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Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you probably are aware that Local SEO has become very important Local SEO Targetfor any business that has a physical location or if the business is targeting a specific geographic location.
Years ago, Google and other search engines did not have different listings for local search results. To get traffic to a site, we practiced the method of using Keyword phrases with the specific locations.

Local SEO in 2006

One of my original clients, who has since retired, had several business’s. One a landscape company, and the other a Corn Stove Dealership. Back in 2006, before local search became a priority, we targeted the big phrases, but then built links to the site with the locations as well.  So my friends site not only ranked for “Corn Stoves” but also dominated in the local search markets.  For his landscaping company, I did likewise.

Local SEO Today

Back in 2006, smart phones like the iPhone did not exist.  Phones, were, well, phones. Remember the Motorola Razar? That was the dominant phone back then.Motorola Razar

Well, I digress. Today, Mobile use is slated to consist of over 50% of all search traffic. If you look at the use on the past weekend(black Friday), I bet it was even higher.

Today’s business environment requires that Local SEO be a service that any business that wants to be found locally needs to use. Like regular SEO, it is now a mainstream advertising method.

BaldyDog Local SEO

BaldyDog Search Strategies has officially launched our Local SEO Services.

As requests for local SEO have continued to come in, we decided we should formalize our local SEO service packages. The very basic packages includes:

These items will probably not get your business on page one of the local listings in Las Vegas or a moderate to very competitive market, but for a small town, it just might do the trick.

If you have a question about local SEO or would like a proposal for Local SEO services, please visit the link above or visit our primary business site Baldydog.com.




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