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OMS Chicago and

This past week we were in Chicago for OMS(Online Marketing Summit) which we both enjoyed tremendously, and would highly recommend anyone who has an interest in online marketing attend.  This is not going to be a thorough review of OMS, as we are getting ready to fly out in several hours.

Check out the post I did on the All-Travel-Sites blog about our Chicago Trip.

New Design for

Baldy Dog Logo

We also just had our main business site redesigned.  Stop in and check it out and let us know what you think about it.

There will be a ton of changes happening on that site in the upcoming weeks to include the installation of a new SEO Blog. WordPress is installed on the site, but it has zero activity and just the basic template.

Looking at the newly designed BaldyDog and let us know what you think of the new design.  Do you have a groovy WordPress template that you would recommend we use?

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Swag from SES NY

SES NY was well over a month ago, and I have yet to do a blog post about it. Cleaning out the SES swag bag(had two), I found a variety of swag items to include;

  1. An SES Convention pocket guide courtesy of Tmp Direct Marketing
  2. March 2009 issue of the SES Mag ..2 copies, mine and Lizzies.Baldydog and SES NY Swag
  3. 2 Brafton news feeds advertisment.
  4. An add for a Google Adwords meeting on March 25th…sorry missed it.
  5. An add for Adside Premium pay-per-click ad network.(2 copies)
  6. Three crappy pens from GlobalCollect an online payment service that ran out after several pages of notes.
  7. Four crappy notepads from GlobalCollect whose pages came off immediately and resulted in my notes being totally messed up.
  8. 1 ad for
  9. 2 Icontact email marketing ads
  10. A nice looking ad from SEOSamba…love the iguana. (2 copies)
  11. An addendum fro SES about the speakers for the convention.
  12. An issue of B2B Magazine..a nice traditional looking rag.
  13. 2 issues.
  14. 3 copies of the BS annoucement of the winners of the 2008 annual SEO & PPC competition..I wonder how much you need to pay TopSEO’s to be on the list?
  15. 1 Visibility Magazine, the magazine for Online marketing strategies.
  16. 2 copies of Overdrive Interactive’s Social  Media Map..this is pretty cool.

My favorite pieces of swag include the two bags and the social media map.

60 SES NY Notes

(skip to the end–its all bs)

I forgot to bring a decent notepad to write on so I had to use the crappy pads provided by GlobalCollect…every page came off of the pad and my notes got hopelessly disorganized. Lets see if I can make them into something that could be of use to someone else besides me:

  1. Everyone was giving out the Twitter profile @joshGerzema @lisabarone @Storyspinner @chriswinfield @DaveSnyder @milestonemktg @aimclear @converseon @webmomma
  2. Do to the economy, hot markets include Couponing which is up 300%, cragislist is up 100%
  3. Check out the book “The Brand Bubble”
  4. Zappos is doing a great job of using SM.
  5. Youtube has the 2nd largest search engine.
  7. Facebook pages vs Groups
  8. Microblogging vs Forums
  9. Flickr groups vs Wikis
  10. Tailor content to give
  11. Decide where you will play- find out where your consumers play
  12. Don’t be afraid of niches
  13. Set measurable goals
  14. use an analytical approach to measurement
  15. You get what you give
  16. Don’t drop SEO and PPC for SMO
  17. Your SMO strategy is not the same for everyone…number 11 might relate to this
  18. Create a brand for your Social Media profile
  19. Define architecture of your blog.
  20. integrate Social Media profiles with your blog/site
  21. Ground Swell? ( my crappy pen was giving out here, so as bad as the notes were, I had an even harder time making sense of them).
  22. Join communities and participate
  23. Be active
  24. Be helpful
  25. Find niche sites to network with, that can work with your site.
  26. pick partner sites that relate to your niche
  27. TweetDeck
  28. basic keyword research
  29. Be Authentic
  30. @thenegotiator priceline.coms twitter.
  31. Define your goals and measure
  32. Beth Harte 4 views of Social media
  33. Pr-Listen
  34. Plan Goals-Objectives(smart)
  35. Social media news release
  36. pitch engine
  37. Social media & news Releases– Best Friends forever
  38. Rod Key – Conversion Funnel
  39. need to infuse SM
  40. Listen what is being said -  who is involved?
  41. Organize- Engage-  Measure/optimize
  42. Listen- use Google alerts
  43. Conversation mining on forums and social search engines- twitter
  44. Organize – Social Media Governance ? Legal
  45. Speak no evil or very little negative
  46. -Word of Mouth Marketing Association
  47. Infrastructure-content
  48. Engage with right philosophy…”ask what your country can do for you”
  49. Measurement of Change in conversation, cpa-sign up, sales, comments
  50. @converseon
  51. Hoe to make an exit?
  52. Youtube videos
  53. Lead with altruism
  54. Blogger outreach – who is ORES?
  55. tags- use them
  56. querry strings
  57. @webmomma
  58. Visit other niche communities and harvest the talent
  59. Lee Oden – three reasons Blogs fail- 1.lack of planning and oversight 2. No passion for the topic 3. Paralysis by committee
  60. Review US Airforce Blog Rules for engagement

What did I get out of SES NY?

  1. We(Lizzie and I) learned that the bus terminal is at the Port Authority.  We took a taxi to the Penn Station and then had to wait in the rain for another taxi to take us to the Port Authority.
  2. Found out about like a groovy organization.
  3. Discovered the so called experts are no smarter than I.
  4. Do good.
  5. Next time I go to SES, I will be presenting.
  6. Found a place that has the most awesome sandwich…a pastrami sandwich with two plate sized potato pancakes as the bread.
  7. If you are only attending the last day of SES, since the vendor area is done the second to last day, you need to go sometime before the end of the 2nd to last day to get the good SES swag. A 700 dollar swag bag was the highlight of SES NY.

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A Sad Video – Chicken ala Carte

I was sent this video this morning by John Sullivan over at PotPolitics..thanks John.
The video I watched was originally on the website Film Festival: Green Unplugged.  Here is the page for the Green Unplugged Chicken a la Carte page if you prefer to watch it there.

View this movie at

How Sad?

Yes it is a very sad movie..the best part about the short video, I feel,  is at the very end of the film.

How often do you give thanks to the Lord and for what?

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A Balloon In The Yard

I was busy Tweeting…actually doing a Follow Friday Tweet, when I was called outside.  Apparently a hot air balloon was landing in our yard.

Thought I would share with you great readers.
So has a hot air balloon ever landed in your yard?

Next week I will have a post out that reviews our SES NY trip about a month ago…yea I am really behind.

Have a great weekend.

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Need a TPO – Twitter Profile Optimization Expert

What is TPO?

TPO or Twitter Profile Optimization, is a term I coined this morning at 3am. I see in the SERP’s(Search Engine Results Pages) there are sites that appear for the phrase, but I will take credit for the TPO and actually defining it.

TPO Could actually be a career much like SMO(Social Media Optimization), which it could be niche career of as well. Twitter Logo

TPO Duties

  1. Set up Twitter profiles for companies and individuals to include registering  and tweaking the profile page.
  2. Put Twitter widgets on website’s/blogs. (more…)

Written by Pixelhead on May 13th, 2009 with 28 comments.
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