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Niche Legal Directory For Sale

Online Legal Directory , which is one of our oldest niche directories is for sale. Well its not the oldest, but the domain is almost a decade old. It had actually been used by someone else prior to our registering the domain.

Who would want to buy a Legal Niche Directory?

An SEO or online marketing company that specializes in law firm marketing, and believe me there are a ton of them. Legal SEO, is a really profitable niche of SEO to specialize. I would specialize in it, but I would rather focus on restaurant or travel SEO.

I have been making calls, and I have discovered that many of these types of marketing companies have a huge portfolio of legal sites that they can use for link building.

Online Legal Directory Stats

Domain Age – 9 yrs and 5 months at this writing

Backlinks -231 ..not many, and the links are not very diverse..needs a lot of work.

The site needs a lot of development..actually I would recommend scrapping it and starting over.

I did install a legal directory blog on it, but I only did one post, and never got to develop it.

It currently is a paid directory that only accepts very few listings. It actually spammed by the bots very frequently..at least I get notifications about 10 times a day that a Russian website has been submitted..too bad they are not a paying legal company.

Anyway, if you are from an SEO company that would like to increase your portfolio of legal sites, and would like to make an offer on OnlineLegaldirectory.com, please let me know.

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Facebook Optimizaton -Stuff for Tweaking Facebook

This long over due Facebook Optimization blog post focuses on some apps and more that I use on Facebook or have recommended others use. Today, more and more businesses are using Fan pages, so this is a huge opportunity for Social Media Consultants.

This is just a small list of tips for optimizing your Facebook Fan pages. If you feel so inclined, fan Baldydog on Facebook.

Do you have any Facebook Optimization tips?

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Give Your Social Media Marketing Plan a Boost with a Live Twitter Event

If you are actively involved in social media for your business, you know that it is important to constantly seek out new ways to engage your followers. Simply posting information about your company is not enough. You need to engage users in a dialogue that will get them talking to you and talking about your company.

One way to do this is to host an event such as a Twitter party, Twitter chat or ‘tweet up.’ All three are fun, relatively low-cost ways for companies to reach out to followers and get them actively participating in topics related to your company. Here are descriptions of each type of event and ways you can apply them to your social media marketing plan.

What are Twitter Parties?

Twitter parties are events that are held entirely on Twitter. A company or organization will pick a specific date, time and hashtag for the party that users must include in each of their tweets in order for their responses to be ‘seen’ in the party. A company hosting the event will pick a specific theme for the party, which usually includes topics and discussions related to the company’s products and services (for example: a company that sells butter might have a Halloween Twitter party that includes discussions about baking Halloween party foods with recipe ideas that include butter). There are usually product giveaways during the party and an expert or company representative on hand to answer questions pertaining to the party theme. A Twitter party is not about a hard sell; rather the brand takes a back seat to the topic and discussion at hand. However, the brand’s presence is felt by providing users with the opportunity to ask questions about the topic from an expert, exchange ideas and opinions about the topic, possibly win a prize from the sponsor or maybe take part in a special offer or call to action provided by the sponsor during the party. Twitter parties fun events that get people excited about. As a result, attendees are likely to mention or tweet about the event both before, during and after the party, genearating an increase in followers and interest in the company sponsoring the event. For more information about planning and hosting a Twitter party, check out Twitter party experts TweeParties.

What are Twitter Chats?

Twitter chats are similar to Twitter parties in that they have a specific topic to discuss, they are about an hour or two in length and use a hashtag to help users follow the chat. What makes them different from parties is that while a company might organize or sponsor the party, the purpose of the chat is to discuss and share ideas about a certain topic—not to promote a business or organization. Also, while a Twitter party might be a one-time event, Twitter chats are usually held on a regular basis—either weekly or monthly—to develop a following of Twitter users who might be interested in regularly discussing the tiopic. Twitter chats can be held for any topic: travel, marketing, small business tips, knitting, cooking, parenting teens—you name it! It’s a great way for people who have a shared interest in a topic to come together, share ideas and network. But remember: Twitter chats are all about the discussion, not about promotion. Even if a company organizes a chat, it’s usually not the place to promote your products and services.

What are Tweet Ups?

Tweet ups are events that are not held online but rather in person. It’s a gathering of Twitter users at a specific location: your company, a restaurant or any venue where people can come together and meet face-to-face. Usually Tweet ups are very social in nature and include ample time for users to mingle and chat, beverages and snacks, maybe even giveaways or ‘door prizes.’ Often Tweet ups have a speaker on a specific topic that makes the event educational and informative as well. They’re a great way to get your users through your door and reward them with a fun, informative, free experience. Tweet ups work well for companies or organizations who have a number of followers who live or work in the same area. You can consider it an ‘open house’ of sorts for Twitter users. Tweeting about the event to your followers and enticing them to come for fun, food and freebies might also encourage your followers to spread the word to their friends through tweets and retweets. You can even set up a registration page using online services such as Eventbrite or Twtvite to give you an idea of how many people to expect. But always take that number and add to it, to allow for last minute arrivals who saw a tweet minutes before and happened to be in your neighborhood.

The above post was written by Erin Boudreau
Founder of TweeParties, Inc.


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