June 2009

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How to write articles – To Build Links for Internet Marketers

A great way to promote your online business is via article marketing. This involves writing articles to submit to article directories. Learning how to write articles to promote your internet based business will be an invaluable skill to have.

It’s a straight forward process. You write good articles on your niche and include a bio with a link or two back to your site in the resource box.  Then you submit these articles to article directories.

The quality of your article will determine how much traffic you receive and whether Google and other search engines are impressed. It is recommended that the articles you submit to article directories are newly written. With other words avoid re-using the same articles from your site.

Although it is good to write articles on your particular topic or niche in which you are marketing, it is better to approach the articles you wish to submit using a more broader approach.

As an example, if your blog income is based on marketing a particular diet product your articles could be on the broader topic of living a healthy life. Your aim is to attract a larger readership base than just those who might be interested in the product you are selling.

Article directories have a stream of readers interested in a range of topics. Your articles end up being read a surprising number of times.

But what is even better than the number of readers it that it your articles are read over a long period of time. This is contrary to a blog where mostly the newest articles receive the immediate traffic. Thereafter articles are at the mercy of search engines to receive further air time.

Each time your article is read you have the chance that the reader might be interested enough to click on the link to your site which is shown in the resource box at the end of the article. This allows for a possible constant stream of traffic to your site.

Besides the regular readers who use article directories for information or entertainment, article directories are also used by non-writing website and blog owners to source articles for their sites.

They are allowed to use them on their own sites in exchange for including your bio with live links. As a source of links this can be invaluable. And it requires no further effort on behalf of the internet marketer.

However, probably the most valuable part of this exercise and what makes it really worthwhile for internet marketers to submit articles to directories is the backlink the directory itself provides to your own site.

Most of the well established article directories such as Ezinearticles or Go Articles have a high PageRank. Having a link back from their site to your blog or website has high value for you the internet marketer.

Learning how to write articles for submission to directories is an excellent marketing strategy for the internet marketer. As an article writers who is developing an online business with the aid of good content you will certainly miss out on a golden opportunity if you do not make this part of your marketing strategy. Read more at The Digital Archives.

Written by TheDigitalArchives on June 25th, 2009 with 64 comments.
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Site Was Down

Just a little note. I am actually in Maine for a wedding but I needed to get this quick post out. The site had actually been down for well over 3 days due to some errors from the hosting company…will be changing hosts…They were unable to find out why the site was redirecting to a gambling site.
Numerous emails and phone calls later, I finally got a supervisor on the line today, and he promised me he would call me back when the site was up and running.

3 days is a long time.

I was quite irritated with the host, and we have actually already switched the site over to a new host, and will be switching all our other sites over as well.  This level of incompetence is just unacceptable. (more…)

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Adding a Business to The Google Map

Today, Google released the Google Local Businesses Center which gives businesses that advertise on the local level some pretty impressive tools to track their web traffic. With these great tools that Google gives you, your business does not even need to have a website to take advantage of this free service.

Have You Submitted Your Business to Google Local?

Submitting your site/business to Google Local is really an easy task.  Start by visiting the previous link.

You will need to have a Google Account,which includes a free gmail account. If you don’t have one, this is really easy to set up as well…you will need a pre-existing email account to sign up for a Google account if you don’t have one already.

How to Add Your Business to The Google Map

So you now have a Google account. The next step in getting your site/business listed on the Google Map is to visit the Google Local Business Center and login with your Google account login info.

Then click the “Add new listings” link. You will then need to fill the form out which includes your location to include country, business name, address, city/town, zip for US, main and alternate phone numbers, mobile, fax, and TTY/TDD. You will then need to put in an email address. If you have a website, I recommend using an email with your domain instead of a free email account. You then have the ability to put in your business website url. Next comes your business description. Be short and concise giving a good non-sales like description. (200 Char max).

Next will come the categories. Prior to doing this, I am going to recommend that you do a bit of keyword research using the Google Adsense Keyword tool to see which of your keyword phrases get the most traffic. So for the Earth-in-Hand Landscape site local profile, I used “Landscaper”, “landscaping”, “landscape contractor”. That way when someone types in “Landscaper Easton, PA” my friend’s website will be on the local listing section.

Important Step in Listing Your Business on the Google Map

For your categories, use the broadest keywords that get the most traffic.

The rest of the process of adding your business is pretty easy and straight forward. Your  Google Local Profile can include up to 10 pictures, and 5 videos…I suggest adding as much as you can.

To move your site up in the local listings, encourage your patrons to give your profile a rating. Reviews on local sites can also help.

Below is a video that Google put out for business owners…check it out.

Do you have your Google Local profile up?

Update on 10/6/2010: You now can add your business listing to the Google Map, but you will do it through “Google Places”.  The process is much the same as it was when it was the Google Local Business Center.

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