th, 2009 with 14 comments.
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