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The Story of Ted Williams Silky Smooth Voice

Since doing the Online Video Voice Over post for my buddy Voice Over Jim, I heard about Ted Williams, a homeless man who has a voice that is truly silky smooth. Below is the YouTube video that made Ted Williams famous.

Update: You can still view the original video that is copyrighted by an archaic newspaper that believes copyright is the answer to their woes.

The video has gone viral, and has been seen by millions of viewers. The actual video that went viral was taken down from YouTube, because the AP said they were violating copyright laws..go figure.

Mr. Williams did go to school to learn to be announcer, but as often happens hard times which included alcohol and drug abuse as well as entanglements with the law.  After being derailed for nearly 20 years, with the help of God,  Ted seems to be on track for a remarkable voice over career.

Ted has had multiple offers including being the announcer for the Cleveland Cavaliers, four commercials for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese at $10,000 a pop, and an offer to be in a movie with Jack Nicholson.

What do you think of Mr. Williams silky smooth voice?

Other Stories about Ted Williams continued Success:

Written by Pixelhead on January 7th, 2011 with 37 comments.
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Exploit Google Zeitgeist- Enormous End of Year Challenge

Several weeks ago, after hearing about the 2010 Google Zeitgeist list, I did the blog post Google Zeitgeist 2010 – Food and Drink Category on Thegrubhound, my restaurant review/foodie marketing blog.  Upon checking out the Google Zeitgeist list again, I realized there is a huge potential to earn some end of year revenue..for both you and me.

Google Zeitgeist Challenge Video

(created using YouTube Search Stories Channel)

What is the Enormous End of Year Challenge?

My challenge to you is to check out the Google Zeitgeist list and see what keyword rich blog post you can come up with that an advertiser would love to sponsor or purchase at least 1 keyword rich text link.

I already did a post on Thegrubhound, although I did not actively seek out advertisers yet. I am however thinking about doing a post about “Dubai Tours” which is the number 10 most searched word in the Fastest Rising Translations  category of the Zeitgeist list. The reason I am choosing the phrase “Dubai Tours”  is because, I had an inquiry about doing SEO for a Dubai travel site, so I am considering this contact to be a warm lead for potential advertising opportunities.

Potential Dubai Tours Blog Posts

So a Dubai Tours blog post is forthcoming on What will my blog post on Dubai Tours consist of since I have never been to Dubai?

Well as you can see from my Dubai Tours blog post notes, writing a keyword rich blog post that focuses on one of the Google Zeitgeist search terms, should not be that difficult.

Do I want to Write a Google Zeitgeist Blog Post?

I wrote a similar Google Top Keywords post back in 2007 on Club Penguin and Webkinz. That post still gets about 10 hits a day..after 3 years that is a still a steady flow of traffic. So yes, if you don’t want any of the traffic to your site that a Google Zeitgeist blog post would provide, then don’t take up my Google Zeitgeist Challenge.

So What is the title of your Google Zeitgeist Challenge post going to be?

Written by Pixelhead on December 23rd, 2010 with 21 comments.
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Blog Comments – How to Leave Blog Comments that Get Published

I really love getting comments that add to the conversation. And sure I like to hear that my blog is great, what blogger doesn’t. However,  I don’t publish comments that don’t pertain to the blog post, the comment was left on.

How to Get Your Blog Comments Published

If you have read my commentators guidelines you know that I generally don’t like to publish comments for sites that don’t have either an active blog or a forum.  Occasionally, if the comment is really good, I will publish the comment…frequently, I don’t. If you don’t have a blog, then be sure to leave an awesome comment if you want it published.

If you want to compliment me, feel free to do so, but leave it at the end or the beginning of a relevant comment.

Well, that is enough of my rant on crappy comments.

What Do You Think?

Do you have commenting guidelines on your blog? If you don’t have a blog,  do you think commenting guidelines are good?

Written by Pixelhead on February 19th, 2010 with 40 comments.
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JS:Small-c Virus Alert

Today, I spent a better part of the day trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with Alltravelsites becasue my wifes virus protection gave her a warning, and when I was on it, it kept redirecting to some other sites. Another friend checked it out and his virus protection came up with a warning that said the page had a JS:Small-c[trj] virus.


Being pretty slow, I checked out the source code, and saw nothing that was sticking out at me. I put a support ticket into the webhost, and they were of very little help..they requested several screenshots because did they not detect a virus. The page also did not redirect all the time, because you had to navigate around on the page for a while.

Later on this evening, I emailed my friend Greg over at Domain Name Co (lots of great domain names for sale on his site by the way) and he suggested I check out the template files. Greg’s email encouraged me to do a bit more research, so with the tool known as Google, I did a quick to love I searched for JS:Small-C Virus and this forum with the solution to the problem was at the top of the results.


I went into the header file and found the code that was indicated in the forum deleted it and the problem was temporarily fixed. Temporary because I now need to update the template. I tried to this a while ago, and the entire site went down. I then put in another ticket so that I can get the blog updated.  Some little snafu with the ftp protocol.

Anyway after I fixed the travel blog I headed over here and noticed the words INCLUDE_DATA at the top of the page. I went into the header file and found the text siting just before the <head> tag, which I promptly deleted.

Just thought I would share my experience with this in case your blog happens to be doing some wonky stuff.

The final solution, make sure you update your WP versions as soon as possible so that security patches are fixed because there are but heads out there who will take advantage of your failure to update your blog.

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Written by Pixelhead on February 10th, 2010 with 20 comments.
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Blogging Essentials Intro

This is the introductory video to the Blogging Essentials series that I will be doing on
I have been meaning to do a “How to Blog” series, and I thought I would host the series on Socialtivity, which is an example of the Socialtivity social media content manager and online community software platform from Liquid Interactive, which happens to be one of our business partners.

Stop on by Socialtivity to read the Blogging Essentials blog post series, I’ll be sure to link to the blog posts from here as  articles are added to the series.

Here is the first post in the Blogging Essentials series.

Want to Share Your Blogging Knowledge?

If you would be interested in participating in the blogging series, please let me know via the comment form here. You can add your post onto Socialtivity or you can keep it on your own blog, but be listed as part of the series.

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Written by Pixelhead on December 15th, 2009 with 32 comments.
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Laptop Repair and Clothier

Kudos go out to Ted from for pointing me in the right direction to getting my wife’s laptop fixed. Lizzie had the misfortune of having her ctrl key on her Dell Inspiron E1505 come flying off early last week. I emailed Ted, and Ted let me know what my options were.
Computer Wizards Logo

Kudos to the Kutztown Computer Wizards for fixing Lizzie’s Laptop in a jiff. Lizzie and I headed over to Computer Wizards at lunch time and planned on dropping her laptop off so that it could get fixed during lunch. Not even 5 minutes passed before the new keyboard was installed and we were out the door and on our merry way.
And last but not least Kudos go out to my new exclusive clothier A Weitzenkorn’s Sons, Inc of Pottstown.  Gregg Weitzenkorn showed me gave me great service and has the desire to be sure that his customers are dressed to the “T’. Thanks Gregg.

When a company goes above and beyond, I really believe they deserve to be recognized. And as such this seems like like a great place to recognize any such businesses that I encounter.

Written by Pixelhead on September 2nd, 2009 with 33 comments.
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