October 2009

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How Do I Get Out of Tmobile Contract?

When our Tmobile contract is up, the beginning of next year, we will be jumping ship. Where we live, to use a regular tmobile cell phone, a user needs to be in one a few certain locations, which happen to be on the outside of the home. There is one window where I can get 1 bar that wavers in and out, but this usually results in dropped calls.
We do have Vonage for our house phone, so I do have access to a phone, but my business cards use my cell, not my house phone.
When I am at home I continually have to go outside to check to see if I have missed any calls, and with winter is approaching checking my calls is going to require a bit to much exposure to the cold.

I did have a Samsung Katalyst which is one of the phones that Tmobile users can use to make calls via an Internet connection..unlimited calls for $10 a month extra.
This is okay as long as the Internet connection is stable, but all too often the Internet connection fluctuates and results in dropped calls.

Due to the poor signal quality, I want out of my Tmobile contract.

We have had people at our house that have both Verizon and Sprint, which both seem to have pretty good signals. Lizzie is not a fan of Sprint, so I believe Verizon will be our next carrier.

I will keep this post updated with my Tmobile contract status.

What cell phone carrier do you have, and would you recommend them?

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Written by Pixelhead on October 27th, 2009 with 42 comments.
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Video of the Author of “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”

I first heard about the story of, William Kamkwamba, a young resourceful African man, several months ago when I stumbled across an article about this young man who learned to build windmills out of materials that he found and which supply electricity to his village.
When he first started building windmills, he was 14, and not in school. Watch the video or better yet order his book if you want to learn more.

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I just love stories about people like this because their stories offer so much hope. It almost inspires me to try to make one in my own back yard.

If you want to purchase his book, the widget below was copied right off of William Kamkwamba’s blog.

I love it,  he didn’t even know about Google. What is amazing is you look at what this young lad was able to accomplish with so very few resources. I am sure he will be able to accomplish some amazing things with all the resources that he now has at his disposal.

So What do you think of Mr. Kamkwamba’s story?

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Written by Pixelhead on October 24th, 2009 with 22 comments.
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Does Steve Carell Love Hooters?

When I take my son to hockey at the BodyZone in Reading, I frequently pass by the Reading Hooters. While sitting at the traffic light, I got my camera out and made this quick little video.
I wonder if Hooters pays Steve Carell for this advertising.

Inspite of Michael’s negative buffoon type character, I think the branding for Hooters is mostly positive.

Do you watch The Office? What do you think about the use of this type of advertising? Is it effective?

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Written by Pixelhead on October 13th, 2009 with 21 comments.
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