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Reviews of Social bookmarking sites. The use of social bookmarks for link building is another tool for those performing SEO. We prefer to do this cautiously rather than aggressively, as their use will increase the variety of links to a site.


Delicious for Link Building?

The last post in this series on Social Bookmarks was Social Bookmarking with Delicious, where in I introduced the series and highlighted the post with a video about Delicious, which you should watch if you have not done so. This long over due  social bookmarking video goes over my opinion about Delicious and suggests a few other social bookmarking sites that would be better used for the general purpose of link building.

Is Delicious Good for Link Building?

My advice, don’t use Delicious as a means of getting direct one way links since all Delicious links are currently no-follow. However, if you concentrate on creating a site that is truly helpful or entertaining, then visitors will gladly bookmark your website in Delicious as well as any of the other bookmarking sites that your visitors use.  If you get a ton of Delicious bookmarks within a short period, your page will go to the home page, which will result in more people visiting your site. The thing that is important about Delicious, is that it is a bookmarking site, which means if they do bookmark you, they are doing so because they intend on revisiting.

Link Building with Social Bookmarking

Using Social bookmarking sites for link building is and can be done very easily. There are services such as those offered by WLmarketing that will create profiles on numerous social bookmarking sites. There are also services, such as Social Submitter, that allow you to easily post a link to many bookmarking sites at once. I myself have only tried one of the mass submission services one time, and did receive questionable results. Many of the links that are built with these tools have little if any link juice. When submitted like this, unless you take the time to develop your profile on each of these sites, the traffic return will be minimal if any.

A Few Other Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarks are just another source of potential links. As Wayne said in his post about Social Submitter,  use common sense when using social bookmarks. When link building in general, remember to use variety, so over doing it with the bookmarks could potentially hurt you.

Your Bookmarks

What bookmarks do you use?

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Written by Pixelhead on December 18th, 2008 with 31 comments.
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Social Bookmarking with Delicious

I am still on vacation in OBX, and will be posting on the Social Bookmarking series starting next week. When I started working on the intial post Social Bookmarks post, I found this video from…love their videos…the first one I remember watching is the Twitter video.

This video is a good one for Social Bookmarking, more precisely it seems to be a good video for Delicious, which just turned 5 and has  over 5.3 million users and over 180 million web pages added..

With 5.3 million users, if you could manage to get a page listed and voted enough, your site could show up in the delicious search results and get a really nice traffic boost.

Until next week, watch the social bookmarking video and let me know your thoughts.

Do you use delicious? If so, add me, anton_donkus, to your delicious network, and I will do the same. Leave your delicious profile url in your comment. And if you wouldn’t mind, would you bookmark the Link Building Category page…I want to see how much traffic it will bring to the page…thanks

Written by Pixelhead on November 20th, 2008 with 64 comments.
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