August 2009

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Chicago Vacation

Lizzie and I are once again going to Chicago. This time however, unlike our Chicago OMS trip, this Chicago Vacation will be a family vacation with very little work involved…yea right..

The Great Chicago Bean

The Great Chicago Bean

We are actually taking Grandmom, our 14 yr old daughter and our Taco Bell dog,  Sugar as well. We will be leaving around 6am Monday, and stopping in at Marblehead Ohio for an over night at the Marblehead Surf Motel. Come Tuesday morning, unless we are in love with Marblehead, we will be heading out to our friends place in Chicago.

We will be doing some work however to include a possible BNI networking meeting, SEO training for a contractor, and I imagine more than a bit of travel blogging on the blog. (more…)

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Dog Teeth Cleaning | Taco Gets Her Teeth Cleaned

In this video, Taco (aka Sugar) of my Future Taco Bell Dog post, gets her teeth cleaned which were in really bad shape with tartar build up. Prior to the cleaning I had tried to clean her teeth and she was very resistant. Dodie instructed me in the proper way to dog teeth cleaning, which is to use a little finger brush on Taco’s teeth. About 30 seconds on each side of the dogs teeth. Tops and bottoms. Since the cleaning Taco’s teeth, have become much whiter and easier to clean, and her breath is much more bearable.

The sounds Taco made while getting her teeth cleaned were really funny. She actually makes those same sounds when she is outside and thinks that she is locked out.

Anyway, your welcomed world, Taco is ready to do some Taco Bell commercials.

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Guest Posting

I am pretty much resigned to only publishing about 1 or 2 blog posts a month here on Pixelheadonline.  My free time seems to have dwindled, and my blogging has had to decline drastically.

I have been trying to do at least a weekly blog post on  The next travel marketing type blog post that I do there, I am going to put a brief excerpt of it here, and only allow comments on the AllTravelSites post. Kind of do a “read more” type link, but it will open on the blog post on the All-travel-sites blog.

Want to Be a Guest Blogger?

If you care to do a guest blog post here or on, please let me can use the Contact Form on All-Travel-Sites. Tell me what your posts general topic will be. You will then need to create a profile here, and add your article. Feel free to add several links to your site. After your blog post has been added, please contact me by using the contact form.  All articles will need to be approved prior to publishing.  I may need to do some editing which might include tweaking the title, editing grammar, adding pictures or changing some of the formatting to name a few types of edits.

Also if you want to be a guest blogger, please read the guest blogger guidelines.

My latest post at All-Travel-Sites was:

Travel Agent Marketing for Travel Sites Update

Check it out and leave a is dofollow as well.

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