January 2011

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The Story of Ted Williams Silky Smooth Voice

Since doing the Online Video Voice Over post for my buddy Voice Over Jim, I heard about Ted Williams, a homeless man who has a voice that is truly silky smooth. Below is the YouTube video that made Ted Williams famous.

Update: You can still view the original video that is copyrighted by an archaic newspaper that believes copyright is the answer to their woes.

The video has gone viral, and has been seen by millions of viewers. The actual video that went viral was taken down from YouTube, because the AP said they were violating copyright laws..go figure.

Mr. Williams did go to school to learn to be announcer, but as often happens hard times which included alcohol and drug abuse as well as entanglements with the law.  After being derailed for nearly 20 years, with the help of God,  Ted seems to be on track for a remarkable voice over career.

Ted has had multiple offers including being the announcer for the Cleveland Cavaliers, four commercials for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese at $10,000 a pop, and an offer to be in a movie with Jack Nicholson.

What do you think of Mr. Williams silky smooth voice?

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