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Using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook To Find a Job

At my first PBN networking event (mentioned in my Networking blog), I briefly spoke to Kristen Kane, from Kane Partners, about an event she was holding at NBC10 studios about using social media to find jobs. She told me where to sign-up online and it was free!

Last night, I drove to the studios of The 10 Show in Bala Cynwyd for Kristen’s presentation called, “Jobs on Social Media.” Anchor and consumer reporter Tracy Davidson was there to greet the guests as they arrived for the event. She encouraged each of us to send her an email when we get a job (not if- when!). We sat in the studio while Kristen explained the benefits of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook–if you use them correctly.  I have an account on all three of these sites, but until now I did not know how to use them for my job search

Which social media site is the most helpful for job searching?

LinkedIn and Twitter seem like the most promising social media sites if you’re looking for inside information about job openings.  I wrote down everything that caught my attention during Kristen’s presentation, and you can read about it in my blog post titled, “Using Social Media to Find a Job.”

The importance of having a clear and effective resume:

At the conclusion of the evening, I had the chance to meet with a consultant from Kane Partners named Jessica and she reviewed my resume. Jessica gave me some helpful tips about formatting and she encouraged me to be as descriptive as possible in the bullet points under each job or internship–if anything is too general, it could be misunderstood by an HR representative or anyone else glancing over the resume.  Kane Partners offers resume reviews or redos if you make an appointment.

Have you made any meaningful connections on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook?

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Checking My Statistics | 10 Stats I Check

Do you love checking out your stats? I check numerous website statistics throughout the day, week and month. Without a doubt,  I waste a lot of time checking out all the free stats tools that are avialable to me.

Inspite of having the ability to waste a lot of your time, monitoring your websites marketing statistics can help you to determine both the efficacy of what you are doing and  what online activities you need to engage in that will give you the best results.  For example, I check out my stats on one of my other blogs and noticed that one of my posts gets a lot more traffic than others. Why? Checking the post I realized that it has tags on it with locations added to some of the keyword tags, so it is found by people who are looking for that keyword phrase with a particular location. Tip:When applicable, add relavant locations to your keyword tags.

I am not an expert on statistical analysis, but I do check them out and try to determine what causes spikes, or what causes one site to get more traffic than another. Even if you are a statistical analysis dummie, as I am, I would suggest that you take a look at your stats.

10  stats that I check include:

  1. Google analytics – This is the stats website that I try not to go onto too frequently, as I find I can loose a lot of time checking out all the cool info that Google analytics has to offer. But for a website owner, blog or non-blog, I would say it is a must that you have a Google Analytics account for analyzing your traffic and you make it part of your website marketing regime.
  2. WordPress.com Stats any time I log in to any of my WordPress blogs I check the stats. I definetly check this more frequently than Google Analytics. Seeing the page views decline encourages me to post more frequently.
  3. My Flickr stats lets me see what pictures have been viewed the most, and where the traffic came.
  4. Google Adsense – I like to check out the stats on our Adsense account and see which of our sites are bringing the most change. Its funny but you would think that the site with the most traffic would bring in the most dinero, but this is not usually the case.
  5. Ranking reports – I do monthly ranking reports for both my clients and for many of our sites. It is always fun to see the ranking going up..but on the flip side if a site, especially a client site takes a dive in the SERPs it can really be quite stressful. Keeping track of your Keyword ranking stats, lets you know which of your targeted keywords you need to focus on.
  6. Mybloglog Stats- I don’t check this one out nearly as often as I used to, maybe that has to do with the purchase of Mybloglog by Yahoo, but anyway the stats are still pretty cool.  To see the stats, a community must have a certain number of visitors,( 10 or 20) and then you can see where your visitors came from, what pages were viewed, and what links they clicked on.
  7. bit.ly – I have been using Bit.ly as my default link shorting service, but may be changing to Stumbleupons shortner services. I like seeing the number of times a tweeted link has been clicked on, and it also gives me the total number a link has been clicked on and what my number is of that total.
  8. TwitterCounter.com shows you some cool Twitter stats and shows you some nifty graphs of all your Twitter activity. I know this is only one of the many groovy sites for checking out Twitter Stats. Whats your favorite Twitter Stats site?
  9. Facebook Stats – I noticed emails coming in recently from Facebook about the acitivity on my profile and pages, I am sure I will be keeping an eye on this one.
  10. Feedburner stats – I use Feedburner for all my feeds.  I don’t check these stats frequently,and as I just mentioned on Constant Contacts blog post about Email List Growth, I pretty much don’t pay much attention to my email list or feed list. Yea, I know the money is the list..its just not been on my mind.

What are Your Stats?

What stats do you check out and how has checking your stats helped you? Got any free cool stats tools I should check out?

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iphone OS 4 hands-on – Engadget

I really need to stop looking at iPhones…I might just have to get an iPhone GS..multi-tasking is a beauteous thing indeed.

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Chevy Volt Test Drive: Engadget Style

Engadget test drives the Chevy Volt, which Chevy considers to be an electric car with extra range due to the use of a supplemental gas engine..sounds like a cool car. You can watch the video and see the write that was done by Chris Stevens in the orginal post Engadget test drives the Chevy Volt

Yea, it looks like a fun little car to drive.

How about you?

Would own one or even test drive a Chevy Volt?

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