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Niche Legal Directory For Sale

Online Legal Directory , which is one of our oldest niche directories is for sale. Well its not the oldest, but the domain is almost a decade old. It had actually been used by someone else prior to our registering the domain.

Who would want to buy a Legal Niche Directory?

An SEO or online marketing company that specializes in law firm marketing, and believe me there are a ton of them. Legal SEO, is a really profitable niche of SEO to specialize. I would specialize in it, but I would rather focus on restaurant or travel SEO.

I have been making calls, and I have discovered that many of these types of marketing companies have a huge portfolio of legal sites that they can use for link building.

Online Legal Directory Stats

Domain Age – 9 yrs and 5 months at this writing

Backlinks -231 ..not many, and the links are not very diverse..needs a lot of work.

The site needs a lot of development..actually I would recommend scrapping it and starting over.

I did install a legal directory blog on it, but I only did one post, and never got to develop it.

It currently is a paid directory that only accepts very few listings. It actually spammed by the bots very least I get notifications about 10 times a day that a Russian website has been submitted..too bad they are not a paying legal company.

Anyway, if you are from an SEO company that would like to increase your portfolio of legal sites, and would like to make an offer on, please let me know.

Written by Pixelhead on October 23rd, 2010 with 17 comments.
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Yellow Book Advertising – Is Yellow Book Advertising Good for Your Business?

A number of years ago,  when I was considering getting  (sorry for cursing) a job, I had an interview at for an account specialist position. The position was primarily for a PPC (Pay per Click) account manager, which I have a bit of experience doing,  having first experienced the activities involved with a  PPC campaignYellow Pages Phone Books about 7 years ago and I believe the entire campaign was run on what was known as Overture,  which became part of the Yahoo empire. The campaign was for Bicycle Touring with Baldydog, a bicycle touring  equipment company(the original Baldydog), that did not do well at all, and actually wasted a ton of money.

Anyway, back to the authority known as Yellow Book.

Yellow book advertising is a method of advertising that many businesses may decide is an appropriate method of spending their valuable advertising dollars.

From the humble beginnings in Long Island, Yellow Book has grown to be a huge advertising medium. I bet most people have let their fingers do the walking on more than one occasion. Currently though, the old Yellow Pages has seen a serious decline, and is struggling to stay a float. However, it is still a preferred advertising medium to many of the mom and pops to name a few.  I am not going to tell you that it is dieing, and the new Yellow Pages is the smartphone..I am sure you new that.

Possible Ways to Capitalize on Yellow Book

What I am going to give you are four ideas for taking advantage of the declining authority of Yellow Book.

Why Yellowpages Advertising is so Bad

First, I did say that a few of my clients did sign up for and get an actual website. However, the sites were very basic, and were optimized for only their local geographic regions. So showing up in the SERPs for other geographic regions without any further SEO is out of the question.

Secondly, my clients were being charged for clicks, which meant when ever a person searched for say “Exton Home Cleaner“, and the resulting search brought up a Superpages listing, when the searcher clicked on the link, and visited the  Superpages page and then hopefully clicked on my clients link, he was charged for a click…whether he got any business or not.

Thirdly, Yellowpages or any of their affiliated sites do not make money if the clients site ranks, only if the YP pages does. So they have no incentive to properly SEO the clients sites.

What Can YellowPages do to Turn It Around

First, they can quit ripping people off for unsubstantiated PPC advertising, by changing their monetization strategies. They already have the ability to build websites, so why not focus on creating a advertising experience that does not take advantage of the small business owner who is powerless to do anything after they have signed a seemingly iron clad contract after being sweet talked by a Yellowpages Advertising sales person who promises the world but delivers little.

Are You a Prior YellowPages Advertiser?

If you are a small business owner who is tired of paying for Yellowpages advertising, and would like to see a higher ROI on their advertising dollars, please leave a comment or stop by and feel free to contact us for a quote that will enable you to see a significantly higher ROI than Yellowpages advertising.

Do you have a Yellow Book, Yellowpages, Superpages or other type of experience you can share with us?

MY Suggestions for YellowPages

I as most people who grew up before the Internet, have fond memories of using the Yellowpages for a variety of tasks. Of the day when every home had at least one and it was openned on a daily basis.  The Yellowpages at that time was a resource for not only businesses, but government info, zip code info, school info, coupons, and more.

If I were yellow pages, I would cease the practice of making money by charging for phantom clicks. Give their huge number of clients more than they bargained. Give them an ROI that makes Google Adsense pail in comparison.

If I were in charge at Yellowpages, I would do everything to insure that I stayed the advertising authority that YellowPages once was. I make sure that the brand had a positive image rather than an image of an advertising dinosaur.

As a wise man said, if you want to make a lot of money, find a way to help a lot of people. Yellow pages has the ability to make a lot of money for generations to come, by helping a lot of businesses to succeed.

Finally, I would like to offer my help to Yellowpages to improve their brand reputation that it was in the past.

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Does Steve Carell Love Hooters?

When I take my son to hockey at the BodyZone in Reading, I frequently pass by the Reading Hooters. While sitting at the traffic light, I got my camera out and made this quick little video.
I wonder if Hooters pays Steve Carell for this advertising.

Inspite of Michael’s negative buffoon type character, I think the branding for Hooters is mostly positive.

Do you watch The Office? What do you think about the use of this type of advertising? Is it effective?

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Written by Pixelhead on October 13th, 2009 with 21 comments.
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Twitter Update: Have You Overheard?

Joel Comm just sent out an email inviting me to add him on Twitter . Joel’s post got me thinking about Twitter, and the developments that Twitter has undergone this year.

EmperorAnton's Twitter Page

Looking at my Emperor Anton Twitter page, I notice it is a PR5. I am not sure how much if any “Google juice” it has, since tweets are only run 20 deep. So a link on there can only remain there as long as it is within the last twenty tweets. It may count for a little bit of Google juice, but probably not since any links in the tweet have a “no follow” tag. But I have seen tweets show up in the SERPS, so if you put a link to a desired site in a tweet and it shows up in the SERP’s, it could possibly result in a bit of traffic. Screenshot

Twitter Update: Have You Overheard? posts tweets on their site that are prefaced with “Overheard” or “OH”. Also, to be posted on the site tweets must be marked as “unprotected” or visible to the public.

After you post an OH tweet it will show up on Overheard within 15 to 20 minutes, unless you add them as a friend, then it should appear within 2 minutes.

Follow Overheard

Thanks Overheard

So your tweets can be published on yet another site. I know lots of people post their tweets on their Facebook page, blog, Myspace, and Mybloglog to name a few. And now you can add Overheard to the mix.

Brilliant Marketing

Overheard is part of the Sidebar Network, which is a network of sites being developed by the web design company, Sidebar Creative. From what I can tell the Sidebar Network consists of:

It’s a web site… it won’t destroy your computer. We’ll take your data and store it, but if we lose it, we’re sorry. We’ll probably sell aggregate data (but not your name or email address) to advertisers. We reserve the right to charge for this at some point. These terms might change in the future, but if they do, we’ll let you know. Cool?

This reminds me so much of all the Facebook apps that companies are developing in hopes of getting other Facebook user to use and become loyal customers. Give away something free and get some advertising in exchange.

If I were using Myspace, I would give Kudos to SidebarCreative for developing the Overheard site and further developing the Twitter advertising model, which even Joel Comm is starting to use.

What do you think about Twitter and Overheard?

Written by Pixelhead on December 18th, 2007 with 11 comments.
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Monetization:Kontera Ads Removed

The trial period of using Kontera ads on Pixelheadonline is over. After reviewing the records, it was determined that the Kontera ads were not worth as much as they cost. Lizzie, who was never a fan of the Kontera bubble ads, was right. Yes I said it in writing, she was right and I was wrong.

The ads in addition to being annoying, also slowed down the page load times considerably. For visitors who use slower ISP’s, the extra time could be quite considerable.

However, we will still be monetizing the site with a variety of advertisements to include text link ads, banner adds, paid blog reviews, directory links, and of course Google Adsense.

If you are reading this, and are interested in Advertising on Pixelheadonline, please see the Advertising page.

Written by Pixelhead on July 27th, 2007 with 16 comments.
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