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Dry Cleaner Online Advertising

This is a blog post for Joe Fava of, which is a garment care company in Boyertown, Pa. I would classify Clothes2home as a dry cleaning service, but the truth is they do much more than just dry cleaning.

The other day I was in picking up some dry cleaning and Joe was telling me that he would like to increase the activity on his Facebook page.
So I did a little brainstorming and this is the video and blog post that resulted.

Clothes2Home Social Media Ideas

Overall, I think Clothes2Home is doing a great job with their Social Media Optimization(SMO). The main thing is you are doing it, and you are not going to quit.

General SEO Suggestions for Clothes2Home

Clothes2Home Web Pages

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Motorola Backflip Review

My Motorola Backflip has only a few more hours left in my life…I just got my iPhone 3GS, so I will be taking the Backflip back to the AT&T store in Boyertown as soon as I get this Motorola Backflip review post done.

Motorola BackflipAnd none too soon..

Having used the Backflip for about 3 weeks, I can honestly say there have been very few moments that have gone by when I have not cursed the poorly designed smart phone.  Below is my video review of the Backflip, and below it you will find a list of my gripes..there might even be a list of the few things I like about the Backflip..a short list indeed.

Motorola Backflip Features I Like

Motorola Backflip Features I Hate

As you can tell from the amount of negatives, my opinion of the Motorola Backflip is less than favorable. Perhaps I might be too spoiled after using an iPhone 3G for about 6 months. If I were a young teenager I would probably love this phone.  But for me, I think I will be glad to be once again be using an iPhone.

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Twitter Update – Embed Tweets and Twitter Cache

You can now Embed Tweets easily..I started writing this post a week or so ago, but finally decided to publish it. can now use Embeddable Tweets in your foodie blog posts..less than a minute ago via HootSuite

You can check out this TechCrunch article which gives several methods for embedding links. If you decide to use Blackbird Pie, be sure not to use the https version of your tweet links. Also, you must click on the time link below the Tweet which says something like “about 1hr ago” and copy and paste that link into the Blackbird tool to get an embedded tweet like the one on this post.

Other Twitter Stuff

You do know that many of the search engines are using Twitter results for part of their real time search results right? Well tweets do often show up in the SERPs.

In addition to all the blogs, as part of the Baldydog network, we have multiple sites to include directories such as Pixelheadonline, Online Legal Directory, Home Improvement Directory, and of course to name just a few. If you want a complete list of our directories, leave a comment, and I will send you an email with the complete list of our directories.

Anyway, while reviewing and publishing travel site submissions on the travel directory, as part of the submission process, I usually send out several tweets about the newly added travel resource. I usually say something like the tweet below.

New resource to the regional #lodging category of the #traveldirectory – Holiday Villas in Puerto del Carmenless than a minute ago via web

I also send out a tweet with the individual page for the listing and may include a direct link to the url of the listing if it is a short url.

Link Building Tip

What I have noticed is that links that I tweet, such as individual listing pages, will then be cached in Google. If I don’t Tweet them, they won’t get cached, and as you know, an un-cached page is as good as invisible to Google because it doesn’t know about the web page.
Does this mean you should go and send thousands of spam links to Twitter so they get cached?  I wouldn’t recommend it. I think it is ok occasionally. What I try to do when I do these types of “resource addition” tweets, is to sandwich them between tweets that seek to share, communicate, rt, or be genuinely helpful.

Even these types of tweets, I feel are helpful and not spammy, as I am only tweeting about travel related resources, and most of the 2000+ followers have some sort of travel interest.

So How Can You Use Twitter for Link Buiding

Twitter links as you know are nofollow type links, so they really don’t count for much Google Juice, but they do serve to notify the search engines of your resource, which may otherwise have been uncached.

If you do link building as we do, when you get accepted into a directory, send out a Tweet for the actual listing page of your resource or the category page that your listing appears if it is not too heavily populated with other similar resources.

Try to get as many cached links pointing to your site as possible. Cached with PR is better, but cached at the very least.

So have you noticed similar results using Twitter, or do you think I am erroneous?

**note – to get the box around my tweets, I put the tweets into a table. <table border=”2″><tr><td>Tweet code</table></tr></td>

***For more info on Link Building check out On-Page Optimization Training.

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