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Transformers, Cable Lighting, and Other Home Lighting Needs

LightingFX.com Logo

The 1000th site listed in Pixelheadonline.com goes to Lightingfx.com, which is an online lighting super store with over 1,000 lighting products. Some of the product lines sold at www.lightingfx.com include Eurofase, Light Waves Concepts, Halco, Futura Lighting, Orbit Home, Lightech, and Hatch Transformers. Lightingfx’s list of satisfied lighting customers is quite impressive. The site also has a lighting picture gallery for customers to post pictures of their lighting projects.
Biosfera Light
While browsing through the site, I am letting my imagination run with possible lighting options for my office. I love the idea of track lighting or maybe a cable lighting system. Lizzie, my better half, is more practical, and prefers simple lighting like table or floor lamps. I spotted a Biosfera table lamp, pictured above, which would add a real touch of class to the office.

If you have a space that is poorly lit check out LightingFX.com. They have a wide selection of lights in many different price ranges, and for many different areas of your home or office. Give them a call or send them an email to see if they can help you out with your lighting needs.

Written by Pixelhead on November 9th, 2006 with 34 comments.
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Corn Stoves from Earthinhand

Corn Stoves, what the heck are Corn Stoves? Corn stoves are home heaters that heat by burning shelled dry corn. Very similar to a wood pellet stove in operation, but these stoves are made to burn corn which burns at a much higher BTU than wood pellets. The corn stoves can come as stand alone units or can be fireplace inserts.

According to the Corn Stove site Earthinhandcornstoves.com, many wood pellet stove owners in past years,  due to becoming frustrated when they could not find a wood pellets,  tried burning corn in their stoves. John Mills, the owner, said he forewarned the pellet stove owners about burning corn in their pellet stoves, because corn burns so hot that it could melt the fire pot, which is the area where the pellet fuel burns.

In an attempt to help these wood pellet customers cope with winter heating, Earthinhand is carrying wheat pellets this year which may be used as an alternative to wood pellets. The wheat pellets, burn a little hotter than wood pellets, but no where near as hot as shelled corn. Wheat pellets are made out of the waste produced from processing of the wheat grain into a usable form.

Sounds like a great way to help fight the rising energy costs associated with heating a house, but what about the smell? As a kid, I remember burning wood to heat our house during the winter months, and having the house smell like a fireplace. Mr. Mills says the corn stoves are clean burning, because the air that is used to burn the corn is vented directly from the outside. The air that heats the room is vented from the room, and is only as dirty or clean as the air that is already in the room. There is no popcorn smell, but he says, “there is a sweet smell outside from the burning corn, but nothing like burnt popcorn”. For more information on corn burning stoves, visit Earthinhandcornstoves.com, and tell them Pixelhead sent you.


UPDATE: The owner of Earthinhandcornstoves.com has since retired, and the domain was purchased by an Asian company.

If you are still looking for corn stove information, you can try the people at Kringsonline.com.

Written by Pixelhead on November 2nd, 2006 with 5 comments.
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