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Penguin Update Articles

The Penguin update is one of Google’s latest updates. I like many of you have been scouring the Internet for all information about the club penguin…sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Anyway, from what I have been reading, I am under the impression that it is more of a spam filter than an algorithm update. So now more than ever, content is going to be even more important, along with good link building practices. Some might even go as far as forgoing link building, but venture into creating great content that others will share via social media.

If you think you have a totally awesome site with lots of great content, and have totally natural looking backlinks and you were affected adversely by the Penguin Update, here is the Penguin Update feedback form.

I suggest visiting the post right below, and watch the two videos about the Penguin Update by Google’s very own Matt Cutts.


Other Penguin Update related articles

Anything to contribute about the Penguin Update?

Well I hope your site(s) was not affected to badly by the Penguin Update. If you have some other Penguin Update posts to share, please leave them in a comment below. If you would like some assistance with web development and/or content creation please visit my business site, and contact me for a professional consultation.

Written by Pixelhead on May 10th, 2012 with 25 comments.
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Google+ – Connect with Me on Google Plus

If you have a Google+ profile, please feel free to connect with Baldydog on Google+  and me Adam Donkus.

I have been using Google plus off and on for several months. It does seem to be a decent way to connect with people that have very similar interests.  I also like it because, well its a Google property.

Be sure to create both a personal page and a page for your company as well. Be sure to add the Google+1 badge in addition to creating your company page, to insure that your site is included in the Google+ directory( that is the directory that is used when someone does a search while logged in to Google+Google+ Search.  Additionally, there are some Google+ directories poping up that are not affiliated with Google+. I am not sure how beneficial getting listed in the non-Google affiliated Google+ directories is, but hey you never know.  Here is a link to once such Google+ directory that accepts free submissions.

Much like Facebook, be sure to add some pictures at the top of your Google+ profile.

I have not used Google+ much, so I don’t have a ton of advice. Got any Google+ advice or blog posts to share?

Google+ Resources

Written by Pixelhead on January 9th, 2012 with 45 comments.
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Google URL Shortner VS URL Shortner

Google just made its URL Shortning service available to the public at large. Prior to using I used the URL shortening service prior to jumping over from tiny.url.

Much like, with you can track the stats of your links which includes:

With You can:

From my view, currently, has a lot more going on, but one thing has is it is a Google property. As such, I am sure it will continue to evolve and offer more features.

Currently however, I will continue to use, but will keep my eye on the Google URL Shortening service to see what features are added in the future.

Written by Pixelhead on November 3rd, 2010 with 52 comments.
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Adding a Business to The Google Map

Today, Google released the Google Local Businesses Center which gives businesses that advertise on the local level some pretty impressive tools to track their web traffic. With these great tools that Google gives you, your business does not even need to have a website to take advantage of this free service.

Have You Submitted Your Business to Google Local?

Submitting your site/business to Google Local is really an easy task.  Start by visiting the previous link.

You will need to have a Google Account,which includes a free gmail account. If you don’t have one, this is really easy to set up as well…you will need a pre-existing email account to sign up for a Google account if you don’t have one already.

How to Add Your Business to The Google Map

So you now have a Google account. The next step in getting your site/business listed on the Google Map is to visit the Google Local Business Center and login with your Google account login info.

Then click the “Add new listings” link. You will then need to fill the form out which includes your location to include country, business name, address, city/town, zip for US, main and alternate phone numbers, mobile, fax, and TTY/TDD. You will then need to put in an email address. If you have a website, I recommend using an email with your domain instead of a free email account. You then have the ability to put in your business website url. Next comes your business description. Be short and concise giving a good non-sales like description. (200 Char max).

Next will come the categories. Prior to doing this, I am going to recommend that you do a bit of keyword research using the Google Adsense Keyword tool to see which of your keyword phrases get the most traffic. So for the Earth-in-Hand Landscape site local profile, I used “Landscaper”, “landscaping”, “landscape contractor”. That way when someone types in “Landscaper Easton, PA” my friend’s website will be on the local listing section.

Important Step in Listing Your Business on the Google Map

For your categories, use the broadest keywords that get the most traffic.

The rest of the process of adding your business is pretty easy and straight forward. Your  Google Local Profile can include up to 10 pictures, and 5 videos…I suggest adding as much as you can.

To move your site up in the local listings, encourage your patrons to give your profile a rating. Reviews on local sites can also help.

Below is a video that Google put out for business owners…check it out.

Do you have your Google Local profile up?

Update on 10/6/2010: You now can add your business listing to the Google Map, but you will do it through “Google Places”.  The process is much the same as it was when it was the Google Local Business Center.

Written by Pixelhead on June 3rd, 2009 with 29 comments.
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Site Search Scripts

A client asked me about putting a search engine on his site so that visitors could find selected products. Having a search engine on an ecommerce site makes it easier for return visitors to find pages that they visited previously. Having a search function on a site is a usability issue that could result in lower sales if it is not present.

Below are some search engine scripts that I found while doing research, but I have not evaluated them in anyway, but did note when I found a user rating.

Premium Site Search Scripts

For a professional ecommerce site, I would recommend using a premium search script rather than a free search script. $39 (high user rating) paid ($19-$79)and free options $10 $59 for standard or $99 for pro and has a free trial version.

Free Site Search Scripts

Free is a nice thing, but often times it does come with a price. The price for using a free site search script is often that in addition to searching your site, adds for other sites will appear in the search results. If potentially sending visitors away from your site does not bother you, then I would suggest signing up for a Google Adsense account and using the Google site search tool bar. In addition to the Google site search, I have also included several other free site search script options here as well.

Got any other site search engine scripts that could be added to the list?

Written by Pixelhead on January 16th, 2008 with 17 comments.
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Rightsize Smoothie Video

I just made a video of me making a Chocolate smoothie for my lunch. I wanted to embed the video on Rightsizeonline Chocolate Shakethis blog, but I seem to be having technical difficulties. I will have to work on the embeded video functions.

Well the video can be seen on my Google video account or on my Viddler account.

I added a little bit of German Chocolate cake from last nights desert…sssh I was cheating a little bit.

If you watch the video on Viddler, be sure to leave a comment within the video stream, that is the beauty of Viddler.

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Here is my previous Viddler post.

Other Web2.0 networks I use.

Written by Pixelhead on July 22nd, 2007 with 2 comments.
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