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LinkPost | Pay Per Post Service

Lizzie signed us up for another paid review program similar to the paid post program, but this one is in conjuction with We have used both and and a few others for their text link advertising brokering services as many other SEO firms do as Banner

So here is my sponsored review of LinkWorth’s pay per post service. Much like, LinkWorth also suggests that publishers(that would be the blogger) indicate that the post is a paid advertisement, which can be done by mentioning in the post as I already have done, or by using Linkworths “Sponsored Linkpost” image. Either is fine, but only recommended. LinkWorth also says that the post must remain active for at least three months, but they would prefer it to be active for the life of the blog.

Advertisers may request a positive review of their site and they may also request certain keywords to be linked to their site. Blog owners may also choose to decline any offers that they do not wish to do. For instance, Lizzy who did a Linkworth LinkPost Review on, had had a request to do a review of a weightloss product. She did a little research and thought the product was questionable, so she declined the offer. The advertiser, in this case being Linkworth, requested that 1-3 keywords be used in the review. The first of the three was used above, and the other two, which are Make money online and Search Engine Marketing. I chose not to link to these other two because I prefer to only link to a site once per post, because I feel it appears to be less spammy, and the one link will have greater value.

Unlike, Linkworth did not do a contest to get the blogesphere involved. But what they did do, is give me the blogger double the amount for my review post. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have the cash, then play the lottery.

So if you have a blog, especially one that is in a good niche, sign up at Linkworth for their advertising programs. Please feel free to use my Linkworth Affiliate Link to sign up for both their Text link advertising and LinkPost programs.

Written by Pixelhead on April 27th, 2007 with 5 comments.
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Free Program- Make Money by Surfing the Net

Free to sign up to make money to surf the net using a program called, which is a ground floor opportunity. The program is the next generation AllAdvantage program, which was a program that began in 1999, but failed due to over reliance on Venture capital. The new program is totally Member owned, making it a sort of Web 2.0 money making machine. Join the A GLObal COmmunity program, and you could be one of the owners.
A bit of tracking software is put on your computer, and this will track the sites that you go to. No, it’s not Spyware, since you have the choice of putting it on, and you can remove or turn it off with one click.
Five DollarsJust surfing the net for five hours a week(oops made a mistake, its 5 hours a month) will net you 5 bucks. Tell a couple of friends and your earning increase. Check out the Algloco Earning calculator to see how much you could potentially earn.

Anyway, I signed up for the program last night after learning about it on AglocoFriends Blog which has a community on

Here is was my Agloco Affiliate link if you would like to sign up under me.

Update: AGloco is a member of the Deadpool..

Written by Pixelhead on January 31st, 2007 with 9 comments.
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