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Do You Have Any Twitter Tips? Heres Two Twitter Tips

Here are several Twitter tips for you.

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Written by Pixelhead on April 28th, 2009 with 42 comments.
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SEO Tip Video – Optimize for Local Search

SEO Nuggets:

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Written by Pixelhead on April 22nd, 2009 with 29 comments.
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BagsOnTheRun: Shop with Reusable Shopping Bags

This is a guest post for Bagsontherun.com.

I love shopping, strolling in the mall and just buying whatever I want. Not only me but most of people  really love to do that .However at the end of every shopping spree is the bunch of plastic bags that are left. It is very hard to eliminate these really; the Earth just can’t keep it anymore. Did you know that the average US family uses approximately 1,000 plastic bags per year! That number astonished me, and that’s why I love using Reusable shopping Bags!

I’m very passionate about using reusable bags for all my shopping needs whenever I go shopping. It’s not only a cost effective way to do my shopping but it also helps save the planet from the tragedy of wasted plastic bags blowing in the wind, clogging landfills and waterways and harming wildlife that ingests or gets entangled in the filmy stuff. It is about time that every shopper have his/her own reusable shopping bag. My latest find on the internet is a place called BagsontheRun a company that sells Reusable bags at great prices.

BagsOnTheRun offers basic, simple & stylish reusable bags which includes Grocery Bags, Shopping Bags, Customized Bags with company Logos for a very reasonable price, with a ten-pack going for between $16 and about $20. The bags are made of polypropylene, making them very strong, chemical resistant and 100% recyclable.

Bags on the Run come in a variety of colors and styles, from plain colors to “Going Green” logos. Out of the selection,
the Navy “G” bag is probably the cutest in my opinion, although knowing me; I would be inclined to go for the plain black.

You can’t beat the price on these and they are especially perfect for grocery shopping. I have a set of similar bags and they are the first thing I reach for when I need an easy tote. Also check out their fundraising and corporate page, where you can order custom bags for your organization.

Anybody looking to buy bags for personal use, to give as gifts, or companies not only buying for retail use, but to give away at trade shows, company functions, holidays, etc. can get them here.

By Alex Jacob

Written by mesamj on April 14th, 2009 with 52 comments.
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Bacchus Press: Green Printing is a Responsible Job

This is a guest post by Alex Jacob.

I and Sam have worked in marketing and advertising for a number of years and we used to print a lot of materials. We printed brochures, fliers, newsletters, direct mail, and many other documents. Then of course we out-sourced some printing jobs as well, like stationary and business cards. I used to go through 100 business cards a week on occasions. It amazes me now how wasteful it all was. We were challenged by our employers to find ways to cut spending but were never challenged to green our office. I should email them and see if things have changed!Green Printing Logo

Printing is one such process that produces harmful wastes leading to environmental pollution. The use of petroleum inks, varnishes, laminates and adhesives leads to the production of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The release of VOCs in the atmosphere has adverse environmental effects. This not only pollutes the air but also leads to respiratory ailments.

To save the environment, publishing houses should print green i.e. the printing process/ technology should be environment-friendly.
Green printing is a responsible and specialized job and thus it is offered by only a handful of printing presses like Bacchus Press. Such type of printing houses source the paper from well managed forests that comply with strict environmental standards. The printing process is planned carefully to achieve optimum output by minimal usage of energy. The papers are sourced only from FSC (Forest stewardship companies) certified companies. Green printers comply with all the environment friendly standards offering optimum production at minimal environmental damage.

If you are looking for San Francisco Certified printer for green printing, then Bacchus Press is just a hop, skip and a jump from almost anywhere in the Bay Area – making it easy to color proof and conduct press checks. They help you create high quality business cards, postcards, direct mails campaigns and other print products/services, and make it easy for you to be kind to the environment while still delivering the highest quality printing possible.

By Alex Jacob

Written by mesamj on April 11th, 2009 with 15 comments.
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