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Can You Sell Ads on a Twitter Account?

Why yes of course you can sell ads on your Twitter account. Will you make a ton of dinero selling ads on Twitter? I seriously doubt it. Below is a list of services than can help you to sell ads or buy ads on Twitter. I have only used several of them. I also started using one a while ago, and ended up sending out more than a few tweets for teeth whitening products..got to hate those ads.

10 Ad brokerage Services for selling out your Twitter Followers

This is no way means the list of all lists of Twitter advertising services. If you have used any of these or any others, please let me know your feedback.

What do you think?

Is advertising on Twitter or selling tweets a good or bad idea?

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Avatar vs Alvin and The Chipmunks:The Squeakquel

Last weekend I took my daughter to see Alvin and The Chipmunks:The Squeakquel. Now it might not have been a great movie, but I think I liked it better than Avatar. I think it beat out Avatar in two important areas.

First, I love any movie that uses potty humor. The bit when Theodore gets trapped in the “Dutch oven” had me rolling. I don’t remember even one yuck from Avatar.

Secondly, and more importantly, I felt more of an emotional connection to the chipmunks than I did the characters in Avatar.

I may not be the best movie critic, but I do know that I prefer movies where I am able to have some sort of connection to the characters. Emotionally empty movies tend to leave me feeling like I wish I had spent the time and money elsewhere.

How about You

What do you look for in a movie?

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Donate to the RedCross to Help Haitian Earthquake Victims

Unless you are living under a rock, or spending way to much time online, then you are aware of the earthquake that hit Hati the other day. With close to 500,000 dead, and countless wounded, this poor country will need lots of assistance to move beyond the devistation.

If you feel so inclinded to donate, you can text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts in #haiti.

I was just on the RedCross Facebook page and they have recieved $3million in donations as of 750am this morning.

RedCross Links


RedCross Facebook

RedCross Donation page

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Creating a Facebook Fan Page for Baldydog.com

Today was day-two of interning for Baldy Dog so I worked on a mini project: I put together a fan page on Facebook for Baldy Dog.  This is the first fan page I ever created, but it was pretty simple.  I followed a few steps, and then added the company’s logo and some contact information.  After a short time I was staring at the page which still looks rather blank.  I posted a link to the website on the page’s wall, but I was still wondering, “What else should be on a page like this?”

How do you create an interesting fan page on Facebook?

I’m a fan of several pages on Facebook, including a photographer, a band, an athlete, a comedian and a few publications, but it’s been awhile since I’ve checked up on them.  There were tons of interesting updates and links to look at- including videos and photo slideshows- and now I’m actually going to make a point to check these pages regularly! 

Now that I’m on Twitter, I see a number of similarities between Twitter and these Facebook fan pages.  A business, celebrity or whoever can write updates on what’s new or where they are with links to anything their fans should be aware of.  Pages actually have a lot of options compared to a Twitter page.  For one thing, fan pages don’t limit the number of words in a posting.  They also allow photos and videos to be uploaded and notify us when new photos are added so we are sure to check them out.  Many of the pages have links to follow them on Twitter as well, but I find the look of the fan pages more appealing than Twitter maybe because they are more interactive.  I can watch a clip on YouTube without leaving the page, and because it’s Facebook, fans can “like” everything and leave comments.  Right now, Baldy Dog’s fan page is just collecting some fans (I think we’re up to 5 …) but it would be nice to develop it into something more interactive. 

5 ways that some pages (that I am a fan of) made use of the site:

  1. YouTube video embedded in the wall post
  2. Encouraging fans to pass along a new promotional video
  3. Photo albums including professional works or promotional posters, as well as regular snapshots
  4. Links to main website, Twitter, and email contacts
  5. Links to other associated Facebook pages

Has anyone created a Facebook fan page for their company and found it beneficial?  

Here is a link to the new Baldy Dog fan page if you would like to take a look or become a fan:


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Journalism Major goes Blogger

Below is an introductory article I asked our intern Katie to write about herself. Katie will be working with us at Baldydog.com for the next semester. Adam

No matter what your major is, people make assumptions about your plans.  A chat with an old friend might turn into a mildly defensive speech about the options your future really offers.  I’m beginning my last semester as a journalism major – which means I’ll be applying at WaWa because newspapers everywhere are going bankrupt, right?  Luckily, I don’t really enjoy newspapers to begin with, and I’m learning that people can make a living online by writing about virtually anything interesting.  Over the course of the next few months, I hope to become an expert on blogging, search engine optmization and other concepts that made my head spin when I first started to soak it all in.  Okay, I’m not expecting to be the next John Chow (I know who he is now!), but I would love it if a few people read a blog that I wrote.

I wouldn’t say that I have always been interested in this kind of thing.  I fell into this internship by accident.  Home for fall break in October, I joined my mom and a couple of her girlfriends at a coffee shop where they were having lunch.  I sat down with a coffee and began chatting with Kate, a woman from church who I hadn’t had a chance to speak with in ages.  My major came up, and I told her I was looking for an internship.  I wanted to finish off college with as much experience as possible.  The internet came up as we discussed how popular online journalism has become – maybe even eliminating printed magazines and newspapers someday, but I wouldn’t count on it.  Anyway, noticing a connection between my need for some online experience and the blogs she has read, she mentioned her friend Adam Donkus, who works from his computer by blogging and running an SEO business called BaldyDog with his wife.  We got in contact, and now it’s January and I’ve begun the gradual process of developing my online presence.  I promised myself I would resist the new fad of “tweeting”, but now I have a Twitter account (http://twitter.com/kdoud10) if you would like to follow me.  You may also see me on Socialtivity and Baldydog – two sites built on concepts that are still foreign to me, but hopefully not for much longer.  Sometime before May, I might even have my own blog that you can check out!


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Goals for 2010

Following up with my Review of 2009 goals, this is my Goals for 2010 post.

Goals for 2010

  1. Continue to develop my relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Read the Bible in a year.
  3. Increase public speaking skills.
  4. Write a book.
  5. Tell my wife I love her daily.
  6. Tell my kids I love them and am proud of them at least weekly.
  7. Help build the careers of as many people as possible(1 per month)
  8. Develop the Training system for Baldydog.com
  9. Learn how to use Facebook for Marketing of a business and/or organization.
  10. Learn to instal solar panels for my house.

Ok, these sound like reasonable goals to me. I have put it on my calendar to revist the goals on April 5th of this year. I believe I would have had more success with last years goals had I done at least quarterly reviews of the goals.  At which point, if I feel they need to be redone, I will hopefully do so.

What are your Goals for 2010?

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