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Goals posts for 2007


Goals for 2007

Purpose: To make personal, financial, and business progress by setting goals, establishing quarterly progress, and revisiting goal progress quarterly.

1. Real Estate goal(See Previous post)

2. Financial Goals

  •  Tithe
  • Retirement
  • 3. Personal goals.

  • Phyical
  • 4. Develop a work schedule that does not involve working all of the day light hours.

    5. Business

  • Increase traffic to all sites by 10% per quarter.
  • Increase the number of sites in the Network
  • sell 1 site per quarter
  • Goals will be revisted on a quarterly basis with first quarter ending 3/15/2006, and then scheduling the next quarterly review.

    Use of daily, weekly goals and schedules to ensure goals are met by target date. 




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