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Travel Bloggers : TNI Tweetup for Travelers

Every Thursday at 3:20pm I get a Google Alert that at 330pm EST, I  will be participating in an online Tweetup called Travelers Night In (#TNI Twitter hashtag).  I first found out about the Tweetup when I noticed #TNI appearing in the Alltravelsites Twitter stream. I then asked one of the people what the Hashtag #TNI stands for, and I was sent to the Travelers Night In page and told to follow it on, which is a cool site that allows you to follow numerous Twitter streams and post to your own stream to connect to the Twitter conversation.

TNI is from 330pm to 5pm and it consists of 10 questions about some area of travel, this upcoming week for example is on the topic of  “Festivals”.

Healthy Travel from ChooseCherries

Several weeks ago,  when I participated in the Healthy Travel TNI, which was sponsored by Choosecherries, I actually  Cherry Travel Packwon a Choosecherries travel pack. One lucky TNI participant won the grand prize which included a cherry iPod.  Good thing I didn’t win that, or it would have made three iPods I have won and don’t use. But anyway, I  would like to thank ChooseCherries for the cherry travel pack..I loved eating the dried cherries on my oatmeal in the morning..yum.. does not sell or represent any one cherry company, so I guess you could call them a Cherry Coalition. Their site has lots of great info about cherries, including many cherry recipes and cherry health and nutrition information. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

If you did not know, I am a big fan of the cherry as a fruit. I also love lots of different cherry candy..see the Cherry Mash Needs SEO blog post..Thinking about cherries reminds me of one of my favorite dishes at a local restaurant, the Landis Store Hotel, Duck with Cherry Sauce…oh, I need to stop thinking about food.

Who Should participate in #TNI?

Back to TNI, now who should participate in TNI?  If you have a travel interest that is personal or professional, you may want to consider following and participating in TNI. Who already participates in TNI?

So if you find yourself being o of these four types of travelers, or if you find yourself being a person that would like to network with these types of  travelers, why not tune in on Thursday and give TNI a try?

If you are interested in Sponsoring TNI like did, you can visit ZipSetgo below for more info.

Examine TNI

TNI and other similar Twitter Chats have the potential to be awesome marketing events.  Thinking about your own little niche, be it automotive, financial, home improvement or what have you. Do you think you could use a Tweetup like this to drive business to your site or your physical location?

TNI Resources

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