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Live Blogging at the BlogPhiladelphia Unconference

Well we are at the Blogphiladelphia Unconference. This is an ongoing live post from the BlogPhiladelphia Unconference. I will be making it pretty when I get back to the room. Due to unavailable electricity I am going to have to continue this post on pad and paper, and add to it later on.

Meryl Levitz did the opening, she is the President and CEO of gptmc.

Then Annie Heckenberger came on briefly and introduced


No presentations, no speeches, “no assholes just be civil” from the grandfather Josh Hallett ( of the Unconference.

No generalizations, people are blogging for their won reasons.

Mark Canter must fall asleep at your conference inorder for it to be a true Unconference.

Its what you make of it…

Session Leaders

Bloggers Don’t Always make good public speakers.

The goal is to bring all those conversations that occur in the hallway to everyone at the conference.

Have fun, and everything is on record, someone at the unconference is probably writing what you say, so watch what you say.

From Josh Hallet


Joey Sweeney of introducing a pannel of bloggers and business owners:

AJ Daulerio of Philadelphia Magazine and

-has no idea what to say, was asked to be on the pannel a week ago.

Neal Stewart of the Flying Dog Brewery wants to make his company the most Web2.0 up to date brewery possible.(reminds Lizzie of Jonathon of Open Source Beer Project
Emily King of also with National Geographic here to learn how to make her site better.

Caroline Marks of – ziddio is a site that helps people to get their videos online.
The pannel introduced themselves and talked about what they hoped to get out of the unconference.

AJ Daulerio, who currently works for a print magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, has been a blogger for years. More than a dozen attendees are from the traditional media. I am actually sitting next to a young lady, Amanda Moms from The Weekly Press and University City Review.
Emily King National Geographic is just getting started with blogging. They have to make sure that everything that goes onto their blog is double checked. Two researchers and numerous copywriters involved before something goes on their blog. National Geographic is testing with this blog, since it is not yet a proven business model. Emily says she works on the blog after 7pm at night. Currently, they are not sure what the role of the blog is in relation to National Geographic.

Vincent Veneziani of – part of the TechCrunch network…working as part of a blogging network has its ups and downs…


resources, paycheck, budget


must be careful about what is written about.

My battery died just as the real action was getting started. The day was filled with numerous sessions, some good food, and good conversations with some bloggers that Lizzie and I met at the Radisson’s happy hour. Joe of and Carolyn of made an interesting couple that Lizzie and enjoyed chatting with for the better part of the evening.

Friday blogging:

Doug Bellenger from doing a discussion on Mobile Social Networking.

Using happy hours to network

People are asking questions or offering up info, the guy who has the mike talks with his hands, so the mike is not working.

Talked with the gentleman who did a presentation for yesterday…

How do you find partners to work with?

Chronicle projects on your blog, which in its own way becomes something like a resume. Even if you fail, it is still experience that can be applied to some other project.

We are behind Asia because we are lazy. Their landlines are so much more expensive so it makes sense for their wireless to be used. They can pay for parking with cellphone, buy a coke with a cell phone. The carriers here don’t want us to have the services. Text messaging at one time was free, but now we are charged for it.


Sms is instant- allow readers to subscribe to blog getting text messages sent to phone,

However content needs to be relavant and it needs to be in a format that is easily accessible by phone.

Almost every blogging platform has a pluggin to make blogs compatible for mobile

End first session;

Next session Valeria Maltoni (Conversation Agent) What is Open Source Marketing?

Been in the city for 19years transplanted from Itlay.


Bloggers develop relationships with readers, and thereby become trusted. Must be active in developing these relationships not passive.

The age of conversation ebook that was created as an open source project by a community of 100 bloggers, which was dedicated to the mother of one of the bloggers who had died.

Open source involves many people working together on projects, however, someone, usually and organization or company needs to own the project in order for it to happen.

Conversation Agent is a site which has a niche of the people. She takes a” kernel of an idea and helps it to get momentum”. horror stories for consumers…customer service complaints…

Scott McNulty Blogging in Groups?

What is a group blog?

A blog that has more than one writer. 2 or more.

Jill from Philliyus.

The same person does not have to post everyday.

Each writer is generally responsible for moderating their comments. Some may even have an editor who goes through the blog comments as well as the post prior to publishing.

Lots of group bloggers where in attendance to talk about their experiences of group blogging.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ after 2pm it was an open grid format, if someone wanted to address the group it was an open floor.

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