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Travel Bloggers : TNI Tweetup for Travelers

Every Thursday at 3:20pm I get a Google Alert that at 330pm EST, I  will be participating in an online Tweetup called Travelers Night In (#TNI Twitter hashtag).  I first found out about the Tweetup when I noticed #TNI appearing in the Alltravelsites Twitter stream. I then asked one of the people what the Hashtag #TNI stands for, and I was sent to the Travelers Night In page and told to follow it on, which is a cool site that allows you to follow numerous Twitter streams and post to your own stream to connect to the Twitter conversation.

TNI is from 330pm to 5pm and it consists of 10 questions about some area of travel, this upcoming week for example is on the topic of  “Festivals”.

Healthy Travel from ChooseCherries

Several weeks ago,  when I participated in the Healthy Travel TNI, which was sponsored by Choosecherries, I actually  Cherry Travel Packwon a Choosecherries travel pack. One lucky TNI participant won the grand prize which included a cherry iPod.  Good thing I didn’t win that, or it would have made three iPods I have won and don’t use. But anyway, I  would like to thank ChooseCherries for the cherry travel pack..I loved eating the dried cherries on my oatmeal in the morning..yum.. does not sell or represent any one cherry company, so I guess you could call them a Cherry Coalition. Their site has lots of great info about cherries, including many cherry recipes and cherry health and nutrition information. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

If you did not know, I am a big fan of the cherry as a fruit. I also love lots of different cherry candy..see the Cherry Mash Needs SEO blog post..Thinking about cherries reminds me of one of my favorite dishes at a local restaurant, the Landis Store Hotel, Duck with Cherry Sauce…oh, I need to stop thinking about food.

Who Should participate in #TNI?

Back to TNI, now who should participate in TNI?  If you have a travel interest that is personal or professional, you may want to consider following and participating in TNI. Who already participates in TNI?

So if you find yourself being o of these four types of travelers, or if you find yourself being a person that would like to network with these types of  travelers, why not tune in on Thursday and give TNI a try?

If you are interested in Sponsoring TNI like did, you can visit ZipSetgo below for more info.

Examine TNI

TNI and other similar Twitter Chats have the potential to be awesome marketing events.  Thinking about your own little niche, be it automotive, financial, home improvement or what have you. Do you think you could use a Tweetup like this to drive business to your site or your physical location?

TNI Resources

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Using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook To Find a Job

At my first PBN networking event (mentioned in my Networking blog), I briefly spoke to Kristen Kane, from Kane Partners, about an event she was holding at NBC10 studios about using social media to find jobs. She told me where to sign-up online and it was free!

Last night, I drove to the studios of The 10 Show in Bala Cynwyd for Kristen’s presentation called, “Jobs on Social Media.” Anchor and consumer reporter Tracy Davidson was there to greet the guests as they arrived for the event. She encouraged each of us to send her an email when we get a job (not if- when!). We sat in the studio while Kristen explained the benefits of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook–if you use them correctly.  I have an account on all three of these sites, but until now I did not know how to use them for my job search

Which social media site is the most helpful for job searching?

LinkedIn and Twitter seem like the most promising social media sites if you’re looking for inside information about job openings.  I wrote down everything that caught my attention during Kristen’s presentation, and you can read about it in my blog post titled, “Using Social Media to Find a Job.”

The importance of having a clear and effective resume:

At the conclusion of the evening, I had the chance to meet with a consultant from Kane Partners named Jessica and she reviewed my resume. Jessica gave me some helpful tips about formatting and she encouraged me to be as descriptive as possible in the bullet points under each job or internship–if anything is too general, it could be misunderstood by an HR representative or anyone else glancing over the resume.  Kane Partners offers resume reviews or redos if you make an appointment.

Have you made any meaningful connections on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook?

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Think Globally

This was originally posted on Not For Slaves in the post Why Professionals Need to Compete Globally. The slideshow offers up some statistics that really make you think.

Be sure to visit the original post on NotForslaves because the rest of the post is equally thought provoking.

What do you think?


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Problogger on Twitter Darren Rowse’s latest Twitter posts I received in my email this morning 35 Twitter Tips from 35 Twitter Users, 9 Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers, and How to Use Twitter – Tips for Bloggers(yesterday). Well seeing all these great Twitter posts from Darren, made me realize, I had yet to add him to my Twitter. So I clicked on Darrens link, logged on and added him.

ProBlogger Darren Rowse

Skimming through all three of Darren’s posts, I realize there are a ton of mistakes that I have made while using Twitter. Probably my biggest mistake is not doing it enough. I had been on a regular daily Twitter schedule, but within the last several months, I have found myself tweeting less and less. Darren suggests scheduling several minutes in the morning and at night to tweet.

A few Problogger Suggestions:

Well any way, if you are looking for information about using Twitter to Network, be sure to check out all three of the Problogger posts mentioned above which are sure to be great Twitter resources for both new and experienced Twitter users.

Here are other Twitter Posts on Pixelheadonline and my Twitter profile if you’d care to add me is EmperorAnton.
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Building Blog Traffic with Blogcatalog

This is the second in a series of Building Traffic with Social Media blog posts. The first post focused on Using Mybloglog to build traffic, and ths one will focus on Blogcatalog , which is another great site for using to promote your blog and for developing networks of blogging friends.

Blogcatalog Screenshot

What is Blogcatalog?

Blogcatalog is essentially a blog directory, however, it is without a doubt, one of the largest and best blog directories that is being actively developed.

What features does Blogcatalog Have?

How do You Join Blogcatalog?

Blogcatalog, is free to join, after which you may add your blogs provided they have a minimum number of posts and I believe must also be at least 6 months old. I might be wrong on this, but I have had at least one blog not accepted, but then when I resubmitted it several months later, the blog was then accepted.

After joining and before having your blog accepted you will need to place some sort of Blogcatalog Badge or widget on your blog. The widgets are very similar to the Mybloglog widget, so you may opt for just putting on a Blogcatalog Badge on your site.

Blog Catalog Premium services

BlogCatalog has some premium services available which include a nice little logo next to your profile saying you are a Blogcatalog supporter. There is also a premium listing method for the Blogcatalog directory, which will enable your blog to be listed ahead of other blogs in a particular category. There are a limited number of premium listings per category, so you may have to purchase a premium listing in an alternate category. The premium listings are also on a month to month basis, however the prices are pretty inexpensive, and many of the categories in addition to being cached in Google, also have some pretty good page rank.

How do I build traffic?

  1. Blogcatalog has a lot of communities available which can allow bloggers to network with similar types of blogs. After logging on, do a group search using your particular keywords. For instance, for my pet blog, I did a search for pets, dogs, and cats; and then I joined several pet related groups.
  2. Don’t see a group to your liking, Start your own, and then go invite others to join it.
  3. Visit other bloggers profiles that you might be able to network with and invite them to join your group.
  4. Leave blog review comments on the blog pages. This will involve actually going to other blogs and checking them out. You may also want to leave a comment on their blog. (Please don’t leave a “nice blog, check mine out comment)
  5. Another way you can get traffic is by participating in the discussions in the particular groups in a meaningful manner. This could be asking relevant comments, or even asking advice of other bloggers. Bloggers love to be asked for advice.
  6. Start new meaningful threads on groups. Don’t be afraid to start some controversial threads either. But please be nice.

How Else Can You Build Traffic With Blogcatalog?

I am not an authority on Blogcatalog, but this post covers the basics on using it for networking. If any other readers have any other methods for networking with Blogcatalog that I have not covered, please feel free to either leave a comment with your advice or leave a url to any Blogcatalog resource posts that may be helpful.

I am EmperorAnton on Blogcatalog if you’s like to add me.

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Using Mybloglog – Building Traffic Post 1

A new SEO client asked me for some suggestions for building traffic using the Social Media. So I have decided rather than giving the client a huge report, I would write a series of posts here that give some suggestions. I will also be linking out to other sites that can act as resources as well.

To begin with, I am going to suggest joining four of my favorite social marketing sites to start and focus on building networks on these four sites. The four sites I am going to suggest starting with are Digg, Stumbleupon, Blogcatalog and the subject of this post, Mybloglog. See my Networks page for more of the sites I use.

Mybloglog Logo

Mybloglog, which is now part of Yahoo is a great site for developing a network of bloggers.

Join by visiting the the Mybloglog homepage, and clicking the “sign up” link. This will require you to create a Yahoo ID, for which you can use on all the Yahoo Internet properties if you so choose.

After creating your Yahoo Id or using an old Yahoo Id, you will then need to add information to your profile such as personal data if you so choose. I would also add a picture for your avatar, which does not need to be a picture of you, but can be if you so desire. Unique eye catching avatars are always a good thing, but stay away from the sexy lady type avatar.

Next after updating your profile information, it is time to add the sites/ blogs that you author. Feel free to add a non-blog site as well, but I would suggest adding a blog as your first site. To add your blog, when you are on your profile home page, click the green box under “account tools” that says “Add site/blog that I author”.

In the Blog/site Name, type in the name of your site, this can be a keyword title or the actual title.

Next put in the url of the mybloglog page, which should be a keyword title. Use dashes between multiple words of th url, don’t jumble all the words together.

Fill in the other items and click the “Add Blog/Site” button.

Adding A Mybloglog Widget

Next, I recommend adding a Mybloglog widget to your sidebar, which can be obtained by clicking the “widgets link”. I like using the Recent Readers widget, but you can use a different one. Using the Recent Readers widget, and probably the others, will enable you to receive some traffic stats that are pretty handy. Not nearly as good as Google analytics, but they provide some nice traffic stats such as page views, where visitors came from etc.

Additionally, you can also sign up for a premium Mybloglog account which will enable you to receive stats over a longer period of time as well as up to the minute stats. For the free account you will only be able to see the previous days results and the past 10 days I believe.

If you use a WordPress platform, depending upon the template and WordPress version, their is a widget that you can add that allows easy installation of the Mybloglog widget.

If you have a free here is a post that could help you with adding the Mybloglog widget to your blog. Its a bit tricky with the free ones, but it can be done.

Additionally, if neither of these can help you, after you have the widget made to fit your site(adjust colors, size, text) you can get the code and copy it into your sidebar template manually via your blogs dashboard.

Getting Traffic Using Mybloglog

First, in the search bar at the top of the Mybloglog page, type in your keywords or related keywords. Sites that are competing or closely related to yours should show up for these phrases, then:

When someone visits your blog, what do you do?

If the person leaves a comment, return the favor and visit their site if they leave a site url in the comments field.(most do).

If the person does not leave a comment, but shows up on your widget, click on their avatar and either: leave them a message on Mybloglog or visit their site and leave a comment. Mybloglog requires you to add them as a contact before you can leave them a message on their profile page. In the message thank them for visiting your site and I would suggest making a comment about their site after you have visited it of course.

Other Mybloglog Resources:

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