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Windspire Turbine

As wind farms become more and more common across the rural landscape, urban areas are also going to want to take advantage of the power of the wind. As anyone who has visited the windy City, the possibility of using wind turbines is unlimited.

This new type of propeller-less windmill, the Windspire uses technology that the Egyptians used for grinding wheat over 3000 years ago.

The Windspire is manufactured by Mariah Power. I was reading their blog and see that they have a Windspire at a Vineyard in New York. I just might have to take a trip up to NY and check the Windspire out for myself.
I would love to get one of these for my house, which is on top of a hill and usually gets a pretty good breeze on most days.

How about you? How would you like to get your electricity from a Windspire?

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Cherry Mash Needs SEO

On the way home from my recent trip to Amarillo TX, I discovered Cherry Mash, which is a very unique candy that is only available in the mid west at this point in time. I made the Cherry Mash video below to get the word out about the tasty candy that has a cult like following in the mid-west.

Thanks to Chris the Video Production intern for filming the video and whose video skills are far better than my own. I am sure Chris was not satisfied with the quality of the video, but I have a policy of only doing my videos in one take, after all I am only an amateur.

Cherry Mash Needs SEO

Looking at the CherryMash site, I realize the candy site is a bit dated, but I also noticed that they have a PR5 on the Cherry Mash History page, and they also rank well for a few of their target keywords. Stats

Why is a good Candidate for SEO has a really high PR, and is somewhat of an authority in the candy industry, having somewhat of a cult following. It seems to be a candy that you either love or hate.  Those who love it, it seems often have a hard time locating the cherry flavored candy. I read online that they often have recipes that involve Cherry Mash as the primary key ingredient.

Since it does have such a high PR and is over 8 years old, it would respond well in the SERPs(search engine results pages) if it were to undergo an SEO campaign.

To get a larger portion of Candy market share, they should expand their internet influence to other keyword areas.

Have you heard of CherryMash?

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CherryMash UPDATE:

It looks like the site was redone in 2011,  but it still needs some work. The link to the history page

Cherry Mash

Cherry Mash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

was from this post was updated, because I noticed that the link went to 401 page.  This tells me that they did not put 301 redirects into place when they redid the site. Other suggestions for CherryMash:

It looks like the the site was redone in 2011, but since then, it has mostly been ignored. Maybe Chase Candy Co does not need SEO, but by looking at the current condition of the site, I can say what they do need is a Social Media coach to help guide them with their online marketing efforts.

But one good thing, I noticed that they now sell candy from their site, and there is actually a store within driving distance of me that carries CherryMash…sweet(literally)!

by Adam Donkus
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NonTurbine Wind Generator

This is such a cool invention, inventions like this really give me hope for the future.

Since I have not done an environmentally related blog post for some time, I thought why not share it with the peeps.

Pretty cool If I do say so myself.
What about you, have you heard of any cool environmentally related inventions?

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Laptop Repair and Clothier

Kudos go out to Ted from for pointing me in the right direction to getting my wife’s laptop fixed. Lizzie had the misfortune of having her ctrl key on her Dell Inspiron E1505 come flying off early last week. I emailed Ted, and Ted let me know what my options were.
Computer Wizards Logo

Kudos to the Kutztown Computer Wizards for fixing Lizzie’s Laptop in a jiff. Lizzie and I headed over to Computer Wizards at lunch time and planned on dropping her laptop off so that it could get fixed during lunch. Not even 5 minutes passed before the new keyboard was installed and we were out the door and on our merry way.
And last but not least Kudos go out to my new exclusive clothier A Weitzenkorn’s Sons, Inc of Pottstown.  Gregg Weitzenkorn showed me gave me great service and has the desire to be sure that his customers are dressed to the “T’. Thanks Gregg.

When a company goes above and beyond, I really believe they deserve to be recognized. And as such this seems like like a great place to recognize any such businesses that I encounter.

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