December 2010

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Exploit Google Zeitgeist- Enormous End of Year Challenge

Several weeks ago, after hearing about the 2010 Google Zeitgeist list, I did the blog post Google Zeitgeist 2010 – Food and Drink Category on Thegrubhound, my restaurant review/foodie marketing blog.  Upon checking out the Google Zeitgeist list again, I realized there is a huge potential to earn some end of year revenue..for both you and me.

Google Zeitgeist Challenge Video

(created using YouTube Search Stories Channel)

What is the Enormous End of Year Challenge?

My challenge to you is to check out the Google Zeitgeist list and see what keyword rich blog post you can come up with that an advertiser would love to sponsor or purchase at least 1 keyword rich text link.

I already did a post on Thegrubhound, although I did not actively seek out advertisers yet. I am however thinking about doing a post about “Dubai Tours” which is the number 10 most searched word in the Fastest Rising Translations  category of the Zeitgeist list. The reason I am choosing the phrase “Dubai Tours”  is because, I had an inquiry about doing SEO for a Dubai travel site, so I am considering this contact to be a warm lead for potential advertising opportunities.

Potential Dubai Tours Blog Posts

So a Dubai Tours blog post is forthcoming on What will my blog post on Dubai Tours consist of since I have never been to Dubai?

Well as you can see from my Dubai Tours blog post notes, writing a keyword rich blog post that focuses on one of the Google Zeitgeist search terms, should not be that difficult.

Do I want to Write a Google Zeitgeist Blog Post?

I wrote a similar Google Top Keywords post back in 2007 on Club Penguin and Webkinz. That post still gets about 10 hits a day..after 3 years that is a still a steady flow of traffic. So yes, if you don’t want any of the traffic to your site that a Google Zeitgeist blog post would provide, then don’t take up my Google Zeitgeist Challenge.

So What is the title of your Google Zeitgeist Challenge post going to be?

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Online Video Voice Over Intros

A good friend of mine, Jim Wallaesa,  started a site the other day for his Voice Over Business. Voice Over Jim currently only has two pages and one blog post in addition to a snazzy look. Additionally, a Twitter profile and widget  was created and added to the blog..add VoiceOverJim on Twitter if you would like to network with a guy whose voice sounds like it should be announcing the evening news.

What is a Voice Over Artist?

Well according to Wikipedia a Voice Over Artist or one who does “Voice acting (which)is the art of providing voices for animated characters (including those in feature films, television series, animated shorts, and video games) and radio and audio dramas and comedy, doing voice-overs in radio and television commercials, audio dramas, dubbed foreign language films .

I was brain storming about possible voice over blog post topics that Jim could do to help increase his authority as a Voice Over Artist in the greater Philadelphia area.

10 Blog Post to Becoming a Voice Over Authority

1. Make a list post of the top 10 places to get Voice Over Work or Voice Over Resources.

2. Make a Voice Over List of the best cities to do Voice Over Work(Philadelphia has to be on the list because Philadelphia Voice Over work is ample as there are tons of movies being made in Philly)

3. Do a blog post that goes over voice over terminology.

4. Do a blog post about Voice Over “How to make a great Voice Over Demo”.

5. Do a blog post that highlights some of the best Voice Overs of all My favorite Sci-Fi Voice Overs of all time.

6. Do a blog post about various voice over “10 Voice Over Niches to find Voice Over Jobs”. I thought Online Video Voice Over Intros might be a good niche which might provide a good deal of voice over work, so that’s why I titled this post “Online Video Voice Over Demos”.

7. Interview some other authority Voice Over Artists.

8. Do a blog post that highlights “the top 10 Voice Over Blogs”.

9. Make a Voice Over Compilation Video and post on the VoiceOverJim YouTube Channel, and  then post it on the Voice Over Jim Blog.

10. Post clips from your various Voice Over gigs and tell how the clip was made.

Do You need a Voice Over Artist for any reason? Please check out Jim’s site and listen to his Voice Over Demos.

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Brand Evangelism – Susquehanna Banks #Tweet2Feed Program

As a way of helping companies out that are doing great things, I am going to be doing this type of Brand Evangelism post on a programs that I hear about.   I am not getting any sort of compensation for these posts.

One of the networking groups that I belong to is Rotary International. I am currently the Sgt at Arms for the Boyertown Rotary, where the current president works for Susquehanna Bank.  At our last Rotary meeting, Joe W.  told me about a program his company was doing that entailed donating 50 meals to local food banks for every new checking account that was started through the end of December.  Susquehanna is also donating 10 meals for every new person that follows them on Twitter and 5 for retweeting a tweet about the #Tweet2Feed program.

I have already followed and retweeted the tweet and encouraged others to do so as well.

Click on the #Tweet2Feed picture to go to Susquehanna’s post about the promotion.

The #Tweet2Feed program is a great example of a program that is creating brand evangelists. Susquehanna Bank is a company that I believe has been utilizing these types of programs and encourages its employees to be part of the local communities.

I was at a Bible study the other day and I was telling the guys about a conversation I had with my daughter, when she asked me what I wanted for Christmas.   I told her I wanted cash and she said that was really weird for a guy my age to ask for cash. I told her I wanted to use the cash to open up a checking account at Susquehanna Bank which was holding this promotion.

Upon retelling this to the guys, one of the guys told me that he has nothing but great things to say about Susquehanna Bank, as it was the bank his father used, and when his dad died a number of years ago, many of the local Susquehanna bank employees came to the funeral and grieved greatly for his dad.

Well, anyway, I want to encourage everyone that has a Twitter account to go to the post and then RT and follow @Susquehanna

Update: at the time of writing this there were 45,675 meals of 12/13/2010 at 2pm there have been 46,370 meals donated.

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