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Domaining Resources

After writing the Moguling Update post, I was going back to the previous post Moguling with DotVentures and checked out the link to and noticed he has a Domainer Resources page with lots of links to sites that he uses while moguling or domaining as he calls it. Could be some very useful resources for anyone who might want to give this a try for developing another stream of income.  He also has numerous posts about domaining that maybe useful if you would like to attempt to develop some Internet real estate to flip.

Written by Pixelhead on June 14th, 2007 with 2 comments.
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Moguling Update

Please see my first Moguling with Dotventures post for more info.

I came across Frank Gilroy’s Site Flipping post, which served as a reminder about a packet of papers I received at least a week ago from Dotventures and SearchMarketing LLC that require me to sign a “Legal Disclaimer” and a “Purchase and Limited Service Agreement”. I guess once I return these two items, my active services concerning learning to Flip Internet Real Estate or Moguling will begin.

Along with the two forms, I also received the company’s 2007 Prospectus which seems to be nothing more than a bit of advertising to persuade me to buy more Dotventures/SearchMarketing LLC services. Certificate

Several days ago, we received a certificate in the mail that states that we are owners of the domain name This was quite surprising, because this name never came up when I talked with my Domain Specialist Robert Earl. At the conclusion of my phone call with Robert, I was under the impression that our domain name that we would receive was going to be However, Lizzie had some reservations about this, because she thinks those free domain name sites are skeeve(googled the word Skeeve – Check out…lol), so I called Robert back, and left a message to see if we could change it. I never received a call back, but apparently the domain did get changed. Lizzie says she is much happier with than the, but a phone call would have been the professional thing to do.
So today, I will be signing or having Lizzie sign the Dotventures/SearchMarketing LLC documents and will be placing them in the mail.

Written by Pixelhead on June 13th, 2007 with 8 comments.
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Moguling with

While surfing one day I ended up on Justin.Tv. Justin. tv is a site were, this young lad, JMogulingustin has video cams on 24-7 chronicling his life via Justin tv. I then ended up finding out about Moguling with from some ads at the bottom of his webpage. After filling out a form on Dotventures site to get more info about moguling, I got a call from Nancy Guzman.

Nancy told me all about the programs that are available through them. I did do a little research online and came across Investing in Domains- One Noobs Experience (part 2), were one of the commentors to the post says that they had been contacted as I have been and bought the $99 silver package, as I have also done. The Domain specialist that she was working with apparently then tried to get her to buy a 5,000 domain.

I am certainly not going to be buying any domains. I am under the impression that I will be getting a free domain with the package as well as no fees for hosting, registration of the domain etc. It also gives me access to their proprietary software.

A domain specialist should be contacting me with in the next 24 to 48 hours, and I will then be writing a post about that as well.

Info that I received from Nancy.

Nancy’s spiel involved convincing me that blogs are the hot new way to develop a domain, which after being developed would be sold for a hefty income. Her figure was that on the average it is a 250% return on investment. Nice figure. So all I need to do is get a domain, that preferably refers to a passion of mine, in order to make the writing of the blog that much easier. The domain selection will be done with the aide of the domain specialist that I will be assigned. I suspect that this will be nothing more than the sales pitch to buy one of their choicest domain names. Nancy gave me the names of two domain specialists(Mark Marion or Robert Earl) that she was going try to get me assigned.

Other info:

Important websites she wanted me to look at: – customer customer
- their site. At present it does not show up first when was Googled. Lizzie says not to worry, because it is always the company website that gets optimized last. She says I should see how the client sites rank. did show up when I Googled it, but did not show up for “download online music blog”. the technology site that they partner with in marketing of the domain names. – Moguling site for the and
I was also sent an email last night and there is a video that I am too watch, I am assuming before I talk with my assigned Domain Specialist.

Anyway, I am looking forward to learning more about moguling, and will write further posts about my moguling adventures.

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Written by Pixelhead on May 23rd, 2007 with 4 comments.
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