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Play Poker | is an Online Poker site review site, that is to say it reviews online gambling sites, especially those that cater to poker players. The site also has many poker related articles, of which I in particular enjoyed the article about the Poker Face and became a little more enlightened about the habits of gamblers while playing poker.

I also discovered the sites blog, All poker sites blog via a link to the post about the New Laws governing online gambling in the US, which makes it seem like online poker and online gambling in general is about to go through a transition due to the passage of some pork barrel legislation. Trying to control online poker via legislation is one of the stupidest, wasteful things the idiots in Washington can do. If you want to do something, end a war or find a cure for a disease, or try to place some regulations on the online gaming industry that has lured our children in for countless hours of wasteful online gaming at a time. Many a teenager spends more time in these virtual online gaming communities such as World of War Craft, Kingdom of Loathing, or Everquest, than doing school work…could this be a reason that China produces 10X the number of Engineers than the US? If an industry ever needed regulating, the online gaming industry which preys upon our vulnerable teenagers is just such an industry. Should these games not have a time limit that each juvenile player is aloud to play per day? Parental Controls should exist, and be readily available only to the parents.

Sorry for the digression…returning to the subject of this post, the online poker site review site. Online gambling, and online poker sites provide a service that apparently was and is needed or it would not be such a successful endeavor. The US Gamblers will find a way to get their online gambling needs met…legally or illegally. Not that I have ever gambled online, it is not and will not be one of my chosen past times, but far be it from me to tell tax paying adults what to do with their free time. While it is still legal in the US, please stop by and read up on some online poker sites and make a more informed choice about which poker site to visit to play poker online.

Written by Pixelhead on November 28th, 2006 with 3 comments.
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