November 2010

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Become a LinkedIn Thought Leader

Lately,  I have been spending quite a bit of time on LinkedIn, primarily due to my growing involvement in the number of groups I have joined as the result of the blog post about using Social Media for finding a Job done by our intern last semester.

On a basic LinkedIn profile you are allowed to join the maximum of 50 groups. So I started joining groups after I searched “Groups” for topics I am interested in such as “social media”, seo, Philadelphia business, and  networking to name a few. This blog post is about using free LinkedIn profiles.

Oh, if you want to add me as a LinkedIn contact,  check out my LinkedIn profile and leave a comment here with your LinkedIn email and profile and I will add you as well.

Also be sure to join the SMO group that I created which discusses topics involved with optimizing your social media profiles. I created several groups, but this is the group I am going to focus on for my goal of being seen as a LinkedIn Thought leader.

LinkedIn Features for Networking

What Do You Know About LinkedIn?

Well this is my first post on LinkedIn, so if you have any suggestions about using LinkedIn for networking to add, please feel free.

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Google URL Shortner VS URL Shortner

Google just made its URL Shortning service available to the public at large. Prior to using I used the URL shortening service prior to jumping over from tiny.url.

Much like, with you can track the stats of your links which includes:

With You can:

From my view, currently, has a lot more going on, but one thing has is it is a Google property. As such, I am sure it will continue to evolve and offer more features.

Currently however, I will continue to use, but will keep my eye on the Google URL Shortening service to see what features are added in the future.

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Save Lives, Upload Photo Project

I got the Photojojo newsletter yesterday, and found out about a cool project being run by GE.  By uploading photos to Flickr through the GE Ecomagination site,  you can help them to donate wind power, solar power and drinking water to an underdeveloped country. Check out the post about the project on PhotoJojo or go directly to the GE EComagination page to upload your wind,water, and light photos.

Below are the three photos I submitted to the project.





Water - Sarasotta Waves


Your Wind, Water, and Light Photos?

Let me know if you added your pics to the project, and I’ll check them out.

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