May 2011

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Directory Submission Fundraiser

As part of the fundraising for our FromHousestoHomes Guatemala trip, we are donating 100% of our directory submission review fees to the following directories until July15th.

In addition to the directory submissions other advertising options are available as well.  See the Guatemala Fund Raising Advertising post for more info.


Of Course if you just want to make a donation, that is always appreciated too. $10 donations will receive a link on our Guatemala donors page. Via You can now donate via my Guatemala fundraiser on Crowdwise if you don’t or can’t use Paypal.  If you prefer Paypal, you can use that as well, just visit the first link on this post, and click on Paypal button in that post.


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Building Homes for Poor Families of Guatemala



Since my last blog post back in 2008 about the Guatemalan organization, that makes houses for poor families of Guatemala, I  signed up to go to Guatemala this summer (2011) with the non-profit, to pitch in and build a cinder block houses.

From July 28th to August 7th, a group of 5 from my church, which includes my friend Dave who was in the video on the older post, and his two oldest kids along with my step-daughter and I, will be building  a cinder block house for a family that previously had  a corn stalk house.Guatemalan Corn Stalk House

Corn stalk houses vs Cinder Block Houses

Corn stalk houses are not very secure and can be easily destroyed by the tropical weather. The cinder block houses can not be easily destroyed, and have a tin roof that keeps out mother nature.
The corn stalk houses also are easily broken into by animals and other unwanted guests. The cinder block houses have doors and windows that can be secured. Additionally, each house is equipped with bunk beds, a stove, and some shelves.

FromHousestoHomes Cinder Block HouseThe cinder block houses we are building are not very luxurious compared to our homes in the States, but compared to the corn stalk houses, they are a huge improvement.

Fund-raising for Guatemala

My daughter and I need to raise $3777.00 for the trip, so we are ramping up my fund-raising efforts.  I would like you the reader to to donate $10 usd to help me with our trip.  For your donation, not only will I be grateful, but I will add you and your site url to the donors page that I will have on this site as well as Guatemala Donation page.


In addition to donating, I also have some advertising specials available which will result in up to 100% of the proceeds going to the trip. Check out the advertising for Guatemala post for info about the advertising options. If you are interested in some other advertising that is not included, or if you have suggestions, please let me know in a comment.

Additionally, until July 15th, all directory submission review fees will be applied to the trip 100%.  This includes submissions to the following directories:


Will you donate and help poor families in Guatemala?


UPDATE: I deleted the Paypal button after we got a donation several months later. However, if you would like to donate, please feel free to visit the site and donate.



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