July 2009

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Give Up the Chalupa for the Taco Bell Dog

Yesterday on Twitter, I first heard that the beloved Taco Bell dog had passed…so sad..he or she was the primary reason I have devoured so many chalupas.

So in honor of the Taco Bell mascot, I thought I would offer up my dog Sugar(I decided to start calling her Taco..she doesn’t care as she is pretty deaf)as the new Taco Bell mascot.

What do you think, would you vote for Taco?

Written by Pixelhead on July 24th, 2009 with 30 comments.
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Is Twitter Automation a Good Idea?

Automatic Twitter updating whether it is adding followers automatically, adding tweets automatically, or getting followers automatically is a a growing industry. It also may very well be the downfall of Twitter if the Twitter team does not establish some sort of control over the automation of Twitter.  Much like FFA(Free For All) pages of years ago,Twitter is at risk of becoming a spammers playground.

I too am guilty of using automated programs on Twitter. Recently I began experimenting with some services that enable the automation of your Twitter account. Be warned again. Be sure to give your followers some good tweets, not just automated tweets from feeds.

How to Automate Twitter


Written by Pixelhead on July 3rd, 2009 with 71 comments.
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